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Posted by sschuler on 2010-03-07 20:35 |
Shaun Schuler
Wed, 2011-03-23 18:18
  • : 5.0 - 5.*
  • : 5.0 - 5.*

Buffer List has been replaced by the Open Files Docker extension with support for Komodo Edit version 7+

Display a dockable view showing all open file in an editor window.


  • View files in a tree grouped by directory path.
  • Expand / collapse individual directories in the tree.
  • View open files as a flat list sorted alphabetically.

Buffer List Screenshots

gezpage | Fri, 2010-10-15 04:57

This was one of my most used addons for Komodo Edit back in version 5. Please can if be updated for use with Version 6?

Is there any alternative to this addon - the vanilla file tabs are unusable when you have many files open.


livedata | Sun, 2011-01-16 03:30

Just unzip xpi file, change 5.* into 6.* in install.rdf file, zip it again, install it and have fun with extension. It works without issues ;-)

dmyers2004 | Tue, 2011-09-20 05:41

I tried the 5.* to 6.* trick and it seemed to work for a little while on both my Macintosh and Windows installs but, then it just started to show the Places panel (ie the exact same thing I had in the places window almost like it wasn't switching anymore)

Is anyone else having this problem?

Don --

dortamur | Mon, 2011-10-10 21:10

I'm also having the same problem, using Komodo 6.1.3 under Linux. The File List tab shows the same content as the Places tab.

I've only recently started using Komodo, and overall I really like it, but dealing with lots of Tabs is a nightmare. Having this extension working (or some similar functionality) would make switching between many open files much easier.

ActiveState Staff
Fri, 2011-10-21 13:41

I'm not sure if your aware, but in Komodo 6 you can use Komodo's "File->Open->Fast Open..." to switch between currently opened files (and easily filter using a couple of keystrokes), or you can also use the opened file drop-down widget (to the right of the list of opened editor tabs).