SQLite Manager

Posted by mkt on 2008-03-24 01:46 |
Wed, 2014-02-12 09:30
  • : 6.0 - 6.*
  • : 6.0 - 6.*

Manage SQLite database on your computer.

Project homepage: https://github.com/lazierthanthou/sqlite-manager

* dialogs for creation, deletion of tables, indexes, views and triggers
* ability to rename, copy, reindex tables
* ability to add and drop columns
* create new db, open any existing db, copy an existing db
* supports writing your own queries (single or multiple)
* supports saving the queries with a name
* a tab for database settings (no need to write the pragma statements) where you can view and change the sqlite library settings
* export tables/views as csv, sql or xml files
* import tables from csv, sql or xml files
* a dropdown menu showing all profile db (.sqlite)
* an intuitive heirarchical tree showing all tables, indexes, views and triggers
* ability to see the master tables
* ability to see the temporary tables, indexes, views and triggers
* ability to browse data from any table/view
* dialogs to allow searching in a table/view
* allows editing and deleting selected record while browsing a table's data
* allows adding, saving and changing blob data
* an extensive menu that helps with writing sql by hand and then executing it
* remembers the last used db, table and the tab (structure, browse & search, etc.) across sessions

ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2009-07-30 15:33

Hi Mrinal,

Would you mind updating the extension maxVersion to work in Komodo "5.2" as well, or even "5.*" would be better.


venkat222reddy | Mon, 2012-01-30 08:30

Hello Sir/Madam,

I just want to know the Sqlite connection string using jQuery and HTML5, I'm using Komodo Text Editor and added Sqlite Extension. Could you please help me.
Thanking you.


petros | Sun, 2013-06-23 23:55

Take a look on a free tool -- Valentina Studio. Amazing product! IMO this is the best manager for SQLite for all platforms.