Windows 7

Why does Komodo tell me that "Komodo does not Support execution of <enter language here>"? I know it does.


Why is Komodo IDE telling me it does not support Python (for example) debugging when I know it does?


This usually means that your Komodo install isn't configured properly for the supported language.

Try checking the following to see if it helps:

  • View > Start Page > Check Configuration: Make sure there are green check marks on your language.
  • The file type (bottom of screen, language popup list).
  • Preferences > Languages > your language > "Use this interpreter": "Browse" to the interpreter you want to use.

There is a known issue with Windows and Cygwin that overrides anything in your path. If you have done the above, you have Cygwin isntalled and on your system path, and debugging is still not working, you can do the following:

  • Preferences > Environment > Double click "PATH" in the "Startup environment variables" section
  • Double click "PATH" in the bottom section now
  • Click the little double down arrows in the dialog that appears
  • Find any references to Cygwin and delete it from the PATH

This will remove Cygwin from Komodo's reference of the system path and has no effect on your computer's system path. Remember you did this though! It will block Komodo from seeing other system path changes you may want Komodo to detect later on.


- Carey

Bad Install of Win32::API on Activestate Test Servers?

Our module is passing tests on all of the 32-bit ActiveState test servers, and passing on the 64-bit Perl V5.12 test server, but it's failing on both Perl V5.14 and V5.16 64-bit.

The root cause appears to be an XS/Perl mismatch for Win32::API. Here's the relevant snippets from your build logs:

From your build of our module on 64 bit Perl V5.14:

ActiveState Package Repository

I am trying to download Excel::Writer::XLSX package from the ActiveState Package Repository, and getting the following...

Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist ... redirect
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist ... failed 401 Authorization Required

Has the URL changed? And, I have had issue w/ authorization in the past.

401 Authorization Required?

I have been using ppm ok for a long time. Suddely it requires authentication to access the ppm site. Why is this happening? Should I just wait for a while, and the problem will disappear?

Currently my Perl version is 5.10.0 on a Win64 machine.

Problem accessing through PPM

Is there an issue with I'm trying to access the database using PPM and I get a 401 Unauthorized.

I have no issues through a web browser.

C:\Users\ned_lebouthillier>ppm repo
? id ? pkgs ? name ?
? 1 ? 0 ? ActiveState Package Repository ?
(1 enabled repository)

C:\Users\ned_lebouthillier>ppm repo describe 1
Id: 1

Finding build specific ppm repositories

How do I go about finding a particular ActiveState version of a ppm repository. I lost my repository list and I would like to add back the repository for Windows X64 for version 5.16. I cannot seem to find a list of the ActiveState repositories. I can find references to 5.12 in the documentation for x86.


5.16 1602 install problem - documentation missing

I just installed Perl from the new 1602 install executable, having removed all traces of my 5.14 install. The majority of the documentation appears to be missing. None of the perl516delta files are present, none of the core documentation is showing, and no more than 60 modules are showing in the modules section?

I am loath to install 1601 first as it looks like someone reported a problem with installing 1602 over that.

Class-Load version confusion

PPM is offering up Class-Load v0.19
PPM offers up Class-Load-XS v0.06 that requires Class-Load v0.20 claims Class-Load v0.20 is available but requires an enterprise account to download.

Is SSL enabled in DBD-mysql 4.021 downloaded from ppm?

I hope someone can give med an answer as I am getting very frustrated reading all treads and articles I can find on the net concerning problems with SSL and MySQL. I have no problem with SSL when it is used between the master and slave servers, but when I try to connect the master from a perl script (from the same machine as the slave) with SSL the connection is just denied withour any fault messages. I have no problem connecting as long as SSL is not required.