Windows 7

Format M_Detail = works but not page breaks

I wrote a script to break a large file into smaller files and output the data to the files as a report. I was expecting page breaks after 60 lines of output in each file, but the heading is output only once at the begining of each file.


format M_Detail =
$line_no, $RecordLocator, $LastName, $BoardingSequence, $SSRs

format M_TOP =
@||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Page: @<
"Ryanair", $%
09May12 17:20 Flight Manifest By: hessdan

Cannot save changes. Permission denied error message.

When I make changes in a file and attempt to save the changes, I get the Komodo Alert message: There was an error attempting to save 'index.shtml': Permission denied.

I have another copy of Komodo 7.0.2 installed on another computer and it saves changes to the same file without any problem.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

stopPropagation no longer working in Komodo 7?

Hello since Komodo 7 stopPropagation doesn't seem to work any more.

Using the following test macro to highlight the issue. If you start typing text that will trigger the autocomplete menu e.g. "fun". This will bring up the autocomplete options menu which will contain "function" at the very least.

Hitting the tab key the autocomplete functionality will be interrupted by the alert, "this was triggered" from the macro functionality. Dismissing the dialog SHOULD result in the autocomplete NOT finishing. However it is my experience with 7.0.n that it does.

Komodo IDE 6 using 1.6 GB RAM and crashing frequently

Komodo IDE 6 is crashing frequently due to memory issues. At the most recent crash it was using 1.6 GB of RAM (out of 4GB on a 32-bit system) - and I saw it flash up to 1.9. I had 5 relatively small files open and 1 project. I was able to work about 2 hours before it crashed. Last week it crashed 4 times in one day.

This has GOT to get fixed.

CGI::Carp fatalsToBrowser doesn't work

I'm working with IIS 7.5 and A/S Perl 5.14.2. I cannot get
use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);
to work. If I have a script error, it tells me the script sent no data.

With my limited experience with IIS and the final points of Perl I've determined that &fatalsToBrowser() in CGI::Carp is never called, despite the fact that the package calls "*CORE::GLOBAL::die = \&CGI::Carp::die;" in a BEGIN block and sets "$main::SIG{__DIE__} =\&CGI::Carp::die" in the "import" sub. (The "die" sub calls sub fatalsToBrowser.)

Enabling Autocomplete for 3rd Party Libraries

Hi everyone,
Apologies if this question has been asked a million times. How can I enable autocompletion for 3rd parties libraries such as numpy and pyodbc?

stackato client version 1.2.2 can't push (stage)

I've been trying with 2 apps. One is mine and another is simple index.php with phpinfo.

Both apps failed to deploy.

I followed the documentation, and the client hangs at "Staging Application".

I tried using komodo edit -> tools -> stackato to deploy and using the command line "stackato push" command with no luck.

Is this a bug or what ?

Geting error for Net::SSH:: Perl

Getting error [Error] (L5: c0): Can't locate Net/SSH/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/site/lib C:/Perl/lib .)

"PyPm install stackato" installs 1.0.1 client version after "pypm sync" ?

"pypm install stackato" installs 1.0.1 client version after "pypm sync" ?

I tried pypy update , pypm upgrade even tried uninstall and install nothing. Everytime it install 1.0.1 and I want 1.2.2 client version. I manually copied the 1.2.2 stackato.exe to dir where 1.0.1 was but in pypm it still says 1.0.1.

Any help ?

Bookmark addon


changed from Komodo Edit to IDE 7 and I'm missing bookmarks for files, especially in the "Find in Files" Tool. I searched for "favorites" and "bookmarks" in the Addons, but I couldn't find anything ...