Windows 7

Upgrading to new version

Hello, I find very annoying when I upgraded to AP 5.16 that all my installed packages were lost. Is there a chance to save the list of existing packages before uninstalling previous perl version, the installing them back after major upgrade?

Syntax check not working.

Sorry for my English.

It does not work check the syntax Komodo IDE and Komodo Edit.
In the setting of all inclusive. Operating system Window 7.
In what may be the problem?

Information from the log file pystderr.log:

[2012-06-19 12:06:20,076] [ERROR] koLintService: Unexpected error while linting
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\ActiveState Komodo Edit 7\lib\mozilla\components\", line 576, in run
results = request.linter.lint(request)
File "", line 3, in lint

start debug opens wrong file

There seems to be a long standing intermittent bug re opening a file for debugging. It has plagued me for years and I just kept hoping that it would be fixed. I believe I did make bug reports in the past.

I am using Komodo IDE 6.1 Occasionally and with no ability to reproduce the context so I know how to avoid it, the following happens which is most annoying.

First Time User

Hello Everyone! This is my first time using this software so I am now confuse that I am not able to test a html file. Please anyone available?

Major Slowdowns - esp. on remote files

Most of my work is on remote files, and I generally have 10-15 files open at any one time.

Komodo often freezes (goes into "not responding" status) or there will be a delay when entering characters - sometimes 2-4 seconds from the time I enter the character to when it shows up.

Memory usage will jump to 90+% on my machine.

Any thoughts on how to fix/counteract?


Trouble trying to use SciViews-K with Komodo Edit v7.0.2.

Hello everyone,

I am attempting to use SciViews-K with Komodo Edit v.7.0.2 so that I can have a GUI for R, but am having difficulty getting the two applications to talk to each other. FYI, I am not a coder or developer, just an academic who is looking for a more feature-rich, user-friendly environment for R. (I am a big fan of the MATLAB GUI, if that says anything.)

My config details are as follows:

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (64-bit)
R: 2.14.0 (64-bit)
Komodo Edit: v7.0.2
SciViews-K: 1.1.3dev (older versions would simply not install)

JavaScript completion issues

[EDIT] I don't think this issue is actually related to the nightly builds after all

I'm not sure when this started but I'm using the nightly since this build:

Komodo IDE, version 7.1.0, build 71423, platform win32-x86. Built on Wed May 16 08:02:03 2012.

Then Komodo updated itself this morning to the latest. Autocompletion on custom classes appeared to stop working, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the old nightly I had, but now this appears to be suffering from the same issue. I've renamed the AppData preferences folder so Komodo creates a new one, but stangely, still nothing.

Design mode

I use for the first time Komodo 7. When I open a webpage I see only the code of the page. How do I switch to the design mode ?

Turning off spell check on Komodo Edit 7


Does anyone know if theres anyway to remove Spell Checking from Komodo Edit 7? Or at least turn it off? It annoys me to see my code underlined red/green all the time.



Completions for jquery not working inside anonymous function

Trying to use komodo to build a jquery ui widget..

I enabled the jquery api reference and in a .html file it works great.. $('#div'). gives me the autocompletes I would expect. I then open my widget.js file and start an anonymous function;

(function($) {

Then I try this. or $. or $('#div').

I would expect to get completions here, but instead I get:

No completions found. (Error determining completions)

Is this a file extension thing? Are anonymous functions or jquery ui widgets just unsupported?