Windows 7

Exclude scripts from debug engine or other ways to improve TCL debug performance?

I'm debugging a large TCL project, and there are a few procs that take an extremely long time to run, mainly because they are processing very large files. That code is stable, and runs fast in the standard environment, but in the debugger these procs can take 10 minutes to get through.

Is there any way to have a few files be run more quickly at the expense of not being debuggable?

Any other optimization available?

Tom Z

Unable to run perl on windows 7 64-bit machine (DBD::Oracle error)


I tried to run a perl program on windows 7 64-bit machine which is compiled and generated with PDK 8.2.1 32-bit build. It is throwing error as below

"install_driver(Oracle) failed: Can't load 'C:/Perl/lib/auto/DBD/Oracle/Oracle.dl
l' for module DBD::Oracle: load_file:%1 is not a valid Win32 application at C:/P
erl/lib/ line 201.
at (eval 6) line 3
Compilation failed in require at (eval 6) line 3.
Perhaps a required shared library or dll isn't installed where expected
at twconnectsql.perl line 2229"

Komodo Edit opening in extra taskbar button

Hey folks, this is a pretty trivial issue, but it can be annoying when I'm really busy. I'm running Win7 x64 and sporting the latest Komodo Edit v7.1.2.

space in file-path breaks macro

Running Komodo Edit 7.1. Ruby 1.93, I find that if my macro has a filepath with a space in it (permitted in Windows) the macro stops at the space, and says "No such file or directory"

Any solutions?

Missing documentation


I have installed Activeperl 5.16.1 on two PCs. Both run Windows 7 but one is 32bit and the other 64bit. I have installed the correct version of Activeperl on each.

However, the 64bit version is mission a lot of documentation, including the core documentation. The 32bit version seems fine.

This is a nuisence, as I do not always have an internet connection.

Make work around is to copy the 32bit documentation, but it would be nice if the install provided all the documentation.


Catastrophic undo

Hey up.

I get this now and again with Komodo, sometimes worse than others.

If I press CTRL+Z, Komodo will undo multiple changes in one keystroke. Sometimes it might be one or two changes, other times (like tonight) it can be 10s+ of changes; Komodo will hang for a second or two as it processes, and the file will look very different, depending on what I've done.

CTRL+Y will put the all changes back again. You can then toggle between the two states, but not get any states in the middle. The only way I've found round this is to close and reopen the file.

starting to get frustrated with Komodo

Hello Everyone,

i'm a user from Komodo since late 5.x. I buyed Komodo IDE 6 (upgraded to 7) and I'm working everyday with Komodo in PHP Projects and else.

But lately I'm starting to get disappointed by Komodo. It's not that I tried... I'm really trying to root for Komodo, but here are some points which are annoying a few years now:

Unable to authenticate NTLM mail service through script using Mail::Sender

I'm trying to write a script to send email, and I'm using the Mail::Sender package for it. I'm using my company's exchange server to send it, which uses NTLM authentication. I'm not able to login. What am i missing?

Code -

use Mail::Sender;
use Authen::NTLM;

open my $DEBUG, ">file.txt" or die "Can't open the debug file: $!\n";

my $sender = new Mail::Sender{
smtp => '', #disguised
from => '',
to =>'',
subject => 'this is a test',
auth =>'NTLM',
authid => 'user',

Simple recipe to break PPM in ActivePerl 5.16

I'd recently installed ActivePerl 5.16 onto my development box. As a Komodo user who likes the built in perlcritic feature, I immediately opened up PPM to install 'criticism'. Not available. =/

OK, I can work around this:
Install App-cpanminus.
Use cpanm to install criticism.

Upon relaunching ppm, I discovered that it was now using the module versions in the 'perl' section instead of the 'site' section to determine which modules needed updating and the 'settings' dialog was no longer able to be brought up.