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How to change Komodo auto updating


How do I change Komodo to use a different build, such as a nightly build?


The simplest way to change Komodo builds is through the Komodo auto-update facility, where you can update between the latest "release", "beta" and "nightly" versions of Komodo. To do this, you'll need to locate the channel-prefs.js file in your Komodo installation, on Windows and Linux this file is here:


and on Mac OS X here:


It is a very simple file that looks like this:

// Valid values are "release", "beta" and "nightly".
pref("", "release");

Change the value to whatever you wish to use (i.e. "nightly"), restart Komodo and then use Komodo's Check for Updates menu to update to the required build.

Note: You can change back your auto-update channel at anytime, but there is no un-update functionality, example:

  • You start at Komodo release 5.1.0 (build 27487)
  • Change to "nightly" channel, restart and auto-update to nightly 5.1.1 (build 27621)
  • Change to "release" channel, restart. Your still at build 27621, the auto-update will only trigger again when the next release build of Komodo is made (i.e. 5.1.1 final)

More information on the Komodo auto-update system is available in Trent's blog: