Windows 7


I am trying to use ppm install PDF::Reuse::Barcode and it gives me an error:
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides PDF::Reuse::Barcode

I am Win7 x 64 - hence did not got the route of nmake.

ppm has always been my choice of installing Perl modules.

Can I use ppm to install it by downloading/unzipping the module on my
local server - any instructions?

Any help is greatly appreciated in installing this module,


HTA - Hyper Text Application Support

I started to develop 1999 all my CMS using ActiveState Perk and
HTA = Hyper Text Application
using MSIE as GUI.

I used until now a Perl version from 1999.

At a newer version, there hat been probelms updating the GUI.

Before I purchased my new notebook, I tested at an other computer my software with Windows 7. It worked

But the other computer had the 32 Bit Edition, my has the 64 Bit edition. Here the old installer does not work, also compatibility modes do not work.

So I just tried the latest Perl 5.12 edition 64 bit version on my new notebook.


Bitwise operators and '>>'

Hello all -

I've been coding in Python for a couple of months now, and I recently ran across the following piece of code (where x is a set or list):

f = lambda x: [[y for j, y in enumerate(x) if (i >> j) & 1] for i in range(2**len(x))]

I was hoping someone could explain to me the following components:

1. 'y for j': after doing some reading, I think I understand the basic principles of * for *, but I still don't think I get exactly what Python is doing.

IO-SOCKET-SSL.ppd unavailable

OS Win7 64-bit

As hard as I try, I am unable to add this package to my ActivePerl setup. I have all the correct repositories set in PPM, and even though the package is listed as existing in those, it never appears in the PPM list. The one io-socket-ssl.ppd file I found told me that 'The PPD does not provide code to install for this platform'. Any help would be sincerely appreciated! KW

MS visual c++ runtime error

We have a program using Python25.dll used to work fine with, but keep getting this 'visual c++ runtime error' randomly after upgrading to

Any ideas?


Starpack application hangs in Windows 7

I'm trying to create a simple starpack of a TCL/Expect script and it is hanging when it gets to the following command:

spawn $TELNET_CMD $rtr_ip

Problem with ssleay32.dll


a customer has upgraded his openssl installation. Before he worked with version of libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll, afterwards he upgraded his version of the DLLs to and the control I've made with PerlCtrl 7.1 doesn't work anymore, throwing the following error.

"LWP will support https URLs if the Crypt: SSLeay module is installed"

I think it's using the wrong version of the DLL...

Any practical solution ? I've browsed the forums but I haven't found the right solution to the problem...

Thanks in advance.


perlapp (pdk 9) + Win32::GUI::HyperLink = carp error

perl 5.12 / pdk 9

installed package Win32::GUI::HyperLink 0.14 with ppm.

after using perlapp -> make executable :

String found where operator expected at C:/Perl/site/lib/Win32/GUI/ line 431, near "Carp::carp "Failed opening ""
(Do you need to predeclare Carp::carp?)
syntax error at C:/Perl/site/lib/Win32/GUI/ line 431, near "Carp::carp "Failed opening ""

line 431 looks like:
Carp::carp "Failed opening ".$self->Url()." ShellExecute($exitval) $^E";

found out, that parentheses will clear the error:

perlapp (pdk 9) + log4perl 1.29 = missing pm

perl 5.12 / pdk 9

installed package log4perl 1.29 with ppm.

made a simple script with log4perl calls inside.

after using perlapp -> make executable :

can't locate

i went to project home of log4perl (

compared both versions 1.29 from log4perl-home and from ppm activestate : the module '' is missing in lib\Log\Log4perl\Config

is the package from activestate (ppm) broken ?

ODBC with MS Access under Windows7

My application reads data from a ODBC source (MS SQL Server) and updates data in a ODBC destination (MS Access). The application is running on that computer where the Access DB resides. Everything went fine with Windows XP.
Now we switched to Windows 7. I successfully created 32bit ODBCs with syswow64\odbcad32.exe.

I installed Perl 5.12.1 for X64. I still can read data from the DB hosted by the SQL server but when I try to open the Access based DBs, I get a message that there is an architecture mismatch.