Windows 8

Net::SFTP & IO::Pty availability

Using ActivePerl MSWin32-x64

Wanted to download Net::SFTP (version 0.12) for an SFTP task but the module was not available. Your logs indicate the tests had failed back in Sep 2017.

I downloaded the alternative - Net::SFTP::Foreign instead and coded for it. I got a runtime failure owing to a dependency on IO::Pty, which also appears to be broken, as per logs.

Any way to get those resolved ?


Troubles with Internet Explorer 11 (Google Chrome OK)


I experienced troubles while registering at you Forums with MS Internet Explorer 11 under Win 8.1. In fact, the "Robot button" was missing and the registration fails at a many times.

I tried with Google Chrome and it worked for the first time.

Kind Regards

Error installing ActivePerl 5.24

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 says: "Trojan.Win32.Generic" in activeperl- process.

Newbie Install Issue with Python 2.7


Completely newbie to Python, I thought I was making good progress with Active Python...

I had Python2.7 installed and working. I hadn't used it for a couple of weeks and now whenever I click on the IDLE icon on my desktop, nothing happens. I have un-installed and re-installed from the msi file, no change. I have un-installed and re-installed from command line as administrator - no change. I have tried to run as Administrator. Nothing. If I look in Windows Task Manager, I don't even see anything appear.

The Python Interactive Shell works fine

PPM Error

Hi together,

i really need help with this: I installed perl and now i want to install a couple of modules with PPM. But if i try installing modules i get this error:

"ppm install MinGW" (one command im using for example)

"ppm install failed: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: file is encrypted or is not in a database"

Im searching for solutions for this problems since hours but i found nothing yet. Even if i type only PPM in the command shell it appears the same error.

Could someone help me with that problem? I would appreciate this a lot.

Regards, Leo

ppm install failed: 500 Can't connect to

hi all,

I am getting this error while installing a module

ppm install failed: 500 Can't connect to

would anybody help me to resolve this, I am using windows8.


Trying to install XML::LibXML

No joy in installing XML::LibXML

I'm running Perl -v5.20.1 (32 bit) on Windows 8.1.

The PPM does not have XML::LibXML available for install on this version. I tried installing directly from CPAN but ran into issues there that I don't really understand. It looks as if I were to drop back to Perl v5.16 there is a compatible version.

Can someone advise as to whether this is my only option?


Error: ppm gui failed: can't find package ppm::themes

I wanted to install a module at my current 5.20.1 installation, Win 8.1 64bit.
When starting ppm via the menu entry I get nothing (the circle which vanishes
after a few seconds).

When I typed 'ppm' in a command shell window I got the error:
ppm gui failed: can't find package ppm::themes

I uninstalled Active Perl and installed 5.20.2. The error/behavior remains the same.

I tried 'ppm install ppm::themes' but got the error:
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides ppm::themes

Any help appreciated,

Perl516.dll missing

I have just downloaded a later version of Perl and then tried to run one of my scripts and the error message 'The program cant start because Perl516.dll is missing' comes up. Never seen this before after downloading Perl, can any one help please.

Arguments not getting to Perl in 2012R2

Just installed 5.20.1 on Windows Server 2012R2. The product works fine but we're seeing the following weirdness the normal associations are not passing parameters. In fact they were being ignored altogether until we an association in UI as well!


use 5.12.0;

say join ":", @ARGV;

Let's test it:

F:\temp> my arguments
F:\temp>perl my arguments
F:\temp>assoc .pl
F:\temp>ftype Perl
Perl="C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe" "%1" %*