Windows 10

Unable to load Sqlite3

I issue the command

load C:\\Tcl\\lib\\sqlite-dll-win64-x64-3130000\\sqlite3.dll sqlite3

and get

cannot find symbol "Sqlite3_Init"

what obviously indicates that used ddl is not Tcl wrapper but C-library.
Is it intentionally put there or mistakenly?

I installed Tcl 8.6.4 using downloader

Unattended installation of ActiveState ActivePearl

I need to be able to deploy ActivePearl to multiple Windows 10 machines (via SCCM),
I can extract it to get an msi using;
"ActivePerl-" /extract
But when calling this .msi I get the error:
"This Package can only be run from a bootstrapper."

Any information about unattended installation for ActivePearl?

Thanks in advance.

Tk missing in v5.24.1.2402 and v5.22.3.2204

Tk module missing in the following 2 ActivePerl versions: and
Tkx is available, but it would be a huge effort to rewrite the whole script to Tkx.
Hence the Topic.
Please help.

Error in choosing directory for installing ActiveTcl 8.5 for OpenSees


I'm trying to install ActiveTcl for OpenSees software. The instructions are to save it in C:/Program Files/Tcl.

But I attempt to do this, it says, "Cannot Write to Directory "C:/Program Files/Tcl". Please choose another directory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Another perlapp not recognized as a PDK tool question

I had to re-image my personal computer, which wiped out all of my apps. When I searched for Perl 5.8.9 on the net, I found out it's no longer available as a free download from ActiveState. I tried installing the latest version of Perl and got the dreaded "perlapp not recognized as a PDK tool" error. That means my registered PDK software is pretty useless.

Question: What are others doing to get around this dilemma? I've found the Perl 5.8.9 installer on the net, but as a general rule... I prefer to get my software from the developer's site when possible.

ActivePython Windows .bat all broken

Just installed the lastest version of ActivePython on my Windows 10.
Can't use any off ipython, jupyter, ... out of the box from a cmd.
Please help me finding a global solution to my problem,
I only succeeded to "hack" the install.


Fired a cmd.exe shell.

> ipython
echo off
python.exe non module ipython found.

Same for almost every packages I tried.

First thing:
Please put an @ before "echo off" to avoid prompting => "@echo off"

Second thing:
All .bat shortcuts seems to be broken.

Windows 10 License Installer does nothing?

I have been attempting to install my license for Komodo IDE to my windows 10 computer but whenever I attempt to run the installer nothing happens other than the .exe being removed from my computer. I tried to verify that the license was installed by checking in this location C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\ActiveState\ActiveState.lic as this link shows where it is

re-install activeperl - any suggestions?

Hello friends,
Does anybody have any suggestions, about reinstalling ActivePerl over the installed one? (its my first time)
I didn't wanted to, but it happens that I already had ActivePerl installed at another drive and it is now messing with this one.

Thank You!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Multi process handling in TCl script

Need solution for parallel processing in tcl (windows).

I tried with thread, still not able to achieve desired output.

To simplify My requirement I am giving a simple example as following. Requirement: I want to run notepad.exe without effecting my current execution of flow. From main thread control should go to called thread, start notepad.exe and come back to main thread with out closing the notepad .

Tried:(Tcl script)

package require Thread

set a 10

proc test_thread {b} {

puts "in procedure $b"
set tid [thread::create] ;# Create a thread
return $tid

TCL code debugging from Visual Studio 2015

I would like to know if there are any tools which can help facilitate debugging of TCL source code from Visual Studio 2015.