Windows 7

Catastrophic undo

Hey up.

I get this now and again with Komodo, sometimes worse than others.

If I press CTRL+Z, Komodo will undo multiple changes in one keystroke. Sometimes it might be one or two changes, other times (like tonight) it can be 10s+ of changes; Komodo will hang for a second or two as it processes, and the file will look very different, depending on what I've done.

CTRL+Y will put the all changes back again. You can then toggle between the two states, but not get any states in the middle. The only way I've found round this is to close and reopen the file.

starting to get frustrated with Komodo

Hello Everyone,

i'm a user from Komodo since late 5.x. I buyed Komodo IDE 6 (upgraded to 7) and I'm working everyday with Komodo in PHP Projects and else.

But lately I'm starting to get disappointed by Komodo. It's not that I tried... I'm really trying to root for Komodo, but here are some points which are annoying a few years now:

Unable to authenticate NTLM mail service through script using Mail::Sender

I'm trying to write a script to send email, and I'm using the Mail::Sender package for it. I'm using my company's exchange server to send it, which uses NTLM authentication. I'm not able to login. What am i missing?

Code -

use Mail::Sender;
use Authen::NTLM;

open my $DEBUG, ">file.txt" or die "Can't open the debug file: $!\n";

my $sender = new Mail::Sender{
smtp => '', #disguised
from => '',
to =>'',
subject => 'this is a test',
auth =>'NTLM',
authid => 'user',

Simple recipe to break PPM in ActivePerl 5.16

I'd recently installed ActivePerl 5.16 onto my development box. As a Komodo user who likes the built in perlcritic feature, I immediately opened up PPM to install 'criticism'. Not available. =/

OK, I can work around this:
Install App-cpanminus.
Use cpanm to install criticism.

Upon relaunching ppm, I discovered that it was now using the module versions in the 'perl' section instead of the 'site' section to determine which modules needed updating and the 'settings' dialog was no longer able to be brought up.

PerlApp, --target & ActivePerl 5.16

Seeing that the new version of PDK was out w/ 5.16 support, I'd downloaded the 64-bit version of each. When I tried to create an executable for a 32-bit user, I was surprised to see that this was no longer an option.

When can we expect to have the '--target' option of PerlApp function w/ ActivePerl 5.16?

Which program (or both) will need to be upgraded when this feature becomes available?

How to configure my own local repository?


I have a collection of python tools internal to my company (reports, test scripts, deploy scripts etc) that i want to deploy via pypm. So i need to configure some local repository so if manager want some custom report, it just executes:

pypm -R http://python.local install cool-custom-report

Browser preview in Komodo Edit

When attempting to preview .php pages in the browser (Firefox 15.0.1), a new tab opens in the browser but instead of the page previewing a file download box opens.

Am new to Komodo so no idea how to correct this.


Colouring of JavaScript Block Comments

I've been using Komodo Edit for Mac for quite a while but have only just installed it on my Windows 7 machine at work (version 7.1.2).

I'm working on JavaScript (Node.js) files and although I don't have my Mac to hand, I'm pretty sure that block comments can be configured under Lanaguage Specific syntax-highlighting such that they are a different color to line comments. I believe that block comments are triggered using the \** pattern.

Here's what I'm currently getting on Windows:

Debugging properties : how?


I'd like to have examples of the use of debugging properties 'Conditional', 'Watch', 'Function return', 'Exception'

What is the syntax ?
I have difficulty to make them work.

Thank you,


PyPM fails to load local .pypm file

Calling pypm -g install "path/to/local.pypm" fails giving an error about json decoding. I traced the error to the BinaryPackage.get_notes() method. description has been hijacked (per a note in SourcePackage) to be json object. But some print statement debugging shows that the BinaryPackage object has a plain text description field.

When installing from a normal repository, the description field is empty, bypassing the problem code.

This is Python 2.7 using pypm version 1.3.4

EDIT: I see this is already captured in bug #89658