Why does Komodo tell me that "Komodo does not Support execution of <enter language here>"? I know it does.


Why is Komodo IDE telling me it does not support Python (for example) debugging when I know it does?


This usually means that your Komodo install isn't configured properly for the supported language.

Try checking the following to see if it helps:

  • View > Start Page > Check Configuration: Make sure there are green check marks on your language.
  • The file type (bottom of screen, language popup list).
  • Preferences > Languages > your language > "Use this interpreter": "Browse" to the interpreter you want to use.

There is a known issue with Windows and Cygwin that overrides anything in your path. If you have done the above, you have Cygwin isntalled and on your system path, and debugging is still not working, you can do the following:

  • Preferences > Environment > Double click "PATH" in the "Startup environment variables" section
  • Double click "PATH" in the bottom section now
  • Click the little double down arrows in the dialog that appears
  • Find any references to Cygwin and delete it from the PATH

This will remove Cygwin from Komodo's reference of the system path and has no effect on your computer's system path. Remember you did this though! It will block Komodo from seeing other system path changes you may want Komodo to detect later on.


- Carey

Tcl not supported in Komodo Edit


Tcl syntax checking support seems to have been dropped in Komodo Edit 4.3. What's the deal?


The Tcl syntax checker used in Komodo IDE and previous releases of Komodo Edit is not open source, therefore we decided to remove it from the main build of Komodo Edit as of version 4.3 and provide it as a closed-source extension instead:

Replacement Tcl linter binaries


I get an error 'Invalid License' when editing Tcl code in Komodo 4.1. What's going on?


Komodo 4.1.0 shipped with a Tcl linter binary that incorrectly checks for a license. To fix this, please replace the 'kotcllint' binary in your Komodo installation ( kotcllint.exe on Wiindows ) with one from the attached zip archive.

To install, unzip the attached file and copy the kotcllint or kotcllint.exe file for your OS to the following path overwriting the existing file:

C:\Program Files\ActiveState Komodo IDE 4.1\lib\support\tcl\ ( Windows )

/opt/Komodo-IDE-4.1/lib/support/tcl/ ( Linux )

/Applications/Komodo ( OS X )

This issue will be fixed shortly in the upcoming Komodo 4.1.1 release.

What version of ActiveTcl should I use with Windows Vista?


What version of ActiveTcl should I use with Windows Vista?


The best version of Tcl to use with Windows Vista is ActiveTcl 8.4.14 or later.

There are currently minor issues with installing and uninstalling, but these are not serious and are being worked on. The demo applications distributed with ActiveTcl all function as expected, including the graphical libraries and Expect.

Note that you will need to right-click the installation file and select "Run as Administrator" for the installation to be successful. This will be fixed in a future release of ActiveTcl.