Windows 7

Open Remote Folder - Choosing server results in blank error

Basically I have an SFTP server set up, when I choose it and click refresh I get this error message:

Title: [JavaScript Application]
Error: ''

Literally no idea how to fix this given there isn't an error message.

Any ideas?

Problems with tcllib package tie and file rename in windows

I am having problems using the tcllib package tie in Windows but it is actually a problem with the tcl file commands.

I am using Tcl 8.5.11

If from one tk console I create a tie to an array it saves a file and updates it correctly when array changes ...

(bin) 49 % package require tie
(bin) 50 % array set data {a 2 b 4 c 5.423}
(bin) 51 % ::tie::tie data -save  file "D:/Data/temp/data.dat"

If I then from a second tk console I attempt to access the data from this file it works the first time

(bin) 49 % package require tie

klint onLoad TypeError: this.treebox is null

I usualy use Komodo Edit 7.1 for developing PHP code, but today it show error 'klint onLoad TypeError: this.treebox is null' at startup.
If I press "OK" main windows is showing but it fully disabled(all menu items and buttons do nothing).

I download trial version of Komodo IDE 7.1 and it crash too.

komodo.exe -v

komodo: debug: Komodo information:
komodo: debug: Version: Komodo Edit 7.1.0 (Build 10496) win32-x86
komodo: debug: OS type: Windows 7
komodo: debug: Komodo startup options:
komodo: debug: nFiles: 0
komodo: debug: mutex name: 'komodo-7.1-mutex'

Grails Application Failing to Start


I am experiencing issues running simple Grails application in Stackato VM 2.0.5. The interesting part is that the very same application run without a problem in 1.6.x. The application in question contains only few entities, no substantial business logic and no additional plugins. The underlying database is MySQL. Note that since Grails is technically built on top of Spring, I have also tried the demo hello-spring-mysql application and it works fine.

New language create problems

I create new extension with new function "Komodo Language Extension". Its works great but:

1. Variable Highlighting is not working when I use new language definition

2. How to modify "Hyperlink handler: goto definition", my language is simmilar to assembler.
You can define blocks/labels:

instruction here

and jump to him:


How to add a goto definition to jumping to label after ctrl+click on "NEW_BLOCK".

3. In my language any line must ends with ';' symbol. Can I highlight lines without this symbol ?

I am using Komodo Edit 7.0.2. someone know how to get list of class used in referenced css file for easily working on komodo ?

I want to get list in auto-completion in the list when I am working on html file. Is this possible to get this feature in Komodo Edit 7.0.2

ActivePerl 5.14.2 Build 1402 (64-bit) change installation directory to c:\Program Files\Perl64 on Windows 7 64-bit

Having an issue with the ActivePerl- I am trying to configure the msi to install the files to the 64-bit Program Files folder in Windows 7 64-bit. The msi either installs to Program Files(x86)\Perl64 or C:\Perl64, but not in the 64-bit directory.

Toolbox always on top of sidebar in new window

I like to use the NST plugin docked on the right side of Komodo Edit. When I open a new Komodo window NST is there but the Toolbox always appears on top. It would be nice if Komodo would remember the order of the docked items.

Is this a problem with NST or with Komodo?

PHP Remote Debugging

I have
- Komodo IDE 7 installed
- Windows 7
- PHP 5.4.4 installed (verified with php -v)
- xdebug installed (verified with php -m)
- set up path for php interpreter and php.ini
- I've sucessfully configured for local debugging

But I still can't configure the remote debugging

Is this supposed to work? What else do I need to do?

Komodo IDE and Source Code Control with Git

We recently installed the IDE trial and are trying to set up Source Code Control with Git. We have a Git repository on our Ubuntu Server, and we're trying to coordinate work from serveral programmers. The Help for configuring SCC integration does not mention anything about Git. We've configured a path to git.exe in the prefereces, but checkout is not enabled, nor are any of the source code control icons on the project sidebar. It seems like there should be some sort of commands to connect to the git repository on our server and create a local repository.