My license installer for Komodo ver 8 won't run on macos Mojahe.

Posted by cpk on 2018-11-03 15:13

I just just did a clean install of macOS X Mohave and thus lost all my installed software. I am trying to reinstall Komodo, I have version 8. I know there are newer versions but there isn't an upgrade path from the Personal License and I don't use it enough to buy it over again just to have a new version. Anyway, Komodo installed find and would seem to run okay but the license installer (I just redownloaded it from my account to make sure I had the most recent one if there were changes) and it won't run. No messages in GateKeeper, no message I can find at that give me an idea why it won't run. How do I resolve this so I can use my software?

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2018-11-05 11:07

All ActiveState OS X license installers are 32-bit software. For Mojave, you need to install them on a different system and copy them across.

You should use your original license installer. Downloads from the ActiveState store are currently providing licenses for Komodo 11 which will not be recognized by Komodo 8.
If you do not have your original installer look on your backups to see if you can recover the key from the location listed in the FAQ.