Cant find program anywhere after installation on my Mac

Posted by nerva on 2017-03-17 11:07

After installing ActivePyhon on my Mac OS Sierra v. 10.12.3, I can't find it anywhere. No trace in the Launchpad, and the folder in install location: /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework doesn't even exist. I did not get any error while installing and all seemed to be going smoothly. That is until I can't find it, that is.

Hope anyone can help a new member of the ActiveState community

ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2017-03-21 08:46

There should be nothing in the Launchpad.

/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework should be there, and there should be /usr/local/bin with ActivePython bianaries.
as described in the post-installation configuration:
ActivePython installs a python link in /usr/local/bin. By default this directory is not on your PATH environment variable. Refer to Getting Started on Mac OS X in this guide for instructions on putting python on your path and for a general introduction to ActivePython on Mac OS X.
(The most common reason for being unable to use an ActivePython after installing it is not setting up PATH).

If there is nothing in either of the two target locations, check:
-Was there a previous nonActiveState nonApple distribution of Python? You may only have one non-Apple version of Python at a time. If you wish to change the non-Apple Python, you must remove the version you no longer need fully before installing another.

-The installer was not intact. Check the size of installer vs the list size on the website (~32MB). If the installer is smaller than expected, it may have been corrupted in transit or it may have been neutered by an antivirus program running on your Mac.

-An external agency is preventing the installer from completing. Are you using an AntiVirus program? Trun it off if you are.