ExtJS API catalog collection

Posted by toddw on 2007-10-10 12:55 |
Todd Whiteman
Wed, 2011-03-23 18:18
  • : 4.2 - 5.*
  • : 4.2 - 5.*

I've included a couple of newer versions of the Ext JavaScript API catalogs (for versions 1.1.1, 2.0.2, 2.2 and 3.0). Download and install this extension, then after a restart the API's should be selectable in Komodo's API catalog preferences. Sometimes needs a restart after selecting the API catalog in the preferences though.

The Ext website is: http://extjs.com/

Note: Only one version of the Ext API should be enabled at a time, otherwise you'll get completions and calltips for the combined/mix of API methods.

aconran | Fri, 2008-09-26 07:58

Todd -

I'd love to see an update for Ext JS version 2.2. There are quite a few new classes and methods which have been added since 2.0.2.

Aaron Conran
aaron at extjs.com
Ext JS Core Developer

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2008-09-26 12:54

I've updated the extension to include Ext version 2.2. Limited testing shows this update is working, so let me know if you have any problems with it.

The v2.2 catalog file (cix) also includes the Ext.air namespace (and any associated namespaces that are included within the air package).


aconran | Sun, 2008-10-05 09:53

Wow, Todd! Thanks for the quick response and adding support for this so quickly. I will test it out.

I also have a set of snippets that I have been using with Komodo for Ext development. I'll be releasing these on our blog later this week.

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2008-10-06 12:09

Great. It could be possible to include your snippets by default inside of Komodo, provided that is okay with you. Komodo currently ships with a couple of jQuery abbreviations, which are the only JS Framework specific snippets provided by Komodo thus far.


aconran | Tue, 2008-10-14 09:00

Todd -

That shouldn't be a problem. Send me an email so we can work out the specifics of how to get it shipped out w/ the next release.

aaron at extjs dot com

larowlan | Thu, 2009-04-02 02:15

Aaron, did these snippets ever get shipped/released/blogged about?
I'd be quite interested. I have a reasonable collection but they are mostly v4.

madkris | Tue, 2009-11-24 17:48

Does not recognize namespace.

var Ext.ux.testGrid = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridPanel, { // this line is underlined red, tip says "SyntaxError: missing ; before statement(on column 5)"
   initComponent : function(){
      var config = {}
   Ext.apply(this, Ext.apply(config, this.initialConfig));
   Ext.ux.testGrid.superclass.initComponent.apply(this, arguments);


ActiveState Staff
Tue, 2009-11-24 18:20

Hi Kris,

Komodo does not have specific handling of "Ext.ns", "Ext.extend" or "Ext.apply" - so it treats these as if they are normal function calls.

This is similar to the Prototype bug discussed here:

Feel free to log an enhancement request for the ExtJS methods and/or try writing some Ext codeintel handlers (similar to the Yahoo and Dojo ones).


g3 | Tue, 2011-08-09 10:31

Any chance there will be an update for Ext4?

ActiveState Staff
Mon, 2011-08-22 09:33

Possibly, though I first need to make some JavaScript scanning tweaks before I can make the update.

Anyone know if Ext provide docs in XML format? As that makes it better (and more accurate) for API catalog generation?


g3 | Mon, 2011-08-29 07:40

The docs are generated from jsDoc comments in the source. Something could probably be generated in XML using a jsDoc parser.

mr.b | Tue, 2011-09-20 03:33

Is there any update on Ext4 support?

davidk | Fri, 2012-01-13 12:02

I'm also very interested in an updated CIX for Ext4 (and the tools to build a custom CIX from JSDoc annotations).

Is there an estimate of when we might get this?

calmdev | Thu, 2012-02-09 18:52

Would like to change my API catalog for EXT JS 4 as well : )

alex_pan | Thu, 2012-09-13 19:58

Is there extjs 4 to support it ???

rotten69 | Thu, 2012-12-06 08:18

Hi there,

This plug-in is incompatible with Komodo IDE 7. Is this going to be fixed? or is there an alternative to it?