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Perl + Carton


Trying to deploy Perl app, which has a Carton cpanfile.snapshot and dependencies bundled into vendor directory. I'm getting this error form the CLI:

staging: -----> carton install --deployment --path /tmp/staged/local_lib
staging:        Installing modules using cpanfile (deployment mode)
staging:        Module::CoreList 2.80 (loaded from /opt/ActivePerl-5.16/lib/Module/ doesn't seem to have entries for perl 5.016003. You're strongly recommended to upgrade Module::CoreList from CPAN.
staging:        Installing modules failed

How to change the IP/host of a bound Service?

My Stackato Micro Cloud uses Bridged Networking, and whenever I change locations, the instance changes IP, fine. Nevertheless the Services bound to my application (MongoDB, MySQL,..) keep the IP addresses assigned during the initial application push, the IP assigned to them during their initial creation.

How can I refresh these Services' IPs to the current one? In the current setup my application fails to connect to it bound services every time it changes IP...

Stackato v. 3.0.1 .



Stackato 3.0.1 push error


I quite often get the following message in the middle of deploying to a stackato 3.0.1 env:

Error: Staging error: no available stagers for stack lucid64 and mem 512

The workaround seems to be to do a stackato logout followed by stackato login.

It doesn't matter which type of app I am deploying: Grails, Django or NodeJS. I also get this from multiple client machines (macbook, imac) and when pointing to different stackato 3.0.1 environments.

What is the problem here?

Regards, Darren

Error from the CLI when adding a service broker


I am trying to add a custom service broker which implements the Cloud Foundry v2 service broker API to my Stackato Micro Cloud VM.

When I try, I receive the following response:

stackato add-service-broker postgresql-9.3 --url
Token: abc
Adding service broker [postgresql-9.3] ... OK
The client has encountered an internal error.
Error: invalid command name "debug.cmd/serviceauth"
Full traceback stored at: /tmp/stackato-WE23WXLsLu

stackato CLI does not provide means to delete a service broker


I've noticed that the Stackato CLI has an add-service-broker function, but lacks Cloud Foundry's update-service-broker and remove-service-broker!

Furthermore, the CLI's curl function does not appear to allow the delete operation.

I had to manually curl the API like so to delete a service broker (the token shown below has been changed):

curl -X DELETE -H "AUTHORIZATION: bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJhdWQiOiJjbG91ZF

Downloading Stack 2.10 micro cloud for VMWare


I'm trying to find/install a micro cloud instance of Stackato 2.10 for compatibility with our Stackato infrastructure at work.

The link I found ( has been incredible slow and has failed several times over the past 3 days.

Does anyone know of a mirror for this?


Redirect Loop with Django application on Stackato 3.0.1


I'm in the process of migrating from Stackato 2.10.6 to Stackato 3.0.1 in an AWS environment. I've got two separate instances: one for 2.10.6 and one for 3.0.1, both containing identical versions of the applications I'm deploying - one of which is a Django app.

Everything seems to work fine and the same in both environments except for the Django app. This works in Stackato 2.10.6 but not in Stackato 3.0.1: when I try to access it with either http or https the browser returns a 'redirect loop' error.

stackato client responsiveness

The stackato client seems to be really sluggish on Windows 7, sometimes completely unresponsive.

Logging in takes around a minute as the command login takes 15-30 seconds to display the username prompt, and after entering a password it takes anoter 15-30 to return to the stackato prompt.

After logging in running a target command can take up to a full minute, and pushing applications seems to be a roll of the dice on whether I get output at all.

Could this be a configuration issue somewhere on my end, or should I start looking into getting a Mac?

Unable to fetch container via fence

I'm getting the error message when trying to deploy to my local Stackato Micro Cloud 3.0.1

Uploading Application [t] ...
Checking for bad links ... OK
Copying to temp space ... OK
Checking for available resources ... OK
Processing resources ... OK
Packing application ... OK
Uploading (439K) ... OK
Push Status: OK
Stopping Application [t] ... OK
Starting Application [t] ...
Error: Staging error: failed to stage application: Unable to fetch container via fence

Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

HTTP 504 Error whilst deploying Django app, trying to install dependencies using PyPM


I'm constantly getting the following error (exit code 0) when doing either: stackato update -n OR stackato push -n on a Django app:

2013-12-21T08:32:36+0100 staging: -----> Installing dependencies using PyPM
2013-12-21T08:32:36+0100 staging: Get: [] :repository-index:
2013-12-21T08:32:36+0100 staging: error: HTTP Error 504: Connect to failed: Too many open files

Error 504 is a gateway error code. Is this something on ActiveState's side?