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Installation Problems and FAQs for Stackato MicroCloud

Starting a Webservice takes long and command line client asks for delete after some time.

The webservice needs some additional Ubuntu packages and installing them takes long. After using the command line client i often have to restart the Application via Management Console. The first thing it shows is the message "Crashed" but after that the Webservice starts normally (but takes long).


Would it be possible to install these Ubuntu packages into the lxc-root-container so they don't have to be installed everytime the service starts?

How to set Number of file Descriptors in stackato.yml?

I have a big java7 Webservice and it seems to need more than 256 file descriptors wich are set as default.


AOK Authentication Server bind_dn issue

I am tying to setup a stackato 2.8 using the AOK Authentication Server options. I am able to run all of the kato commands except for:

kato config set aok strategy/ldap/bind_dn 'uid=stackato,ou=Service Accounts,dc=ch,dc=lan'

kato config get [options] [] []
kato config set [options]
kato config del [options]
kato config push [options]
kato config pop [options]

Stackato push fails with 'Not Authorized' error

This is a system in HP Cloud Services instantiated just less than a week ago.
Now suddenly I can't push any applications. It fails with Not Authorized.
What is the cause and what is the solution?

stackato@stackato-q6pj:~/Documents/numberguess/Numberguess-master$ stackato version
stackato 1.6.2
stackato@stackato-q6pj:~/Documents/numberguess/Numberguess-master$ kato version
ActiveState Stackato v2.6.7

How to set JAVA_OPTS

I am trying to set a java option on JBoss and as a token test set the value -Xms128m in manifest.yml. The jboss runtime still shows the default -Xms64m. How to set java opts for an application? This is in Stackato 2.6.7

stackato@stackato-q6pj:~/Documents/kitchen-sink/kitchensink-ear-master$ ls
jboss-as-kitchensink-ear-ear LICENCE.txt
jboss-as-kitchensink-ear-ejb manifest.yml
jboss-as-kitchensink-ear-web pom.xml
stackato@stackato-q6pj:~/Documents/kitchen-sink/kitchensink-ear-master$ cat man

Errors deploying Java Standalone apps


I am getting some strange errors when I deploy and execute my Java standalone apps on my Stackato Micro Cloud. Even after a month of research with trial and error, I am unable to get it to work. I notice there is a lack of documentation related to java standalone apps on how it is implemented in Stackato with 'followable' examples.

I have these following questions (will break these up into a series of forum topics):-

.Are java standalone apps automatically restarted when the app completes its execution?

Unable to view 'All' logs in console when Websocket supported

When I enable Websocket support in Stackato and click on the 'All' logs option in the Management Console > Applications webpage, nothing is shown in the webpage frame 'Files For Application ...'.
It does the samething if I go to Management Console > Applications > [Choose an application] and choose the 'Logs Files', 'All Files' options in the 'Instances' list.
Also, if I use the 'Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse 1.3.0', I would not be able to view the files and file structure of my application on the Stackato platform.

Could not connect from one java-web application to web service(

Hi team,
I can able to connect the webservice( if deployed java-web application in local tomacat server..
in my case could't not to connect the webservice( if deployed java-web application in throw the following exaception
Please look at attachment..

the webservice endpoint:
stackato vm :
let me know if you need further details

Please help me

Can't connect database from myapplication

Hi team,
I have deployed java-web application in my local tomcat server,i can able to connect database server (xx.xx.xx.xx) and retrive data from database.
then deployed that java-web application in stackato.
in my case i could not connect mysql database from java-web application,it throw following exception whenever run the application in browser
i have tried many ways to connect database,but could not connect database...
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure

Could not access the mysql database from myterminal

Hi team,
i am struggle to connect mysql database from my terminal in linux12.04..
i have go through following documentation to access mysql databases..
in my case i could not access mysql database by use of following command and shows error:

ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (111)

mysql --protocol=TCP --host=localhost --port=10000 --user=uMr1cQwjaRSsu --password=phVyfKpHmTuCe df230f481a7264c58ab5226c63cfa68c2

Please help me..