Stackato 2.10.4 applications reporting less disk usage than expected

Posted by lorned on 2013-05-09 12:11
OS: All / Any | Product: Stackato | tags: 2.10.4 disk patch stackato usage

My applications seem to be reporting less disk usage than what I would expect. How is disk usage calculated by stackato.


The 'Disk Usage' portion of application display in the web UI, and in the stackato stats display is calculated by the used space inside the /app/ directory for each application.

Stackato 2.10.4 has a minor bug with this output. The patch can be found at This patch will need to be copied to each of the DEA nodes in your cluster via 'sh'. After applying this patch you should restart your DEA role via 'kato restart dea'. Restarting DEAs will cause applications to not be available temporarily while they relocate themselves to other available DEAs in your cluster. Users WILL experience outages for applications running on DEAs that are restarted.