Performance and Stability Improvements

The underlying Mozilla source code has been updated in Komodo, which has led to better security and stability of the Komodo platform as a whole.

Numerous performance improvements have been made to Komodo, in order to make Komodo speedier in the tasks it performs, such as when working on large files:

  • Komodo will now automatically style very large html documents as text in order to support faster edits and re-displaying of the document
  • the find search speed has been increased, making it faster to search your documents
  • the Rx Toolkit is now much faster when parsing results

PHP 5.3 support

Komodo now has started supporting PHP 5.3 in the following ways:

  • Code Intelligence
    • Code browser and sectionlist support for namespaces (IDE only)
    • Code completions for /Namespaces
    • Syntax colorizing of latest keywords ("namespace", "use", "as", etc...)
  • PHP Debugging
    • Improved debugger wizard for the first time setup
    • Updated xdebug builds to support PHP 5.3

Primary language preferences

It is now possible configure your primary languages that you use inside of Komodo.

Komodo's "Languages" preferences provides the interface to change the primary/secondary languages which are shown in the various language menus.

Sub-language background colors

It is now possible to give sub-languages a different background color. For example, when editing a HTML file you can set the JavaScript background color to be green and all the JavaScript code will appear as green section block:

In Komodo's "Fonts and Color" preferences, in the "Lang-Specific" tab navigate to the sub-language you wish to customize (in this example it's JavaScript) and then enable the "Use a different background color when used as a sub-language" checkbox and change the color appropriately.

View HTML Source

If you drag/drop a web url onto Komodo (http://, https://), Komodo now offers to view the source contents of this web page. This is convenient for checking the underlying HTML source code of web pages.

When you select the "View Source" button, the web URL will be downloaded and then opened in a Komodo editor tab as a read-only file.

SCC History searching (IDE only)

The SCC history dialog now has a search facility:

This search textbox filters the history items, word-by-word, matching on any field (date, user, message, etc...) of the visible history columns.

Bug Fixes

A lot of commonly requested/encountered Komodo bugs have been fixed in this release, such as:

  • can now "chmod" remote files
    (bug 29688)

    The file-properties page now has a "Change" button in order to change the file permissions.

  • scc: commit dialog now remembers previous commit messages
    (bug 29688)

    There is now a drop-down menu in the top-right of the commit dialog that provides the ability to select a previous commit message.

  • scc: support for using external diff tools
    (bug 74288)

    There are now per scc preferences to state whether the scc diff is handled through an external editor - so that Komodo does not show it's own internal diff dialog and/or wait until external diff is completed.

  • can now choose the color of find highlighting (and other indicators)
    (bug 81899)

    In Komodo's "Fonts and Colors" preferences, there is now an "Indicators" tab in which you can change the color of various Komodo indicators, such as the find highlighting color.

  • scc: the add new file operation will also add any necessary parent directories
    (bug 74774)
  • null bytes: Komodo can again open edit and save files that contain null bytes
    (bug 35678)

Getting your hands on the 5.2 Komodo release

You can download the Komodo releases here:

Other Komodo releases