Stackato 2.10.4 ruby app reporting 'cannot load such file -- yajl'

Posted by lorned on 2013-05-16 15:17
OS: All / Any | Product: Stackato | tags: 2.10.4 patch stackato wait_for_fs.rb

When I attempt to stage a ruby app, my app's stderr.log is reporting that wait_for_fs.rb 'cannot load such file -- yajl'. What is the source of this issue?


We have found a bug with stackato 2.10.4 centered around particular gems not being loaded properly. We have a patch that can be applied without disruption to your system. You can download the patch from You should copy the patch to all of your nodes running the stager role. The patch can then be applied on each node via 'sh'. No restarts should be necessary following application of this patch.