Windows 10

Odd behavior after upgrading package with pip.

I am seeing some very odd behavior with ActiveState ActivePython after using pip to install a package.

1. Install ActiveState ActivePython 3.6.

2. Run a Python script using the file association, that is just by calling the script itself. All is well in the universe.

3. Use pip to upgrade a package that is included in ActiveState ActivePython. For example, run the following command.

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

4. Run a Python script using the file association, that is just by calling the script itself. The universe blows up.

5. The following dialog box is displayed.

Opening a serialport and transmitting on the dtr, rts and txd pins

Hello all,

I am new to tcl and I am trying to find some code that will open a serialport and be able to transmit on the dtr, rts and txd pins of my rs232 to usb cable.

Has anyone done this before and have some code examples or can someone point me to a good source for it please.

Thanks in advance

Perl more comand start giving error after upgrading to windows to 1803 version. It worked fin with windows 1709,1703,1609 ver

code which start giving Too many arguments in command line after upgradign to windows 1803 version. This same code work fine with windows 1709 version

my $syscmd="more $tppath\\IMP-name-Title.txt >> $Namelist";

Error on console:
more template\IMP-name-Title.txt >> temp-Name\Namelist.txt
Too many arguments in command line.

Anyone knows solutiuon for this issue.

Error in startup script

Hello guys,

I am trying to run a tcl code but having an error message as "Error in startup script", invalid command name "wipe" while executing "wipe". Did some of you encounter a similar problem and solve it?

Thanks in advance

pack for 0x0A creates the invalid value

I created the following perl source'

my $val = 10;
open(OUT, ">", "out.bin") || die "cannot open file\n";
print OUT pack("C", $val);

I expect the content of out.bin is 0x0A, but it is 0x0A0D.
"0x0D" is added after 0x0A.
I also get 0x000A0D in case of pack("S", $val), and 0x0000000A0D in case of pack("V", $val).

I can get the correct result in case of $val=9 or $val=11.

Is this a bug for ActivePerl?
Tested with 5.26.1 for x64, 5.26.0 for x86, and 5.24.2 for x86.


ActivePerl Community Edition - License - Query


If we need to install ActivePerl on Windows 10 to run a Perl script to parse the data and export it to a CSV file (The data is obtained from another tool NMAP and is related to the production servers; the perl script is NOT run on the servers), can we use community edition or does it require business edition?


Problem with umlauts ÄÖÜ and UTF8

use utf8;
use diagnostics;

binmode(STDOUT, ":utf8");
binmode(STDERR, ":utf8");

print "ÄÖÜ\n";

print "Perl Version: $]\n";
print "Perl executable: $^X\n";

The result is

Perl Version: 5.024003
Perl executable: C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe

It works well with Cygwin, but not with Active Perl on Windows 10.

What is wrong there?
Why does it not work?

Thank you!

How to get the Active Python documentation search engine running?

I have installed Active Python 3.5 x64 on Windows 10 and XAMPP for Apache server.

In C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\ i have created a file active-python-manual.conf with the content

    Alias /active-python-manual "C:/Python35/Doc/"
    <Directory "C:/Python35/Doc">
        AllowOverride AuthConfig
        Require local

After an restart of Apache i can reach the Active Python documentation by typing http://localhost/active-python-manual/ in the browser.

Package "whois 0.7" does not work on Windows 10

I tried to test the package according to the description

>>> import whois
>>> domain = whois.query('')

But i only get the error

AttributeError: module 'whois' has no attribute 'query'

What is wrong there?
Thank you!

How can i install a package?

I have installed Active Python 3.5.4 on Windows 10 x64.

I have upgraded the pip package by typing

python -m pip install -U pip

I have installed the package "whois" by typing

pip3 install whois

I have created a file "" with the content:

import whois

When i execute the file, a window opens and is asking me for a file "ActivePython-".