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ActiveTcl Demos

Having just installed TCL 8.5.9, and using Teacup to install the Expect Pakage successfully, I can't find the Expect Demo. The documentatio indicates:

"Expect for Windows includes a number of demonstration applications to help you get started. These demos are installed in the demos\Expect directory beneath the Tcl installation directory (by default, C:\Tcl\demos\Expect)."

HOwever, the demos are not present here.

Help me install Active Tcl

I am running Windows 7 and I do not know how to install Active Tcl so I joined this forum hoping for more instructions

Silent install for activeTCL 8.7?


Is there a new set of silent install params similar to the old ones for the ActiveTcl installer?

The chocolatey ActiveTcl package stopped working when activState took down installer from its site (probably Sept 2018). I tried uplifting the choco packages to the new installer but haven't yet figured out how to get autohotkey to run in the choco context and install tcl.

Is there an archived version of
Is there a new secret silent install param?
Does the for pay edition have a silent install?



ActiveTcl installation fails on Win 7 with a generic error message

I tried two versions currently available. Both fail the same way. Tried rebooting my PC to no avail. Tried running the installer from a command line as an administrator. Even tried redirecting the output to a log file, all to no avail.

Error 12007 ActiveTCL installation.

i am trying to install active TCL in windows 7 and i get error 12007. then i acept and get the following description.

Warning 4156. Failed to correctly acquire vc_redist.x64.exe file: CRC error. Continue installation of ActiveTcl 8.6.6 Build 8606 (64 Bits)?

thanks in advance.

Install Error ActiveTcl 8.5.18 on Windows 7

Hi all,

I am trying to install ActiveTcl 8.5.18 32-bit (just downloaded from ActiveState). When I double click I get an error that says "list element in quotes followed by ";"C:/Program instead of space". Can someone tell me how to get around this error so I can install?


Does tklib0.5 comes with any tcl/tk package(any version) or need to install the tklib0.5 sepeartely irrespective of tcl version

Installing Active Tcl on Windows XP

Installer ActiveTcl 8.6.6-8607 does not work under Windows XP SP3. This is normal? Windows XP is no longer supported?

MacOS: “ActiveTcl-8.6.pkg” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

> Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers.
> “ActiveTcl-8.6.pkg” is on the disk image “ActiveTcl8.”. downloaded this disk image today at 11:10 AM from

I have to go to the Security & Privacy preferences panel and click "Open Anyway".
Oh well...