Why doesn't Ctrl-Shift-U lower-case a selection on Linux

Posted by ericp on 2007-10-09 16:21
OS: Linux | Product: Komodo | tags: cursor linux lowercase unicode

The Code menu gives a keybinding of "Ctrl+Shift+U" for "Make Lowercase", but when I try this, the selection is replaced by the letter "u" and the cursor no longer moves. What's going on?


Some Linux platforms use the Shift-Ctrl-U as an signal to move into an in-place Unicode Input Method Editor (IME), and Komodo can't override that to implement the lowercase-selection command. However this isn't the case on all Linux platforms, and we can't have Komodo determine it at runtime either.

If you're on Unix, you can use the Preferences|Editor|Key Bindings to assign this command to a new key binding; I found [Ctrl K + L] is as memorable as the default key sequence, and it isn't being used.

If you do end up in this IME mode, you can press the Escape key to get out of it.