Windows 7

ActiveTcl Windows Installation not allowing "all users" install

Windows 7 Install of ActiveTicl 64-bit not allowing all users
komodingo | Fri, 2012-11-16 05:08
I am installing the lastest Windows version of ActiveTcl 64-bit. I get to a dialog box that asks me to "Please specify installation directory and mode.

Installation mode

( ) Install for current user only

( ) Install for all users (requires Administrative privileges)

I have admin privileges for my user ID so I don't understand why it isn't allowing the 2nd option to be selected.

No Output When Running Perl Scripts

I have used Active State Perl for a few years on other machines (XP, Vista), but am unable to get Perl to install correctly on my new Windows 7 64 bit machine. When I run a Perl script that outputs to the screen, I see no output. The output screen is blank (no errors appear).

Embarrassingly even a simple "Hello" program won't run.

I'd appreciate any help.


operators for financial models

I am just very beginner with Active Python 2.7. I am very interesting to produce financial models by using Python. But I need some reference and resource for creating the projects. Anyone can support or give me the direction to learn?

Autocomple HTML with AngularJS Attributes

AngularJS defines a whole library of additional tags (ng-model, ng-show, ng-repeat etc.)

I want Komodo to prompt these when I type:

custom dialog in macro

I want to have custom dialog in macro.
Is it possible to write my own dialog xul file and use it for custom dialog creation?
If yes where should I save my xul file and how to reference to it in macro?

I assume I can show custom dialog using method like this:


Is it possible to somehow see the default komodo xul files just to "learn" from them? For example "okCancel.xul"?

tbcload -is redirect error using tclapp.exe on Windows 7

I have a bunch of Windows .bat scripts that I use to build tclapps and they have been working fine for a while. I'm positive I did not change any of the build scripts at all but they are no longer working and I get the following error. Note the entire command line is not included below.

Again, this has been working for at least a year now.. This is using TCL Dev Kit 5.2


Al Silverstein

tclapp.exe -compile -compilefor 8.5 -interpreter ./my_tkbase.exe -out myprogram.ngl ......

error package 'tbcload -is redirect' is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

PHP Unable to load dynamic libraries


I have Komodo 6 IDE installed and really enjoy the product.
I have been using komodo IDE to do some basic web development (php, javascript, css).
I closed the IDE after I was done earlier this morning. But later, when I tried to go back and start up the Komodo IDE, a bunch of alert windows pop up saying
that "it was unable to load the php dynamic library files" or something like that

And I have no idea what that error even means. I checked the files and they are
all in the php folders but the IDE just can't seem to find them.
Please help

fold / collapse all / expand all - Hotkey - Shortcut

Hi there,

I love editing with Komodo! It's such a beautiful clear tool!

There is just one thing I couldn't figure out so far, which is the hotkeys for folding scripts.

Before Komodo I used Notepad++ and there I could use ALT+0 to collapse all and expand all scripts, which was very nice.

Could someone please help me out on this one!

You'd realy improve my life! :D


TCLSH application has stopped working error observed when run telnet in windows 7 machine

I am observing error as "tclsh application has stopped working" in windows 7 machine when i execute telnet with expect. However it is working in windows XP machine.

It says "Tclsh Application has stopped working - Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..." After few seconds "Tclsh Application has stopped working - A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available".

Can anyone help me on this issue.

proc telnetAccess {IP Port} {
puts "\nConnecting to Com Port :$IP $Port"

Exclude scripts from debug engine or other ways to improve TCL debug performance?

I'm debugging a large TCL project, and there are a few procs that take an extremely long time to run, mainly because they are processing very large files. That code is stable, and runs fast in the standard environment, but in the debugger these procs can take 10 minutes to get through.

Is there any way to have a few files be run more quickly at the expense of not being debuggable?

Any other optimization available?

Tom Z