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Use stackato CLI inside a node

How can I use stackato client inside the application?

I've tried stackato target api.stackato.local and stackato target api.stackato-{hash}.local, both don't work.

Cannot access target 'https://api.stackato-9ctm.local' (couldn't open socket: host is unreachable (Name or service not known))

can someone help me to understand appstore container in Stackato

Hi, I have a thought over 'docker ps' and find that Stackato actually start several containers, from the system architecture [1] I cannot see the docker part, can someone help to understand why this dockers are created? And especially why we have a appstore container?

Starting the stackato qcow2 image using KVM

I am using this command to create the KVM machine on Ubuntu Trusty:

root@stackato:~# virt-install --name stackato --cpu host --vcpus 2 --ram 4096 --disk path=/stackato/stackato.qcow2 --nographics --force --import -v

Starting install...
Creating domain... | 0 B 00:00
Connected to domain stackato
Escape character is ^]

This is what I get with no prompt.

Is there is documentation regarding deployment with KVM?


Single instance on AWS from AMI

Right after launching new instance (Stackato-v3.4.1 - ami-855922b5) a was trying to kato node rename and it ended with the error:

ERROR: Cannot communicate with cluster config

This is a private AWS IP address.

$ kato debug configwatch
Watching global config
ERROR: Cannot communicate with cluster config

Java Remote Debugging Problem: Failed to connect to remote VM com.sun.jdi.connect.spi.ClosedConnectionException

My environment is - OS X 10.10, Virtual Box, Stackato 3.4.1.
I push my webapp using stackato push -n -d.
It tells me Debugging now enabled on host, port 39232'
But when i try to point Eclipse Remote Debugger to that server and port, I get Failed to connect to remote VM com.sun.jdi.connect.spi.ClosedConnectionException

I can access the application and its functionality fine.

Copy files from Micro Cloud VM to container with hooks

Is there a way to use a hook to copy a file from the micro cloud VM to an application? I have some custom tomcat configuration files that I want to copy in the pre-running hook. If so, where do I put that file on the VM to reference it as part of the copy?

Outdated Node.js version in Stackato 3.4.1 - How to update?

I'm running a Nodejs application in Stackato 3.4.1 inside VirtualBox.
My app requires a pretty new node version >= 0.10.
However npm install reports that the node version is 0.8.26.

How can I upgrade to a newer nodejs version?

Even more confusing is, that when checking the node version in the admin console node -v returns v0.10.26.

Any ideas?


deploy phpmyadmin failed from app store

Hi, I have manage to clone phpmyadmin to my local repo, and also I can use 'stackato push -n' to start a phpmyadmin application, and log in to the app and operate the database. Then I had a thought to put this app to app store, so that we can deploy the app from the store UI. So I add a yaml to the store, pointing to the app, like the following:

title: Application
contact: Stackato Support

- name: PHPMyAdmin
id: phpmyadmin
desc: A popular PHP mysql management system which uses mysql

Stackato-specific api

Hi, is there a doc about the Stackato-specific apis? We have tested the CF apis compatible with Stackato, but we also see an extension in users/applications. Can I get a doc?

git repository and app store version control

Hi, recently I have a question rising up.
when we deploy from app store, is it possible to do version-control-like operations?? As we can develop code in local repository, then do several stackato push, to create different version apps. But when we deploy from app store, the repo is hosted in GitHub, so can we do version control too?