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Can't locate utf8.pm in @INC

Using "ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 9.1.1 Build 295479"

If i use the constant modul after generated the exe file und run it i always get the following errormessage:

Can't locate utf8.pm in @INC (@INC contains:) at /constant.pm

Is that a problem with the PDK ?

It doesn't matter how easy teh script is.
It's no problem running the script on commandline.

Need any futher information ?

Need user manual for perlapp tool in solaris


We need user manual to run perlapp tool in solaris 10(X86.

PDK license

Hi, I have purchase a license for PDK and the software. I have installed first PDK, then I ran the executable to install the PDK license.

Everything installed without any issues.

When I run /opt/pdk/bin/perlapp , the gui comes up and I'm only given the choose to select purchase license or use the 21 trial license. In order to see the product run I selected the trial version.
How do I get the software ( PDK) to use our recently purchase license for PDK ? Also where does this license exist, during install it only saids license installed.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Upgrade to Perl 5.16 breaks PDK. (solved)

I just upgraded my ActiveState Perl from 5.14 to 5.16. Now I can't package my Perl using perlapp. "Syntax checker could not be found at 'C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 9.1.1\bin\lib\pdkcheck516.exe'"

I have pdkcheck5n and netcheck5n where n = 8, 10, 12 and 14. How do I upgrade my Perl Dev Kit to match my Perl environment?

PerlApp Panic: Some symbols not resolvable from Perl\bin\perl514.dll

I keep receiving "Panic: Some symbols not resolvable from C:\Perl\bin\perl514.dll".

I have reinstalled both PDK and ActiveState, and cannot overcome this error. My code compiles correctly on a colleague's machine and so there must be something wrong with my specific installation, but I do not know even where to begin.

win32:BuildNumber not consistent with perl -v

I installed PDK 9.2.1 to a windows 8 PC.
The version of ActivePerl installed in my Windows 8 PC is v5.14.4 for msWin32-x64-multithread.

When I starded PDK's PerlApp, an error message "win32:BuildNumber not consistent with perl -v"

How can start the PDK?

perlapp complains about missing libperl.so

so I have a perlapp, compiled with:
perlapp --exe linux-x86-64 --force --perl/opt/activeperl/bin/perl-static sonarpush.pl

note: there is no perl installed on the target system.

Why does the below error happen when the file is executed on the target system? This same perlapp works on an ubuntu system without perl, what is different about cent5.7?

[root@centos5.7 ~]# ./linux-x86-64
Error: Can't locate libperl.so
Make sure the ActivePerl bin directory is in your PATH

perlctrl path error

Hi all when I try to run perlctrl I get the following error:
The path 'C:\TEMP\perl------------please-run-the-install-script------------\bin'
is not valid at /PDK/Util.pm line 186

At the dos prompt I can run perl itself. perl -v returns v5.16.3

Any ideas?

perlapp - single exe-file

Is it possible to create single exe-file from perl project if main utility incluiding (by use,require) many other pl-files,ini-files and pm-files? Besides the utility using for Win32:API interactions few dll-files. The goal is to create single exe-file and to use only it on other computer.

PDK tries to use non-existant Perl path


I have Perl PDK 8.2.1. I have a Win7 64-bit machine. The PDK apps used to work but now do not. They are trying to use a path that does not exist (D:\Perl\bin, I have C:\Perl\bin, no D drive). How do I correct this?