MacOS: “ActiveTcl-8.6.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Posted by dcortesi on 2017-08-10 10:22

> Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.
> “ActiveTcl-8.6.pkg” is on the disk image “ActiveTcl8.”. downloaded this disk image today at 11:10 AM from

I have to go to the Security & Privacy preferences panel and click "Open Anyway".
Oh well...

dcortesi | Thu, 2017-08-10 10:26

Oh, and then

> The installation failed.
> The Installer encountered an error that cuased the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

So I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2017-08-10 14:35 is happiest on Mavericks. You're probably running a newer version of OS X with changes that break old software.

Try the newest release.