Windows 7

How to create,Deploy application using stackato api

I want to deploy application in node.js using stackato api.
when i call the endpoint

I called the request url in rest client

I got error operation not permitted

Pls help me

Update could not be installed - Komodo Edit 7.1.2

Every time I start Komodo Edit I receive an error "The update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Komodo Edit running.. ".

I tried deleting and re-installing. I had ActivePython 3 and 2 and removed version 2. I also change the setting app.update.enabled to false, but the error persists.

How can I resolve this please? I have other editors on my computer but I'm assuming that they wouldn't interfere with Komodo Edit. Andy.

Perl syntax check using Linux VM

With the release of Edit 7 I was hoping I could finally get syntax checking working on my setup - Win7 with ActivePerl 5.12, and all development work done on a Debian6 VM with its linux perl libs mapped to a Windows drive. Problem seems to be conflicts between Windows Perl and the linux Perl libs:

List::Util object version 1.23 does not match bootstrap parameter 1.25 at C:/Perl64/lib/ line 224.
Compilation failed in require at N:/perl5/lib/perl5/i486-linux-gnu-thread-multi/Scalar/ line 11.

Frequently Used Files in Toolbox?

Hello there,

Hope you're all having a fun weekend.
The documentation for 7.1 says:
"Use the Toolbox sidebar to manage and store Komodo components (for example, frequently used files"

I have tried a hundred ways, but not managed to add shortcuts to files (or folders) in the toolbox. Apparently in earlier versions there was something called "Open Shortcuts", but that seems to have disappeared.

wxmsw28u_core_VC_custom.dll is missing

Hi All,

I am getting an error for the perl scripts using Wx into my program.
Here is the error it is being thrown in the console :
wxmsw28u_core_VC_custom.dll is missing.

Could not able to find out how to rectify this? Please help.


Tab key in Komodo 7

Is it possible to unbind the tab key from the "select from auto-complete menu" functionality?

Komodo Edit 7.1.2 won't launch

Got Windows 7 Home 64bit.

Been using since v 6, first upgrade to 7 worked, second v7 upgrade failed to launch. I uninstalled, downloaded 7.1.2 and it won't launch either.

I do NOT have a Pythonpath environment variable at all and trying the batch file fix does not launch it either.

Shows in Task Manager though, just nothing else.

Expect support for Windows 7

I regularly develop standalone utilities to simplify, make more efficient and mitigate the chance for errors during my customer support activities. These utilities make heavy use of the TclDev kit libs and Expect. Its my understanding Expect is not supported on Windows 7 which is becoming more and more restrictive. Are there any plans to support a Windows 7 native Expect lib?

Can't run

I want to debug a python script running on a C++ application which has an embedded/extended Python interpreter (actually the ActiveState python v 2.6.4 for Windows 32 bit).

I add the following to my script:

from dbgp.client import brk
brk(host="OGRI", port=9000)

I have also added the following to my PYTHONPATH:


so it should pick up the module for import. However it does not:

>>> Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in

Win32com / makepy: Accessing COM 'functions'


I am working with ActivePython and it's COM support to automate PowerPoint from Python:

- I generated 'stubs' using the makepy utility.

- Now I need to translate sth like the call into Python:


With ActivePresentation.ColorSchemes

    .Item(1).Colors(ppBackground).RGB = <strong>RGB(255, 0, 0)</strong>

End With


The problem is the call to the RGB-function, which works in VB/VBA, but I have no clue how to call the 'function' from Python.

(complete snippet is at )