Windows 8

PerlEx usability disclaimer

The PerlEx interpreter was written assuming a Perl 5.8.
The PerlEx documentation is written for IIS 5 and IIS 6.

Any combination other than the above should be considered "Experimental".

PerlEx is provided in the ActivePerl installers without support.
- Using PerlEx on Windows versions which are undocumented will require extensive manual intervention, if it is possible at all.
- Versions of ActivePerl beyond 5.8 and modules written for Perls beyond 5.8 are likely to include changes in Perl that are incompatible with PerlEx.

TCl Expect with Windows 8

We have written many TCL scripts(TCL 8.5) with Expect 5.3 to interact with the router, mainly Cisco Routers. We execute these scripts from a stand alone application which is a desktop based one. We have not faced any problem in Mac or windows Xp or Windows 7.

The problem is with Windows 8.
tclsh crashes when we try to 'spawn' in windows 8.
We tried adding sleep, inserting #!/usr/bin/expect -f at the beginning of the scripts, Remove all Comments, update Expect and TCL. But no use :(

What is the possible solution for this??

Thanks in advance.

Net::SFTP & IO::Pty availability

Using ActivePerl MSWin32-x64

Wanted to download Net::SFTP (version 0.12) for an SFTP task but the module was not available. Your logs indicate the tests had failed back in Sep 2017.

I downloaded the alternative - Net::SFTP::Foreign instead and coded for it. I got a runtime failure owing to a dependency on IO::Pty, which also appears to be broken, as per logs.

Any way to get those resolved ?


Steps to install perl 5.28 from source

Hello experts,
I have to install the perl latest. installer is not available for version 5.28. provided the following option from the Site and i tried to install on windows seems not working. this command executes with following error "Program too big to fit in memory". could you please help here.

How to install from source

tar -xzf perl-5.28.0.tar.gz
cd perl-5.28.0
./Configure -des -Dprefix=$HOME/localperl
make test
make install

Active perl 5.26.1 installater will support to compile 5.26.2?

Hi Experts,

Q1 : We are migrating Activeperl version from 5.24.1 to 5.26.2 to fix the "CVE-2018-6913".

To compile the source i need the installer (.exe) to refer the bin location in the environemnt path. But the activeperl installer i could download the version 5.26.1. To fix the CVE i need perl version 5.26.2.

So if i install 5.26.1 then will it support to compile the 5.26.2 version ?.

Q2 : Same i have a another question here :

Troubles with Internet Explorer 11 (Google Chrome OK)


I experienced troubles while registering at you Forums with MS Internet Explorer 11 under Win 8.1. In fact, the "Robot button" was missing and the registration fails at a many times.

I tried with Google Chrome and it worked for the first time.

Kind Regards

Perl command line interpreter has stopped working


Iam new to Perl programming, and just started grasping the concept of a scripting language. here is my problem i am using the win32::ODBC Perl Package to read a table data from sql database. but when the code reaches a specific line the perl crashes with the popup saying "Perl command line interpreter has stopped working". and the same set of code is used in many other places to retrieve data from db successfully.

Error log from Event Viewer

Faulting application name: perl.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x599f96cf

problem occur running starpack on Mac when tcl files are compiled

I'm trying to generate a standalone Tcl application using tclapp. The generated runtime works as long as I don't compile the Tcl code.

The error I get when I run the compiled runtime is:

test.tcl: The TclPro ByteCode Loader is not available or does not support the correct version -- dlopen(/var/tmp/tclwNROwK, 6): no suitable image found. Did find:
/var/tmp/tclwNROwK: file too short
while executing
"source $startup"
(file "main.tcl" line 38)

How do I get bsddb on windows/python3.5?

The ActivePython 3.5 User Guide states: "ActivePython includes the Python core and the many core extensions: zlib and bzip2 for data compression, the Berkeley DB (bsddb) and SQLite (sqlite3) database libraries." I have been looking for information on how to use it. Please point to any doc that can help.

Error installing ActivePerl 5.24

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 says: "Trojan.Win32.Generic" in activeperl- process.