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User getting prompt for passphrase for key

I have a user that is getting the follow error when connecting to out 2.10 Microcloud:

stackato dbshell application application-db
Enter passphrase for key 'C:/Users/username/.stackato/client/key_MTQwMjA5ODc3OTo1NzYzZDM4YTVjNGM0MTJjYjAzYzBkZWY3N2M5M2QwNzY5ZWE1':
On empty passphrase: Error: Server closed connection.

What do I need to have him do to fix this so he can use stackato?

Open JDK error


This is the first time I try stackato, I am in a coporate network. install the micro cloud vm inside my virtualbox. THEN

When ever I run the command sudo stackato push -n from my repo, I always got the exception:
? sudo stackato push -n
Using manifest file "stackato.yml"
Application Url: atlas-service.stackato-7jxn.local
Creating Application [atlas-service] as [https://api.stackato-7jxn.local -> NBNCo -> POS -> atlas-service] ... OK
Map atlas-service.stackato-7jxn.local ... OK
Uploading Application [atlas-service] ...
Checking for bad links ... 262 OK

Login keeps redirecting to login page

Ive just installed the micro cloud on vpshere. When I access the console for the first time it prompts me to enter an initial user. That all works however when I try to login it keeps redirecting back to the login page (without an error). If I try to login with an incorrect user it gives me the appropriate warning.

If I login from the CLI using my initial user it works correctly.

The http requests are as follows:

POST -> HTTP 302 -
GET uaa -> HTTP 302 -

Komodo Stackato Interface

(Appreciate this might be a Komodo issue but posted here first to make sure its not a stackato one or functionality)

Does the Komodo Interface work with Micro Cloud ?

Finds my targets and appears to login ( only option is to logout )
But no target info and information available.

If I logout using Komodo Interface and then attempt to log back in it wont. with errors guiding me to review credentials and options/parameters to pass depending on it being stackato2 or stackato3 (its the later) . There are no options to put those values in*

Perl buildpack and Oracle Client libraries

Having a problem with deployed Catalyst App connecting to Oracle DB.

Its that old chestnut of Oracle shared librarys not beeing found that I have seen and fixed for many many installations over the years. Have tried everything here but to no avail to the point I am thinking its some stackato micro cloud issue (esp since there is a known issue with the micro cloud and env variables using legacy build packs ) .

here is the symptom

instantclient installed and tested using sqlplus.


The logfile of the subject (Stackato 3.2.1)

cloud_controller_uploads_access.log grows at a massive rate when the webconsole is open.
(I have a current log file (last rotated < 1 hours ago) of 250Meg !!

What is seems to log are a series of messages and they are logged every 1s or so while the web console is open and stop (instantly) when it is shutdown.

--- Obfuscated Log Extract ---
[Fri May 09 2014 04:33:24 GMT-0700 (BST)] INFO - POST - /services/v1/offerings - {"content-type":"application/jso

Server Time Zone

Stackato instances seem to start in PDT how to I get it to start in another timezone.

Staging Error - Too much activity; Entering a cool-off period

Having a problem staging an application.

Perl/Catalyst Application and the log output is as follows

[stackato[apptail]] 2014-05-09T09:06:59.000Z: Too much activity; entering a cool-off period
[staging] 2014-05-09T09:06:59.000Z: 2014-05-09T02:06:59 <7> [] Want IO::Socket, have IO::Socket 1.34
[staging] 2014-05-09T09:06:59.000Z: 2014-05-09T02:06:59 <7> [] Want bytes::, have bytes:: 1.04
[staging] 2014-05-09T09:06:59.000Z: 2014-05-09T02:06:59 <7> [] Want Fcntl::, have Fcntl:: 1.11

new stackato box, console won't load on browser

Hello :)

I just got a new AMI in AWS with Stackato and I'm very frustrated trying to get it up and running.
It is a single box, I'm still trying it out. From kato status and kati inspect I've narrowed it down to Docker being outdated(?) and MySQL service not starting(?), but I have no idea why this is happening. I ssh'ed into it and renamed it with no problems, went to console on browser to finish the configuration and bam, blank page. here's what I get from jato status and kati inspect:

stackato@stackato:~$ kato status



No AMI from Stackato EC2 trial signup

Hi: I signed up for Stackato trial and wanted to run it on AWS. Provided my AWS account number, but have not received email notifying me Stackato AMI is available, nor see the AMI in my AWS AMI private list.

Is there something else I should be doing to obtain access to the Stackato AWS AMI?