Windows 7

running socket over base-tk8.6-thread-win32-ix86.exe

I've downloaded the latest win32 tcl8.6

When running socket over base-tk8.6-thread-win32-ix86.exe:
(mozilla) 1 % socket 23

As oppose to provide an actual Id.

Same installation, using wish86:
(Office14) 1 % socket 23

In addition, running the socket command twice in a row will result with:
TcL RegisterChannel: duplicate Channel names
Which make sense seeing as it will return the same string.

Seems quite clear that the bug is just that the return valuse is "sockId" instead of "$sockId"

is community edition free?

I need Perl to connect to Oracle & extract data in text format.
Would appreciate if you can let me know whether the Perl Community Edition will help. Got to know this is a free version and won't need a liscense. Is that true /

Raj Nair

Help with Shortest Path Algorithm for a huge bus route database

I am building a bus routes map for Chennai. I use Postgis. In our database we have one table having all the routes along with unique ids given for them. Second table comprises of bus stop names with its latitude and longitudes. The third table joins the first and second table based on their ids. We have track records for the routes.

Komodo edit 7.1 broke JSHint syntax validation (javascript)


I use extenively JSHint in Komodo edit while working to assure code quality and fix rapid quirks.

But recently, when I updated from Komodo edit 7 to 7.1, build in JSHint suddently stop working. We had a new developper starting last week, and he installed a fresh version of Komodo edit 7.1, and JSHint wasn't working either, so I guess it's not a problem with local setting of conflict.

Do you have any information/ideas on this ?

can anybody explain what this piece of code does?

this is a part of the code in our perl script. As I am very new to the perl scripting I am not able to understand this code..

 ### ivp specifc patches
  if ( $self->opt_valid("ivp") ) {
        # for iVP another Log file needs to be checked for PASS criteria
    $self->{'simstop_logfiles'} = ["system-build/regi/result/vc7/Ussreg_high_xmm6360_ivp_rel9.log"];
    $self->{'check_logs_glob'}  = "<sim_dir>/system-build/regi/result/vc7/Ussreg_high_xmm6360_ivp_rel9.log";    
    $self->{'sim_stop'}         = ["Verdict $tcName : PASS"];
  } else {

Komodo just quit working on Perl

I bought komodo 7.1 yesterday and was using it to debug an activestate perl ( ActivePerl-

It was working great yesterday, now none of the print output shows in the debug output window. It did last night. All breakpoints are ignored. They worked yesterday. The script stops before finishing with no messages. Again, this all worked yesterday.

The script works properly from the command line but not in Komodo. What the heck? Komodo just turned into a fancy, expensive editor. It is no longer an IDE.


HTML Users Guide not updated with PPM modules, and missing sections

I recently added a new package with PPM, and was looking for the documention. New packages downloaded with the PPM should show up in the ActiveState User Guide, on the left pane contents, but there just seems to be a lot missing, including the new package (Hash::Case). I have only 6 of the 300 packages installed, nothing under Core, 1 pragma, 2 programs.
Can I fix this and get the documentation to the installed packages and core?

As a workaround, can I find the HTML PPM said it was generating somewhere? I've looked at C:/Perl/lib/site but it's not there with the pm.

Disk1 vmdk corrupt in Stacato Microcloud v2,2,1 zip file for VMDK format download?

I cannot unzip the file. I get various different errors depending on which program I try to do the unzip with (Win Zip, 7Zip, Windows7 Explorer) - they all say there is an error with the Stackato-v2.2.1-disk1.vmdk file. I have also tried 3 different downloads and one torrent download and get the same results.

Win Zip gives the error: "The size of the extracted file (4310827008) does not match the uncompressed size (15859712) recorded in the Zip file."

Has anybody had any success unzipping this file?

Raymond Cordoni

cannot get node.js debugging to work

Using 7.1.1 can't get node.js debugging to work in Windows 7.

Have installed node.js. Configured Edit | Preferences | Node.js interpreter path to point to node.exe and Node.js Directories to point to the node_modules directory. When start debugging and Debugging Options dialog box pops up entered "debug" in Interpreter Arguments.

Debug Output window shows:

debug> BS< debugger listening on port 5858
debug> BSconnecting... ok
debug> BSbreak in C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo IDE 7\lib\support\dbgp\nodejslib\bin\node-dbgp:5

Need to read this type and find scores

My input is :

i have to read these two lines at the same time into different array and compare them , in the sense have to match as per the rules given later. the rules for matching is if A=U or U=A means score is 1 and if G=C or C=G then the score is 2 and if G=U or U =G then the score is 0 .