Windows 7

TclX extension problem

I'm using activetcl (latest 8.6) and TclX extension.
When I'm trying to run my tcl program from Komodo it results in:
Tcl bug: unexpected stack trace in "unknown"Tcl bug: unexpected stack trace in "unknown"wrong # args: should be "info functions ?pattern?"

Please advice.

Viewing Perl package variables in debugger

I use the Text::Template module for formatting text and HTML in my Perl programs. Following the guidelines in the T::T documentation, I put my template variables in a separate package:

$Q::recipient = $recipient;
my $text = fill_in_file('formletter.tmpl', PACKAGE => 'Q');

This is fine until I want to view the value of a Q variable, because of course they don't show up as either local or global variables. The only way I can view them is to add a watch for each specific variable. That gets tedious pretty quickly.

warning while building perl application : warn: Can't locate VMS\


I am getting a warning message ( warn: Can't locate VMS\ ) while building our application with PDK 9.2.1 BUILD 29643.It's just a warning and allowing applications to be created. I just wanted to know whether this will impact our executables in any way, so that we can decide whether to give it to our customers or not.

I would also appreciate if i know the reason or any step to fix this warning.
Quick reply is appreciated.

Sanjeev Gattu

Umlauts and accents

I have a file of text that contains umlauts and
accent marks. How can I read and print (display)
these characters in ActivePerl for Windows 7.
I am using version 5.12.2.

If someone can point me to detailed examples
it would be great.


Debut Output tab not working with Python 3

When I first started using Komodo earlier today I had no problems with the watch/locals/globals tab working while debugging. Everything seemed to be working fine but now nothing is showing up in any of the tabs. The only option it lets me choose is to add a variable to the watch list, which is appears to work and then nothing shows up there and it acts like nothing happened.

Missing Project in Search Dialog

I use Komodo Edit, version 7.1.3, build 11027, platform win32-x86.

All of the sudden in the Find Dialog - Drop Down "Search In" Project is missing. Only showing Current Document, Selected Text, Open Files, and Files.

Did I flip a switch to cause this? Can I get it back?

IntelliSens not working

when i create project whith many more files, IntelliSens not working.

i install bitrix start, and create project in the bitrix folder

even standarts methots and vars not show, but when i press ctrl+space word write in editor

Class-Load version confusion

PPM is offering up Class-Load v0.19
PPM offers up Class-Load-XS v0.06 that requires Class-Load v0.20 claims Class-Load v0.20 is available but requires an enterprise account to download.

Komodo commands in python macros?

How should I execute Komodo commands in a python macro please?
Based on the sample code provided, I tried the following:

def doCommand(commandId):
    _observerSvc = components.classes[";1"]\
    _observerSvc.notifyObservers(None, 'command-docommand', commandId);


This runs but nothing seems to happen when I execute the macro.

Is anybody else doing this in python? I've used this Komodo command in JS macros OK.

Web2Py full support

Dear all,

I've been using Komodo IDE 7.1 for a full year, and I find it totally awesome. I really like it. There is only a little but I would say about it, and it was solved I'd say that Komodo is the perfect IDE. It is the support to web2py framework. I mean, autocompletion and so. Would it be posible to see in Komodo 8?

Thanks for hearing users requests. I hope that, at least, you take this into consideration.
Kind regards,