Windows 7

Tkhtml is not working Wish console becomes unresponsive and crashes


I am trying to develop a HTML based help for my application. I have tried several things (TkHtml, IWidgets-HyperHelp, IWidgets-ScrolledHtml) and they are not working. They are crashing on me.

The latest one I would like to use is Tkhtml and it is crashing on me too.

I am using TCL/TK 8.6

I add Tkhtml using teacup as shown at the bottom and try to run the following script and the wish console becomes unresponsive and then it crashes.
package require Tkhtml 3.0
html .html
.html parse { Hello, World! }
pack .html

Komodo Edit won't update :: 'XML File Malformed'

Komodo Edit won't update :: 'Update XML file malformed (200)'

« build info
Komodo Edit, version 7.1.2, build 10678, platform win32-x86. Built on Fri Aug 17 22:32:42 2012.

KE should update to 7.1.3 but will not. Tried to view the update xml file, but had a certificate error caused by corporate security settings. Fixed this, cleared Komodo cache, viewed https update xml file in Komodo tab, all good.

Recent Left Pane Missing even with tool bar

been using komodo for years. love it!
just the other day i lost the left pane, even though the toolbar icon is activated. The only thing i did recently, was remove some plugins to speed up the loading time (komodo's only downfall vs notepad++ imo) - after than all i have is a grey "panel". the left "panel" comes and goes with the click of the left pane toolbar button.
did one of those plugins control that?
if not, how can i get the left pane to show my folders and files again.
Not important, but made things easier - especially when working with projects.


how to use Ansys static run without terminate the analysis

Hi, I am working on a static simulation of seismic structure and i need some help here.
Now, My method is apply a displacement then run it then wait 10-50 min, depends on no. of substep, and when its done i have to apply new displacment and run again with a different substep, of cause i have to do this 60 step. So, Does anybody knows how to instruct ANSYS to change the no. of substep and displacement without terminate the analysis or Does anybody know the other method?
Please reply the forum. Thank you so much !!

Displaying object contents in debugger


I'm using Komodo version 7.1.3, build 74661 on windows 7, and am, overall, quite happy with the product.

In my Perl code I have objects (blessed scalars) that I would like to view in the debug locals panel of the debugger.

# create my object in new()
my $value = "some string";
my $obj = bless \$value => $class;

Is there a method that I can define in my object that the debugger will recognize to display values in that panel? Any other short-cuts for seeing those values in the debugger?

Is SSL enabled in DBD-mysql 4.021 downloaded from ppm?

I hope someone can give med an answer as I am getting very frustrated reading all treads and articles I can find on the net concerning problems with SSL and MySQL. I have no problem with SSL when it is used between the master and slave servers, but when I try to connect the master from a perl script (from the same machine as the slave) with SSL the connection is just denied withour any fault messages. I have no problem connecting as long as SSL is not required.

Breakpoints not working when debugging Zend Framework

I am trying to use Komodo IDE 7 to debug a Zend Framework (PHP) project. The project is being served by Apache on a Ubuntu Server and I am using Komodo on Windows 7 on the same LAN. The files are on a mapped drive corresponding to the root folder of the web project.

ActiveTcl Windows Installation not allowing "all users" install

Windows 7 Install of ActiveTicl 64-bit not allowing all users
komodingo | Fri, 2012-11-16 05:08
I am installing the lastest Windows version of ActiveTcl 64-bit. I get to a dialog box that asks me to "Please specify installation directory and mode.

Installation mode

( ) Install for current user only

( ) Install for all users (requires Administrative privileges)

I have admin privileges for my user ID so I don't understand why it isn't allowing the 2nd option to be selected.

No Output When Running Perl Scripts

I have used Active State Perl for a few years on other machines (XP, Vista), but am unable to get Perl to install correctly on my new Windows 7 64 bit machine. When I run a Perl script that outputs to the screen, I see no output. The output screen is blank (no errors appear).

Embarrassingly even a simple "Hello" program won't run.

I'd appreciate any help.


operators for financial models

I am just very beginner with Active Python 2.7. I am very interesting to produce financial models by using Python. But I need some reference and resource for creating the projects. Anyone can support or give me the direction to learn?