Python 'turtle' script can't locate usable init.tcl

Posted by hotspur on 2015-04-13 02:09

When I try to execute a simple turtle script I get the following error: "can't find a usable init.tcl in
C:/python34/lib/tcl8.6 C:/lib/tcl8.6 C:/lib/tcl8.6 C:/library C:/library C:/tcl8.6.1/library C:/tcl8.6.1/library."

I did the default ActiveState Python install, but none of these directories exist. (There is, however, a pyhton34/tcl subdirectory) There is a copy of init.tcl in python34/tcl/tcl8.6. Can someone tell me how to re-direct python to find the init.tcl?

apprenticeharper | Wed, 2016-06-08 21:32

As a quick work-around, just copy the contents of python34/tcl into python34/lib