Perl Dev Kit

Final Version pairings for ActivePerl with Perl Dev Kit


I want to upgrade ActivePerl and my Perl Dev Kit. What's available?


You may have already seen the announcement... Last year, ActiveState announced that the direction for the company's future will be OpenSource Languages.

Proprietary tooling for certain languages is not part of the OpenSource Languages Company future. Sales of both of the Dev Kit tools sets were discontinued at the time of those announcements. New licenses for PDK and TDK will not be available as separate products.

Engineering and Development time and resources were immediately priorized for updating the existing language distributions. In 2017, work is starting on the new languages. Work was stopped on PDK, and that means that there will not be a PDK 9.6.

Existing copies of PDK 9.5.1 cannot use the latest releases of ActivePerl. The 2203 and 2204 builds are not compatible, and all 5.24 versions remain incompatible with the final release of PDK 9.5.1.

----Update September 2017------

Since the End of Sales for PDK, there have been enough newer versions of Perl released by the Perl Community that none of ActivePerl versions compatible with the Perl Dev Kit are still Supported by the Community. With no supported, free, versions of Community Edition ActivePerl available, Users of the Perl Dev Kit will need at least a Business Edition license to access a compatible version of ActivePerl.

-------End of Update----------

2202 is the last compatible ActivePerl, except on OS X.

For OS X, the 9.5.1 release of PDK was created on OS X 10.5. Every PDK must have a 100% binary compatible ActivePerl. ActivePerls switched from building on OS X 10.5 to building on OS X 10.9 at and are now 64-bit only. These two factors are responsible for the unresolvable symbols error message. Since there will not be a 9.6 that is also built on OS X 10.9, the 2201 release is the last ActivePerl that is compatible.

Advanced workaround for PDK 8.2.1 on Windows 7


My PDK Start menu items and file associations don't work on Windows 7. The Release Notes just say to use the command line. Isn't there a better alternative to get these working?


Let's start with PerlApp, since that's the most widely used application.

To fix your Start menu icon, go to Start|All Programs|ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1 Build 292072. Right click on PerlApp and select Properties. Go to the Target box and change the text from "...\bin\perlapp-gui.exe" to "...\bin\perlapp.exe" (in other words, just delete -gui from the entry). Select OK. The PerlApp Start menu icon will now work.

To fix your .perlapp file association you will need a command line with Administrator priviledge. This can be done by navigating to Start|All Programs|Accessories and right clicking Command Prompt. Select Run as Administrator. If your PDK is installed on the default path, enter the following command:
C:\> ftype perlappfile="C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1\bin\perlapp.exe" --interactive "%1"
If you installed PDK on a different path, adjust the command above to match your installation. Your perlapp associations are now corrected.

If they are present in your version of PDK, the Start Menu icons for PerlCtrl, PerlNET, PerlSvc, and PerlTray can all be corrected as you have just done for PerlApp by deleting "-gui" from the Target box. (64-bit PDK versions will not have a Start Menu icon for PerlNET.)

Again, your version of PDK may not have all of the following tools. Repair the ones you have and use. If you installed on a different path, modify the command to match your installation.
Fix the association for .perlctrl by:
C:\> ftype perlctrlfile="C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1\bin\perlctrl.exe" --interactive "%1"

Fix the association for .perlnet by:
C:\> ftype perlnetfile="C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1\bin\plc.exe" --interactive "%1"
(PerlNet is only available in 32-bit versions of the PDK)

Fix the association for .perlsvc by:
C:\> ftype perlsvcfile="C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1\bin\perlsvc.exe" --interactive "%1"

Fix the association for .perltray by:
C:\> ftype perltrayfile="C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 8.2.1\bin\perltray.exe" --interactive "%1"