Windows 7

License question for research use

Would use of ActivePerl for life science research (running the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline software) on a US government campus fall under the community license or would a business/enterprise license be required?


-Tom - Error long directories

I have already limited the directory length to 230 character which is far below the 260 character limit. It appears that the addition of the "../../.." text is the issue. Is there something that can be done to better code this section of to not add length to the path?

This current code implementation seems to be impacted by the number of levels coupled with the overall length of the path.

perl 5, version 22, subversion 1 (v5.22.1)

Help me perl programing

Compile SQLite with ICU (International Components for Unicode)

SQLite only understands upper/lower case for ASCII characters by default. The LIKE operator is case sensitive by default for unicode characters that are beyond the ASCII range.

Hello due to this (default) limitation in SQLite there can occur some problems with using the LIKE operator. Is it possible for you to include SQLite compiled with ICU support on Windows?

ActivePerl 5.22.2 does not register dlls on Win7

On Win7 I installed AP 5.24 then found I had to use 5.22. So I uninstalled 5.24 (unused) and installed ActivePerl- When I ran my perl script from the command line I received an error that perl524.dll was missing. I don't know what is still looking for perl524. This is when I searched the registry and found no dlls were registered. I did find some 'perl' entries that did point to the AP folder.

I also found that I have perl5 in Git and Anaconda on this PC.

Is AP not compatible with these?

Recover perl file from .exe

Hi team,

My harddisk is crashed some days ago and I lost my source code of my application but having the exe which compiled with PerlAPP version 9.2.

Can you give me some help to decompiled it or recover it from *.exe?

Thanks in advance

tcltest::configure -singleproc issue

I use tcltest package to start my automation test and when I specify tcltest::configure in all.tcl as below:
::tcltest::configure -verbose {body skip error pass start}
::tcltest::configure -testdir [file dirname [file normalize [info script]]]/testcase/YKT6000-5G
::tcltest::configure -file china_mobile_test_6.2.1.2_EVP_line.yk
::tcltest::configure -singleproc false
::tcltest::configure -outfile output.txt
::tcltest::configure -errfile error.txt

Windows service using WIN32::DAEMON

I want to run a perl script as a Windows service.


I'm trying to get Perl running on my new computer, but the PPM no longer provide CalendarMonthSimple. Does anyone know where there is a repository I can add in PPM to get it?

which download do I need: activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (x86)|activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (64-bit, x64)

at I get two choices:
download activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (x86)
download activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (64-bit, x64)

I want to continue with the same 32-64-bitness as the current AS-version I'm running.

NOTE: I'll be running PDK 9.5. Does that impact which 32-64-bitness???

Here is version info from my currently running perl version:

* perl -V:ivsize says

* perl -V:archname says

* perl -v says