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Crypt::Rijndael module with PerlApp on Darwin mismatch


I am trying to build a binary in Darwin environment with perlapp.

I am using

  • PDK-
  • ActivePerl-

my OS is

Darwin d49a20fd67b8.local 11.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 11.2.0: Tue Aug  9 20:54:00 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1699.24.8~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64

PerlApp 9.1.1 fails with missing modules how to fix?

Compiling our app with PDK updated to 9.1.1 so we can have LWP::UserAgent v6 (SSL verification) perlapp now errors with:-

PerlApp 9.1.1 build 295479
Copyright (C) 1998-2011 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Commercial license for XXXX

error: Can't locate Date/Format.pm
refby: testapp.pl line 9
error: Can't locate I18N/Langinfo.pm
refby: .../1205/windows-x86-32/lib/Encode/Locale.pm line 51
error: Can't locate JSON/PP58.pm
refby: .../1205/windows-x86-32/lib/JSON/PP.pm

Can't reopen 'program.exe' for write: Permission denied

When I compile any program with Perlapp, it works fine. But the second program I compile (and all others from then on) give me an error (listed below). This persists until I reboot my computer. At that point I can compile one program again before I have to reboot.

I don't like having to restart Windows every time I want to compile. Does anyone have any idea why it's doing this? Some DLL I need to unload maybe?

Can't reopen 'program.exe' for write: Permission denied at /Win32/PE.pm line 413.

64bit perl -> compile with PerSvc to run on 32 bit OS?

Is it possible to have 64 bit Perl installed on my develop computer and use PerlSvc to compile an executable capable to running on a 32bit OS? If so, how?

MSVC100.DLL error using Perl App

I recently upgraded from Perl Dev 9.0.1 to 9.1.1. When i recompiled my application it is aborting right away with an error cannot find MSVC100.DLL. Does the new Perl Dev Kit require Visual C runtime 10.x on all the systems your compiled application runs on?

perlapp-gui.exe aborting

I got this error when I start PerlApp:

The path 'R:\Programming\Perl\Perl\Perl\bin' is not valid at /PDK/Util.pm line 186

Obviously, my Perl is in P drive, not R drive, though the rest of path is correct. I don't know how this assumption was made in this way. I've checked through my environment path, as well regedit, nowhere mention about R:\Programming\.. But that also mean, I have nowhere to fix(hack) this error. Seems things are packed inside pdklib.dll.

So any clue for me to fix this problem ?

Can't load 'auto/DBD/Oracle/Oracle.dll'

I created a stand-alone executable using PerlApp that connects to Oracle on the local machine. The executable works fine on Win 2003 servers, but when I try to run it on Win 2008, I get the error:
Can't load 'auto/DBD/Oracle/Oracle.dll'

Is this a problem with the fact that this is a 64-bit machine?

sqlplus runs fine on this machine, so I don't think there is any problem with the Oracle install itself.

Any suggestions?


DLL version error problem

Hello, I'm new to PERL and newer to ActiveState. I'm trying to create an MS-DOS executable from a PERL script. I've searched the forum here and haven't found an answer. I get the following error when creating the executable. I understand I have a dll version problem, but how do I fix it? Thanks

Perl lib version (5.10.1) doesn't match executable version (v5.8.7) at C:/Perl5.1.0.1/lib/Config.pm line 50.
Compilation failed in require at C:/Perl5.1.0.1/lib/threads.pm line 13.
Compilation failed in require at pdkcheck line 16.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at pdkcheck line 17.

PerlNet wrapper "Undefined subroutine" when deployed


We have used the latest PDK to develop a wrapper for a long standing Perl script in order that we can call this directly from and ASP.Net application using C#.

We have done rigorous testing on local Windows 7 development machines and deployed to a test environment in Windows 2003 which all worked fine. Now we have run into a major issue when deploying to a clean install of Windows 2003. Our application failed at the point of calling the PerlNet component with the following error:

"Undefined subroutine &[OURPACKAGENAME:ourSubroutine] called"

perl exe created using perlapp gives error connecting to secure site

An example is given below...

use WWW::Mechanize;
use HTTP::Cookies;
my $outfile = "out.txt";
my $url = "https://mail.yahoo.com/";
my $username = "your_email_username_here";
my $password = "your_account_password_here";
my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new();
$mech->field(login => $username);
$mech->field(passwd => $password);
my $output_page = $mech->content();
open(OUTFILE, ">$outfile");
print OUTFILE "$output_page";