Windows Server 2012

PerlNet v9.5.1 on 64bit WinSrv2012R2 This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be l


I'm migrating from a WSUS 3 installation on Srv2008 to the native WSUS role of a WinSrv2012R2.

However, I do not get the script running, because:

+ in order to get plc running, I had to install .Net v3.5,
+ when I try to compile a script I get:

PerlNET 9.5.1 build 300018
Copyright (C) 1998-2016 ActiveState Software Inc. All rights reserved.
Commercial license for ...

PerlEx usability disclaimer

The PerlEx interpreter was written assuming a Perl 5.8.
The PerlEx documentation is written for IIS 5 and IIS 6.

Any combination other than the above should be considered "Experimental".

PerlEx is provided in the ActivePerl installers without support.
- Using PerlEx on Windows versions which are undocumented will require extensive manual intervention, if it is possible at all.
- Versions of ActivePerl beyond 5.8 and modules written for Perls beyond 5.8 are likely to include changes in Perl that are incompatible with PerlEx.

Where can I find the License Installer for the PDK?

I have installed PDK 9.3 and have the license key.
Where do I get this License-installer to install the key?

Perl and IIS 8.5 pathing issue

I have set up Perl 32 bit on IIS 8.5 (Windows Server 2012 R2; I have the same issue with 64 bit Perl). I have a Perl script that includes "use lib '/path';" statements to reference other Perl libraries contained within the web site. Notice that I am using forward slashes here. When I browse the script, I get the following error message: Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: ).

CGI "Can't locate" error message

I have a client who's CGI scripts are throwing this error:

Can't locate /defines.pli in @INC (@INC contains: C/Perl64/site/lib C:/Perl64/lib .) at E:\wwwroot\ELS_Application\cgi-bin\ElectronicLicensing\RE\RECertification.cgi line 29.

Any suggestion on how to debug this?

The server is running Win2012/IIS8/ActivePerl5.22. defines.pli is in the same folder as the calling script, RECertification.cgi in this case.

These CGI scripts are running fine on another server with same setup. They also ran for years on a Win2003 server running ActivePerl 5.8.

ActivePerl DBI connection - Windows 2016 / SQL 2016 DBI module

My new test environment is Windows 2016 / SQL 2016 . The older version of Perl and DBI does not allow connection to SQL server. Error message is
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length (SQL-S109)

I am attempting to download the newest DBI module but message indicates my account does not have permissions. I do not have a business license either.

Can someone tell me if ActivePerl supports connection to SQL on the platform I described?


ActivePerl Business Edition Silver


I'd a ActivePerl community edition installs on Windows(TEST server), and just purchased Business Edition license. But I'm a bit unclear about converting Community edition to Business edition, because when i did Perl install, just ran .exe file and don’t remember the install asking for a License key. And I couldn’t find any documentation on Perl license activation, Do I need to uninstall existing one, and re-install Business edition? Please advice.


ActivePerl License Clarification


Our Engineering team want to use a perl script on our pre-production environment (Windows Server) that searches and replaces some values. This perl script is not included in the final product or distributed with any software or accessed by any 3rd party. Are we able to use the community edition, or does this require the purchase of a Business Edition license?


PerlApp created executable not running with nonexec permission on /tmp directory


We are using PerlApp to create freestanding executable from perl script.
When the executable built with PerlApp runs, it extracts its dynamic object files in the /tmp/pdk directory. However, it is not working on those systems which have some security permission like nonexec and non writable on /tmp directory.

Our application run on different ports and the problem is same on Window,Linu and AIX platform.

Optimization of script reading through .csv files and creating excel files

Hello. I created a script that needs optimization. The first couple of files created take 1 - 2 minutes
then performance degrades and files 7 and 8 are taking 5 minutes and so on. Can you please
let me know what optimization could be done to speed up the process?

The original post is:

Business need
We're trying to migrate data from legacy core banking application to a Cloud Based one. The cloud
solution has an interface that uses excel files as a way to import the data. The excel files need to