OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)

Komodo Split View Separator Issue in V8.5 (Mac)

To see this bug:
1. Open a document and create a split (horizontal) view (Minimap off in my test).
2. Click somewhere in the lower pane.
3. Move the mouse *slowly* over the separator to the upper pane.
Result: The mouse icon changes to "drag separator" icon when the mouse crosses the boundary but does not change back to an arrow until either one clicks in the upper window or moves it slowly back to the lower window.

This bug often causes one to inadvertently drag the mouse over text when trying to adjust the window separator.

Building 64bit executable using PDK

I would like to create a 64-bit executable (x86_64) on Mac OS using PDK as opposed to a Universal executable (x386/x86_64) in order to reduce the size of my application. However, perlapp issues error messages: error : Mismatch between perlapp (i386/x86_64) and xxx (x86_64). Producing a Universal Binary is not possible

Is it possible to use PDK for building a 64-bit executable? Please advise...

Where is javascript_sample.js for 8.0 ?

I am looking for a javascript sample file with explanations for use in komodo.

In ~KomodoIDE/8.5/samples/html_sample.html there is reference to javascript_sample.js, but I cant find this file.

Can someone tell me where to find this file, or any similar sample js file ?



Very slow latency with Komodo 8.5 and git integration

I have been seeing very slow latency with Komodo 8.5.1, particularly when switching from another window into Komodo. I regularly see latencies of up to a couple of seconds before the application becomes responsive.

I have the highest end MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM so would expect Komodo to be very responsive. Unfortunately my CPU utilization regularly spikes to above 150% for a couple of seconds everytime I switched into Komodo. This is quite annoying for a normal developer workflow when you are constantly switching in and out of different applications, terminal windows, etc.

Abyss Skin colour for search results not noticable

Komodo IDE, version 8.5.1, build 82367, platform macosx.
Built on Tue Oct 1 12:32:58 2013.

Searching a file for text with the Abyss skin results in matches being highlighted in dark green (#103C09). This is very hard to see against the black background. I've searched the preferences and the underlying source files, but have been unable to locate this colour (I'm guessing it has a lot of alpha). How does one change it? I wish Komodo had a DOM inspector that I could use to find IDs and class names.

When I type function() I get a lot of undesired code


When I type function(), I obtain this code :

var scimoz = ko.views.manager.currentView.scimoz;
var currentPos = scimoz.currentPos;
var lineStartPos = scimoz.positionFromLine(scimoz.lineFromPosition(currentPos));
var currentLine = scimoz.getTextRange(lineStartPos, currentPos);
// Simplification: Emit an abbrev'n only for function statements,
// not function expressions.
if (!(/^\s*$/.test(currentLine))) {
var msg = "Auto-abbreviation 'function' cancelled due to leading characters."

Line number/fold state bug (99808) back in nightlies

Bug #99808 has reappeared for me in version 8.5.2, build 82378.

Anyone else seeing this?

Calltip exceptions in Komodo IDE 8.5

Calltips seem to be more nosy in 8.5. I keep getting calltip (the yellow Post-It Note -looking pop-ups, right?) exceptions when I select the names of my own methods

(exception): can not get property

I like when calltips pop up to remind me of the signature for PHP functions. Such as typing array_walk( and it gives a little definition and information about the required/optional parameters. But the exceptions are kind of a nuisance.

Road testing komodo ide for a team of 7

Spent some time with Komodo edit 8. Like it so road testing the full komodo ide.

Issue 1
It says it is meant to be able to handle git and auto pick up a git repos settings:
We're using source tree at the moment for our git needs.
I have opened the komodo project in the ide, everything works fine and it seems to have picked up all the settings from komodo edit nicely. The ide is picking the git repos and notices when a file has been changed. However when I try to push or pull i get username and permission errors.

Issue 2

What are these/how can I disable them?

Sorry for the vague title, but I get these icons - sort of like plus signs inside misshapen eggs - next to the line numbers whenever I make an edit on the corresponding line:

It follows the last ~5 lines I touch in a sort of annoying trail. I have no idea what to call them (and I don't remember ever seeing it in older versions of Komodo Edit, which I still have/use occasionally), hence my vagueness both in the title and here.