ActiveTcl8.5.18 installation failure on OS X - El Capitan

Posted by mordechai on 2015-07-23 17:55

I attempted to install ActiveTCL8. on a Mac running the El Capitan beta (yes, I know it's a beta of an operating system) but received an installation failure error twice. I was able to install ActiveTcl8. successfully on the same machine under the latest El Capitan beta.

The reason I would like to install version 8.5.18 is that there is a TCL/TK bug that prevents the screen from refreshing. This is documented here - As described in the site the bug manifests itself as the application window not updating. You can update it either by resizing the window or calling root.update_idletasks() The suggested fix is to install ActiveTCL which is what I tried to do.

Please note that the refresh bug exists in ActiveTcl8.6.4. On my machine, tclsh reports that I have version 8.6, patch level 8.6.4 installed.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2015-07-27 09:27

You can't test for a Tkinter fix using 8.6.4.

Pythons are currently built so that the Tkinter binary is hard-linked for an 8.5 Tcl. If ActiveTcl 8.5 isn't present, it will use the Apple Tcl 8.5 (which definitely has the no refresh bug), or fail outright if no 8.5 Tcl libraries can be found.

mordechai | Mon, 2015-07-27 10:22

My question wasn't about testing with 8.6.4. I was reporting a failure to install 8.5.18. Do you have any comment on why 8.5.18 failed to install other than "it doesn't work on El Capitan"