Community Edition

Unattended Installation


How do I get the installer for Community Edition to run in a silent, unattended mode?


See the Installation guide for the product in question.

Documentation on unattended installation is limited in scope because the functionality is limited. There are many outcomes which might be desired that the command line for the exe installer cannot support.

Unattended installation under the Community Edition license is Strongly Discouraged.
A requirement for unattended installations is associated with use cases that meet the definition of Production Use or OEM Redistribution. Commercial entities must have a senior license for Production Use. All cases of Redistribution must have a senior license. Without the opportunity to review the terms of the Community Edition license, an end-user will be liable for complying with the license without being aware of the terms.

For ActivePerl, Business Edition or Enterprise Edition versions can provide an MSI style installer with more extensive support for unattended installations.