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Unable to determine the endpoint, check cluster settings

The message in subject is what I see when I try to start a micro cloud in VM VirtualBox.
@kato status
ERROR: Cannot communicate with cluster config

How can I fix this?

Equivalent of CF_HOME for stackato client

For the stackato client, I want to configure where the .stackato directory containing the client configuration files is located.

It appears the default is "~/.stackato/client/".

The cf client has an environment variable, CF_HOME, which defines this (described here:

Is there an equivalent environment variable for the stackato client?


Memory quotas explained

Each application has a mem parameter ( and stands for

The amount of memory to allocate for the application.

1. What will happen if the app exceed allocated memory? Hard failing or there is graceful approach for that?

2. Free 20GB licence allows to fit 20 "mem:1GB" applications? How is calculated memory that is used by platform itself?

3. Are attached services like memcached enforced by app quota?

stackato delete ignore space argument

stackato version
stackato 3.1.2 (3.1.2 @ 2014-10-17 11:04:00 -0700)

stackato delete dummy7 --space Clients
Found a problem with input "application": An application "dummy7" does not exist in space 'ORG::Cosmos'. Please use a different value.

Increase health check timeout

Unable to successfully start instance (failed to accept connections within health check timeout)

stackato push --health-timeout 180 --timeout '15m' isn't enough

Why it's limited to 180? (
Maybe in production this makes sense but while developing on single machine I experience this many times.

Use stackato CLI inside a node

How can I use stackato client inside the application?

I've tried stackato target api.stackato.local and stackato target api.stackato-{hash}.local, both don't work.

Cannot access target 'https://api.stackato-9ctm.local' (couldn't open socket: host is unreachable (Name or service not known))

can someone help me to understand appstore container in Stackato

Hi, I have a thought over 'docker ps' and find that Stackato actually start several containers, from the system architecture [1] I cannot see the docker part, can someone help to understand why this dockers are created? And especially why we have a appstore container?

Starting the stackato qcow2 image using KVM

I am using this command to create the KVM machine on Ubuntu Trusty:

root@stackato:~# virt-install --name stackato --cpu host --vcpus 2 --ram 4096 --disk path=/stackato/stackato.qcow2 --nographics --force --import -v

Starting install...
Creating domain... | 0 B 00:00
Connected to domain stackato
Escape character is ^]

This is what I get with no prompt.

Is there is documentation regarding deployment with KVM?


Single instance on AWS from AMI

Right after launching new instance (Stackato-v3.4.1 - ami-855922b5) a was trying to kato node rename and it ended with the error:

ERROR: Cannot communicate with cluster config

This is a private AWS IP address.

$ kato debug configwatch
Watching global config
ERROR: Cannot communicate with cluster config