Windows 7

Colouring of JavaScript Block Comments

I've been using Komodo Edit for Mac for quite a while but have only just installed it on my Windows 7 machine at work (version 7.1.2).

I'm working on JavaScript (Node.js) files and although I don't have my Mac to hand, I'm pretty sure that block comments can be configured under Lanaguage Specific syntax-highlighting such that they are a different color to line comments. I believe that block comments are triggered using the \** pattern.

Here's what I'm currently getting on Windows:

Debugging properties : how?


I'd like to have examples of the use of debugging properties 'Conditional', 'Watch', 'Function return', 'Exception'

What is the syntax ?
I have difficulty to make them work.

Thank you,


PyPM fails to load local .pypm file

Calling pypm -g install "path/to/local.pypm" fails giving an error about json decoding. I traced the error to the BinaryPackage.get_notes() method. description has been hijacked (per a note in SourcePackage) to be json object. But some print statement debugging shows that the BinaryPackage object has a plain text description field.

When installing from a normal repository, the description field is empty, bypassing the problem code.

This is Python 2.7 using pypm version 1.3.4

EDIT: I see this is already captured in bug #89658

Node.js and the underscore module...


I use the underscore module ( extensively. Unfortunately, it seems Komodo IDE has an issue with the library as code completion doesn't work.

Is this a known issue and is there a known workaround?


var myUnderscore = require('underscore');
myUnderscore. <--- always get a code completion error in the status area.

Looking at the log seems that Komodo chokes on a 'require' conflict of sorts. I don't see this issue with any of the other modules I use.


Run CMD Shortcuts interfering with Script Output

Komodo Edit, version 7.1.2, build 10678, platform win32-x86.
Built on Fri Aug 17 22:32:42 2012.

I'm building some .bat files in Komodo and testing them and running into an issue with the Run "ShortCuts".

Tools>Run Command

@echo Domain Name = %userdomain%
Insert Output (Checked)
Domain Name = My Domain

Tools>Run Command

@echo Username = %username%
Insert Output (Checked)
Username = administrator

Tools>Run Command

Insert Output (Checked)

Komodo IDE 7.0 'link on automatic parenthesis closing'

Does Komodo IDE have an option similar to PyDev in Eclipse for tabbing out of autocompleted parentheses and quotation marks? I have Komodo set to insert closing quotations and parentheses, but find it annoying to use the arrow keys to move out of them. Is there an option similar to what is found in PyDev below?

'Enable link on automatic parenthesis closing'

if not, I'd probably just turn off the feature and try to manually do it, but I found it handy in PyDev.


Komodo IDE 7.1.2 can't find libraries

IDE 7.1.2 had been working correctly, but as of 25 Sept 2012 was no longer able to find some Perl libraries (DBI, most importantly). See the attached screen cap. I mention the date in case the behavior change might relate to a Microsoft update. I use Microsoft Security Essentials as my antivirus app.

The compilation failure also occurred when I tried to run the script in a console window, when Komodo was not running.

I uninstalled IDE 7 and installed a fresh copy of IDE 6.1.3. Now my scripts compile and run correctly.

Tkx getOpenFile dialog box on Windows 7

Has anyone seen an issue using the getOpenFile dialog box on Windows7 when selecting a file from one of the "Libraries"?

In our program we utilize this dialog for users to select certain .txt files. However, on windows 7, when the dialog opens, if you navigate to the top of the directory tree you'll see a "Libraries" "directory" that you can select. If the user selects a .txt file from one of these "library" directories, the perl interpreter completely stops and crashes.

Installation - Chrome reports Komodo Edit "malicious"

After downloading the Komodo Edit 7.1.2 installer, Chrome blocks the download, saying it is "malicious". A security warning has to be overriden in order to install the software.

I don't know if signing the executable would help, but it would certainly be good practice. Looks like has wound up on some blacklist, anyway.

Komodo Sync not working

Komodo IDE, version 7.1.2, build 73175, platform win32-x86.
Built on Sat Aug 18 00:39:39 2012.

I'm setting up a new computer to replace my current one, and was hoping to use Komodo Sync to, well, sync my Komodo configurations, but it doesn't appear to be working. I'm wondering if there's something I don't "get"...