Windows 8

PerlEx usability disclaimer

The PerlEx interpreter was written assuming a Perl 5.8.
The PerlEx documentation is written for IIS 5 and IIS 6.

Any combination other than the above should be considered "Experimental".

PerlEx is provided in the ActivePerl installers without support.
- Using PerlEx on Windows versions which are undocumented will require extensive manual intervention, if it is possible at all.
- Versions of ActivePerl beyond 5.8 and modules written for Perls beyond 5.8 are likely to include changes in Perl that are incompatible with PerlEx.

TCl Expect with Windows 8

We have written many TCL scripts(TCL 8.5) with Expect 5.3 to interact with the router, mainly Cisco Routers. We execute these scripts from a stand alone application which is a desktop based one. We have not faced any problem in Mac or windows Xp or Windows 7.

The problem is with Windows 8.
tclsh crashes when we try to 'spawn' in windows 8.
We tried adding sleep, inserting #!/usr/bin/expect -f at the beginning of the scripts, Remove all Comments, update Expect and TCL. But no use :(

What is the possible solution for this??

Thanks in advance.

problem occur running starpack on Mac when tcl files are compiled

I'm trying to generate a standalone Tcl application using tclapp. The generated runtime works as long as I don't compile the Tcl code.

The error I get when I run the compiled runtime is:

test.tcl: The TclPro ByteCode Loader is not available or does not support the correct version -- dlopen(/var/tmp/tclwNROwK, 6): no suitable image found. Did find:
/var/tmp/tclwNROwK: file too short
while executing
"source $startup"
(file "main.tcl" line 38)

How do I get bsddb on windows/python3.5?

The ActivePython 3.5 User Guide states: "ActivePython includes the Python core and the many core extensions: zlib and bzip2 for data compression, the Berkeley DB (bsddb) and SQLite (sqlite3) database libraries." I have been looking for information on how to use it. Please point to any doc that can help.

Error installing ActivePerl 5.24

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 says: "Trojan.Win32.Generic" in activeperl- process.

system command doesn't execute with option --gui

I wrote a script with Tk gui that starts another program with the "system" function.
This works well when i build it with perlapp and i don't use the gui option.

When i want to hide the console and build it with gui option, the whole app is stopping and hangs up.

I use Win7, Perl 5.16 x86 and PDK 9.5.1.

How can i start an app out of my Tk Script?

PerlApp created executable not running with nonexec permission on /tmp directory


We are using PerlApp to create freestanding executable from perl script.
When the executable built with PerlApp runs, it extracts its dynamic object files in the /tmp/pdk directory. However, it is not working on those systems which have some security permission like nonexec and non writable on /tmp directory.

Our application run on different ports and the problem is same on Window,Linu and AIX platform.

Question re opening files from TCL script with the same programs as done from Windows Explorer

Hello everyone,

I have a list of files of different types in a script (docx, jpg, pdf, etc) and want to invoke them by double-clicking on them, just as I do from windows explorer - with the same programs as it is done there(e.g., .docs with MS-Word, pdf with Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc).

My question - how can I pass the information from Windows to my TCL script with which program to open each file type?


Newbie Install Issue with Python 2.7


Completely newbie to Python, I thought I was making good progress with Active Python...

I had Python2.7 installed and working. I hadn't used it for a couple of weeks and now whenever I click on the IDLE icon on my desktop, nothing happens. I have un-installed and re-installed from the msi file, no change. I have un-installed and re-installed from command line as administrator - no change. I have tried to run as Administrator. Nothing. If I look in Windows Task Manager, I don't even see anything appear.

The Python Interactive Shell works fine

Problem debugging subprocesses/spawnpoints in TDK

I'm trying to run through the 'Debugging Subprocesses' example that is shipped with TDK and it is not behaving the way that the tutorial explains it should.