Windows Vista

Bad Install of Win32::API on Activestate Test Servers?

Our module is passing tests on all of the 32-bit ActiveState test servers, and passing on the 64-bit Perl V5.12 test server, but it's failing on both Perl V5.14 and V5.16 64-bit.

The root cause appears to be an XS/Perl mismatch for Win32::API. Here's the relevant snippets from your build logs:

From your build of our module on 64 bit Perl V5.14:

Installing ActivePerl v5.1x x64 bit on Windows Vista x64 and Issue

When I try to install ActivePerl (v5.14 or 5.16) x64-bit using the msi installer
on a Windows Vista x64 I have the following problem:

Perl complains that cannot find the file in the lib directory.
Indeed this configuration file is not created. However the still is created. I am not so expert to create myself.

Could somebody please tell how to resolve this issue?


How do I install PAR Packer from CPAN?

I've spent AGES trying to install PAR Packer from here:

I'm not sure where I'm going wrong

I've tried following instructions
No joy

It should be a simple case of pointing to the right location and installing

Has anyone else installed?



installation of ppm modules

Is there an easy way to install (on windows vista 32 bit system with active perl 5.14)required perl modules.Tiered of searching for the information from google/perl monks/active state/cpan etc.
I didnot find the information as handy to make use of it.
Also changed the perl repository to different sources but is still not working
Please help

appreciate your help on this.

ppm not working with active perl 5.14

on windows 32 bit vista system with active perl 5.14:
As soon as I open the ppm from GUI, I am getting the message as

Syncing site PPM database with .packlists ... done
Synchronizing Database ...
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist ... not found
Synchronizing Database done
Synchronizing Database ... done
Synchronizing Database ... done

when I try to install any package using ppm, getting with this error
C:\perl>ppm install DateTime
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist...not found

2.7.2 Download Link Installs 2.6.6

The download link for Windows 32bit 2.7.2 downloads "ActivePython-" but after running the install the version is Bad link?

I've tried twice with the same result. Where's 2.7.2?


PPM repo for Perl 5.6


are there still any active PPM repo's for Perl 5.6?


New package structure


being brand new to AP and PPM, could you please quickly brief me with best pratices for creating presonal package structure for my devs.

For instance how to add directory structure c:\dev\Perl\lib\com as a path where I will write my Moose classes and that perl would use as a search lib when running a prog ?



Removed post

I asked a question a couple of days ago. I'm switching to Komodo Edit and I wanted to learn how to accomplish certain task. I got a nice reply that explained that such feature is not available in Komodo and also enquired about what editor I was using that had such feature.

Now the thread is gone: --> Page not found

Did you remove the entire thread because I named another editor?

Problem concerning packages in executing make

Running on 32-bit machine. Perl installed correctly.

I downloaded into C:\Users\David\Documents\Sanskrit and Devanagari\Material from Peter Scharf\SanskritTransliterate a tar file containing 5 packages: Sanskrit::Alphabetize, Sanskrit::Embed, Sanskrit::Syllabify, Sanskrit::Transliterate, Sanskrit::TransliterateVedic. Untarred them successfully. The installation instructions I received state to “Run the usual sequence of perl Makefile.PL;make;make test; and make install (the last as root).”