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HTML5 Formatting Support?

Is there any feature in Komodo Edit 6.0 where can auto-format HTML5?

Meaning, inserting missing double quotes, fixing indentation, etc.

Similar to the "Apply Source Formatting" option in Dreamweaver CS4.

I'm learning HTML5 on my own and will soon start practicing Rails. This seems like a great IDE to work with.

Thanks in advance.

Support for Ruby on Rails 3?

It seems currently Komodo only supports Rails 2, as when I try to start a Rails project from the provided template, it us executing "rails project_name", whilst the new syntax is "rails new projecy_name"

The same goes for macro's, it's trying to execute "script/generate" which should be "rails generate"

Is there a simple way to at least get the macro's to work? I checked the macro's in the toolbox but they seem to refer to a method called "as_rails_macros" which I don't know where to find.


python version problem in Ide6 under Mac osX

I found that the komodo ide is using python 2.x where I only install python 3.2.
First example, I try to read some non-ascii files and output the character.
The ide says ' UicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0x80 in position 0: invalid start byte'

Second example, command --repr('é')' returns "'\\xc3\\xa9'" in old version but 'é' in python3.

Those problems were not found in windows version of komodo ide 6.
And they work well if I use the original python idle under Mac osX.

what is the problem in my mac? Thanks.

Can you open a remote command line terminal inline?

Hi there,

I use Komodo for day-to-day web site / PHP development work. I go between it and an app called Coda, which allows me to easily browse remote files alongside a terminal window. It also stores credentials for logging into the remote site, so opening the terminal window is as easy as clicking a button once you've set it up.

I'm wondering if Komodo offers something similar? I know you can browse remote directories, but what about a terminal window?


Define Menu Access Key for a Custom User-defined Menu via script?

I have a custom user-defined menu created through the usual toolbox method

Toolbox :: Add :: New Custom Menu

I would like to automate the creation of a menu access key for that user-defined menu item using a javascript macro.

Can someone provide me with a javascript example that shows how to assign a menu access key to a custom-made user-defined menu item?


Error Dialog during Startup.

Has anyone come across this pop-up during Komodo Edit startUp?

"Set_currentPlace:URI file:///C:/MY%STUFF/My%Dropbox doesn’t exit"

If so, How can I correct it?


Editor background based on nesting

Hi all,

I'm wondering if it is at all possible to change the background of the editor based on the level of nesting in the code? IE, outer scope might be white, single level of nesting might have a slight grey background, next level in that might be a bit darker, etc.

The only example I can think of is Xcode. I don't recall seeing this functionality in the Scintilla component (within Scite), but this doesn't mean it isn't there!



Komodo 6 IDE - Number of projects displayed in Project panel

Seems like the default in Komodo 6 IDE is to display at most 5 projects in the Project panel (beneath the Places panel). I work on at least 10 projects and I'd like to be able to switch between them easily. It seems like they are available from the Places dropdown but that isn't as intuitive to navigate. I don't see an option in the Preferences dialog for changing the number of projects displayed. Is there a corresponding setting in the prefs.xml file that I can tweak.

I tried bumping this setting to 20

 <long id="mruProjectSize">5</long>

Multiple encoding for multiple projects


How can I get Komodo to work with multiple charset configuration?

I have projects in ISO and I want another one in UTF-8.

Under Edit / Preferences / Internationalization

I uncheck "User Encoding Defined in Environnement" (cp1252)
=> then I have to choose "Custom Encoding": ISO or UTF-8.

There's no charset option in projects properties

So, how can I get only 1 project in default UTF-8?

Cédric (France)

Komodo css editor refresh browser preview

Hi, sorry if this has been answered before, I searched and I couldn't find it.

My question is, when you view a html file in browser split, when you save the file, it automatically refreshes the preview. Very cool.

The problem: if I edit a css file that holds styles that affect the containers in the box, the browser preview isn't refreshed. One way of going around it is by using the css inline then moving it to the external css file, but that can become hard if dealing with multiple exteranl css files at the same time.