Windows 7

Can't install tcom package through teacup

Hi there,
I am a absolute newbee to Tcl.

I'd like to use tcom package of Tcl, as suggested in the following link. The purpose is to use emacs as an editor for Outlook.

However, when running the grabOutlookMessage.tcl function in the above link, there was an error:

can't find package tcom
    while executing
"package require tcom"
    (file "C:\Users\XXXX\Documents\grabOutlookMessage.tcl" line 9)

So, I figure the package tcom is not installed. Then I tried to installed the pakcage using teacup. Below is what I got:

Tk is still missing from AS perl 5.12 ppm for windows


Does anyone have any information on when AS will be putting Tk back into either its install or available from the ppm instruction on windows 7?

I've done searches here, and found 3 items, both are months ago (8/25/10ish) but nothing since. They state there were some bugs still needing to be fixed. Hopefully, I am just missing something and that they are working on getting this resolved, and not just left hanging.

Any help would be appreciated!

ActiveTCL UDP install fails

I've been trying to install ActiveTCL UDP via teacup, but it keeps failing.

I've downloaded and installed the Win32 community version
I'm using Windows 7 64-bit version.
I did have 64-bit active TCL, but it told me I needed a Business license to access the TeaCUP repository, so I changed to the Win32 Community version.

I get one of the 2 following errors.
Any help you can give would be much appreciated.
I would even install the files manually but I don't know how to access the package so I can install it manually.

    1 Failure to find:

PerlApp output from system call

Perl 5.8.8
PerlApp 7.0.0 on Win 7 64
Migrated my install from XP to Win 7.

I've created a script that does a seris of system calls to test the nework.

$dLabel="*** Interface Configuration ***";
$dResult=`ipconfig /all`;
print OUT "$dLabel\n$dResult\n";

If I run this script in the command line mode, all is well. Once compiled using perlapp 7.0.0 any output retrieved from a system command is blank.

I've tried using an array for the results:

@dResults=`ipconfig /all`;
foreach $line (@dResults)
print OUT $line;

Same thing.

Attempting to install Ffidl using teacup

When I use teacup to try to install Ffidl from my local drive I get this error message:
Unable to install. No TEAPOT meta data found in TM archive
"C:/Users/kpmorlax/AppData/Local/Temp/tpmqAZzC06xR4", no
embedded meta data block

This is the command line:
C:\Users\kpmorlax>teacup install C:\Users\kpmorlax\Documents\WCS\TCL\Ffidl0.6\pk

(imagine it's all on one line).

Missing msvcr70.dll

I have been using PDK for quite some time now to compile my wxPerl scripts and I have never had any problems with the x86 editions.

However, once I decided to upgrade to ActivePerl 5.12.2 x64 and PDK 9.0.1 x64 and even though my wxPerl scripts still compile just fine, I started receiving the following annoying error message:

Perltray PopupMenu stops my code from running

When a user right-clicks the system tray icon of my perltray application, the application stops executing my code.

To reproduce:
compile the attached script:
perltray --icon c:\Perl\bin\perl.exe --dependent --force --nogui --exe testevent.exe

- Run the application.
- Wait till the console shows "Heartbeat [sleep 2]" for the first time.
- Right click the system tray icon.

What happens on my system is that "Heartbeat [sleep 3]" is never shown. It is almost 100% reliably reproducible.

strange account problems

everytime I log in, I get message:

Your community site username has been updated to baikis; previously this was set to gatavas

When I try to post a comment, I get:

Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.

I tried to comment here:

Name a new file with stdin

Hi all,

Im a newbie to Tcl and need some help/advice. I’m writing a program that will connect to several Cisco routers run some commands and send the output to a text file.

I want to name the text file with the hostname from the router prompt. In my current script below, the text file is created but there is no name.

I think the problem may be in these 2 lines

gets stdin line
set fh [open $line.txt a+]

My script below

package require Expect

package require Expect

set username cisco
set password cisco
set expect_out(buffer) {}

set IP [open "ip.txt" r]

Problem installing UDP Package

I just upgraded my machine from WinXP to Win7. I then installed ActvieTCL 8.5.9 and attempted to use teacup to install the udp package. However, I get the following error:

Retrieving package udp 1.0.9 win32-x86_64 ...@
... Error:

        This operation needs a business edition license installed to
        succeed. Please visit to learn more about
        the ActiveTcl Business Edition offering.

        Unable to install the full list. Aborting.