Windows 10

ppm gui failed: DBI connect

If the name of Windows user is not written in the Latin alphabet (I have Cyrillic), then ppm produces such an error. How to avoid it?

ppm gui failed: DBI connect('dbname=C:\Users\????\AppData\Local/ActiveState/ActivePerl/2404/ppm-MSWin32-x64-multi-thread-5_24.db','',...) failed: unable to open database file

Upgraded Perl and now LWP does not work ?

A simple one line program fails on a Use LWP command

Amongst errors are Attempt to load List/ aborted

Any help appreciated

ImageMagick fails on accessing registry key (Exception 495: RegistryKeyLookupFailed `CoderModulesPath' @ error/module.c/GetMagic

Exception 495: RegistryKeyLookupFailed `CoderModulesPath' @ error/module.c/GetMagickModulePath/664

Perl: ActivePerl-
ImageMagick: ImageMagick-7.0.8-11-Q16-x64-static
ppm install PerlMagick

First note - The dynamic version of ImageMagick crashed on being unable to load the dll. That's why I switched to static.

A simple test script trying to read a .GIF produces the error above.


Unable to use ImageMagick with 5.26

Perl: ActivePerl-
ImageMagick: ImageMagick-7.0.8-11-Q16-x64-dll
ppm install PerlMagick

I get the Dynaloader error with respect the image magick dll. Is there a fix?

ActivePerl Community Edition - License - Query


If we need to install ActivePerl on Windows 10 to run a Perl script to parse the data and export it to a CSV file (The data is obtained from another tool NMAP and is related to the production servers; the perl script is NOT run on the servers), can we use community edition or does it require business edition?


How to get the Active Python documentation search engine running?

I have installed Active Python 3.5 x64 on Windows 10 and XAMPP for Apache server.

In C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\ i have created a file active-python-manual.conf with the content

    Alias /active-python-manual "C:/Python35/Doc/"
    <Directory "C:/Python35/Doc">
        AllowOverride AuthConfig
        Require local

After an restart of Apache i can reach the Active Python documentation by typing http://localhost/active-python-manual/ in the browser.

Alien-wxWidgets 0.68 in PPM is incomplete

I encountered a situation a few days ago where Wx 0.9928 would no longer load in 5.22 Win10 x64. After doing some digging today, the problem seems to be the build of Alien-wxWidgets 0.68 in PPM is incomplete. The Config and Msw libraries are absent, and from the PPM log, they not being built. Alien-wxWidgets 0.67 was built correctly, but it is now locked in PPM. I have one machine that still has 0.67 on it, and it works fine.


Inlne-Java-0.63 Perl loader can't find C:\Perl64\site\lib\auto\Inline\Java\JNI\JNI.dll

Is Inline-java-0.63 compatible with 64 bit perl 5, version 24, subversion 3 (v5.24.3)?

The JNI.dll in fact is in the correct path but the Perl DynaLoader says it can't find it there.

Otherwise, this version of Inline-java, built from meta::cpan appears to be healthy:


WX from PPM 5.22 Win10 x64 won't load

Some software that ran under 5.22.1 about 2 years ago now fails. Everything works except the WX package from PPM now fails at the "use Wx;":

Can't load 'C:/Perl64/site/lib/auto/Wx/Wx.dll' for module Wx: load_file:The specified module could not be found at C:/Perl64/lib/ line 194.

Several programs exhibit the identical problem. I upgraded to 5.22.4 x64; no change. The dll file definitely exists; DynaLoader doesn't like it.

Any ideas?


How to install Net::SFTP::Foreign

I am new to perl and trying to install Net::SFTP::Foreign on window 10 with perl 5.24.

Net::SFTP::Foreign has a dependent library Math::GMP.

when trying to to install Math::GMP, it is showing message "Can't link/include gmp.h".

I google to find the solution, where it is mention to install gmp.h file.

But after my all effort, I am still getting the same message.

Please provide step by step information, How can I get ride of missing gmp.h file message and get installed Math::GMP.