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How to deploy stackato on physical machines?

How to deploy stackato on physical machines?
Can the FREE Micro Cloud or FREE Stackato Cluster(20G) deploy on physical machines?

new registered user cannot create apps

Hi, I may have some misunderstanding about the concept of the organization and user and space. When I log in as admin, create a new user(with user name: tom), and I can see that the user role is just a user. No matter how I link the user to the space, when I log in as tom, I cannot create apps, due to no space link to this user. but when I grant 'admin' to tom, of cause he will work as admin and have all the privileges.

so my question is,
1. what this the common user for? He can do nothing. Maybe IMO, organization admin is to deploy an app, and the user is to consume the app.

failed to start hello-java demo

Hi, all. I have met an issue to start the 'hello-java' demo in micro cloud in my local machine. The host machine is Windows7 and then I have virtualbox 4.3.14, and import the VM. Then try deploying an app using demo[1]. The output of command 'stackato push hello-java' notifying that the app is deployed, however, when I add the IP mapping in my hosts file in Windows7, and open 'https://hello-java.stackato-j9zf.local' in the browser, is returns 404. Then I use curl inside the VM, also get a 404 error~

root@stackato-j9zf:~/hello-java# stackato push hello-java

Cloud Controller cc.service_broker.v2.http_client error


I recently downloaded Stackato 3.2 Micro Cloud for testing and while I was registering my custom service broker I noticed that the URI was malformed when I sent a delete request to delete a service already provisioned.

cf marketplace command fails with error code: 10001, message: wrong number of arguments

I recently downloaded the micro Cloud version of Stackato ( 3.2.1 ) and loaded it on my Mac with Virtualbox!!

Everything seems to work nicely with my existing cloud foundry CLI but the cf marketplace command. the command comes back with a "Server error, status code: 500, error code: 10001, message: wrong number of arguments (6 for 3)" message and on the VM, when I checked the logs I got the following error from the cloud controller:

cloud_controller_ng@ - - [13/Jun/2014 04:22:12] "POST /services/v1/offerings HTTP/1.1" 200 2 0.0206

Stackato Micro Cloud - Unable to Access Management Console

Hi all,

I'm trying to install Stackato Micro Cloud in my local Apache Cloudstack, I'm behind a proxy in my college.
I managed to create Stackato Micro Cloud instance, and I can access the hypervisor console. It showd Server Status : ready, IP Adress : and my stackato management console address is : https://stackato-j8kr.local
I tried to access management console via browser but no luck, why is that?it gives following error in my browser :The connection has timed out . The server at stackato-j8kr.local is taking too long to respond..

Using a docker container in the app store?

Total beginner here, i was hoping to use apps from turnkey linux in the stackato app store?
Or apps from in the apps store?
Is there a simple way to do this? #NewbAlert
Any help is much appreciated.

User getting prompt for passphrase for key

I have a user that is getting the follow error when connecting to out 2.10 Microcloud:

stackato dbshell application application-db
Enter passphrase for key 'C:/Users/username/.stackato/client/key_MTQwMjA5ODc3OTo1NzYzZDM4YTVjNGM0MTJjYjAzYzBkZWY3N2M5M2QwNzY5ZWE1':
On empty passphrase: Error: Server closed connection.

What do I need to have him do to fix this so he can use stackato?

Open JDK error


This is the first time I try stackato, I am in a coporate network. install the micro cloud vm inside my virtualbox. THEN

When ever I run the command sudo stackato push -n from my repo, I always got the exception:
? sudo stackato push -n
Using manifest file "stackato.yml"
Application Url: atlas-service.stackato-7jxn.local
Creating Application [atlas-service] as [https://api.stackato-7jxn.local -> NBNCo -> POS -> atlas-service] ... OK
Map atlas-service.stackato-7jxn.local ... OK
Uploading Application [atlas-service] ...
Checking for bad links ... 262 OK

Login keeps redirecting to login page

Ive just installed the micro cloud on vpshere. When I access the console for the first time it prompts me to enter an initial user. That all works however when I try to login it keeps redirecting back to the login page (without an error). If I try to login with an incorrect user it gives me the appropriate warning.

If I login from the CLI using my initial user it works correctly.

The http requests are as follows:

POST -> HTTP 302 -
GET uaa -> HTTP 302 -