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Just tried a simple .exe generation and...

PerlApp 9.2.1 build 296433
Copyright (C) 1998-2012 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Trial license (Expires: 2013-03-15)
* WARNING: Applications generated by this evaluation copy of PerlApp will *
* stop working after the end of the evaluation period: 2013-03-15 *

Created 'CFleet_Control.exe' [Test it]
Executable size: 7.84 MB, 7.05 MB larger than last time (898%)



multiple targets

can a perlapp support multiple targets?

'perlapp --target windows-x86-32' from v5.16.2 64bit

Downloading ActivePerl for windows-x86-32...redirect
Downloading ActivePerl for windows-x86-32...failed 401 Authorization Required

Your ActivePerl Business Edition subscription seems to have expired.
Please visit your account at https://account.activestate.com to
renew your subscription.

While Activestate's version of 5.16.2 did take it's sweet time getting published, please tell me it isn't already unsupported.

PerlApp, --target & ActivePerl 5.16

Seeing that the new version of PDK was out w/ 5.16 support, I'd downloaded the 64-bit version of each. When I tried to create an executable for a 32-bit user, I was surprised to see that this was no longer an option.

When can we expect to have the '--target' option of PerlApp function w/ ActivePerl 5.16?

Which program (or both) will need to be upgraded when this feature becomes available?

Perlapp and Oracle issue


I have a virtual machine that I use for perl scripting, the OS is Windows XP Pro 32bits.

I recently bought PDK 9.1 after using 6.0 for a couple of years and I have a problem.

If I use ActivePerl with PDK and I compile a script that use the DBI module, it works. I can move the exe to another system and it still works.

If I use ActivePerl with PDK and I compile the same script, it works locally but I can't run it on another system (same as previous), I will get an OCI.DLL error.

Linux Perl Executable creation error: can't grab the perl/bin directory from C:/Documents....

I have a simple perl script that I can create an windows EXE for easily. When I try this for Linux, it fails with an error.

I have created a very simple hello world perl script on my windows XP box where perlApp is installed. Code is as follows:

#! /usr/bin/perl

use strict;
use warnings;

print "Hello World\n";

Request ro new feature to GUI debugger

Is it possible to add to the context menu a "Dump Variable" on the selected variable in the graphical debugger. It would pop up the "Dump Variable" dialog box with the selected text filled in.

The Proximity view only works well for simple variables. It does not work for arrays, hashes, objects like the "Dump Variable" dialog works.

I find myself right clicking on a variable and chose "Quick Eval" and then copy the text from the "Quick Eval" dialog box, then chose under Tools, the "Dump Variable" and paste into it.

ERROR: auto/IO/IO.so: cannot open shared object file

Hi There,

We are using trail version of PDK (perlapp) in Linux environment to create one application (.bin file) from a PERL script. We are able to create application but while running it we are facing some error as below.

/local/mnt/workspace/mehul/test$ application.bin test.cfg
Can't load 'auto/IO/IO.so' for module IO: auto/IO/IO.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /DynaLoader.pm line 221.
at perlapp line 848
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at IO/Handle.pm line 263.

Will ActivePerl 5.8.6 work with PDK 9.1.1?

Will ActivePerl 5.8.6 work with PDK 9.1.1? If not, what is the earliest version of ActivePerl that it will work with?