Windows 7

Need to read this type and find scores

My input is :

i have to read these two lines at the same time into different array and compare them , in the sense have to match as per the rules given later. the rules for matching is if A=U or U=A means score is 1 and if G=C or C=G then the score is 2 and if G=U or U =G then the score is 0 .

Getting Started

I am new to HTML. I have a website and need to insert adsense code. I downloaded Komodo HTML editor. Now for the life of me, I can't get the website and the editor on the same page, so I can insert the code. HELP!!!

New Komodo Will No Longer Open in Windows 7

I just rebuilt my Windows 7 x64 machine this week. One of the first things I installed was my licensed copy of Komodo IDE. It worked fine, but since the update to 7.1.1, it no longer opens. I checked the error log and there wasn't anything in there. I tried hiding the user data folder; starting Komodo after that rebuilt the main directory, but there's nothing in it except a folder named XRE and a file named startup-env.tmp. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still no joy. What do I try next?

cd DOS command returns blank when "Hide console" option activated in PerlApp

I have a problem with PerlApp 9.1.1: cd DOS command (called with `cd`) returns blank when "Hide console" option activated in PerlApp. I get the right address when the option is disabled.
Thanks for your help.

Canno't setup GTK2 module

Hello every body

I am using Perl ActiveSate under Win7. So, I would like setup GTK2 module with ppm gui.

But I haven't this module in the lits of all modules.

Do you have some idea. What is the best repository to downlaod this Perl Module

Thank in advance

BUG - Added Custom Colors are lost on system restart.

Title says it all.

Added a number of Custom Colors yesterday so I could test out some new schemes. Started computer today, and all custom colors are gone.

How to set Perl Include Path for Syntax checking

For the background syntax checking to work, Perl needs to find all the included modules. However, Perl finds only the default modules installed with Perls. How can I configure Kodomo, so that it passes to Perl the libs belonging to my projects?

Strange warning about line ending

I have created a project on top of a bunch of existing (Perl-) files. They have all LF as line endings, and my settings are also LF for new files.

For one of my files in the project, I get the warning in line 1

This line does not end with the expected EOL: CRLF

Now I wonder why I get the warning for especially this file, i.e. why Komodo is expecting CRLF as line ending here. Any ideas?

Komodo Edit 7.1 problem with console input

Is the following a bug in the Komodo Edit Command Output?

I am using Komodo Edit 7.1 under Windows 7 and my file properties point to Python3.2.exe

The code is

x = input('first prompt ')
y = input('second prompt ')

When I run the file using command %(python) "%F" the first input works fine but the second input includes the prompt string in the return value. Sample interaction:

first prompt xyz
second prompt abc
second prompt abc

If it is a bug, is there any workaround?

Very grateful for any advice.


Breakpoint not working in 'master' Python file OTRS: 020317340

I just installed 7.1 and am learning Python 3.2 (ActiveState). I created a file called, and this is the contents.

from InitialConfig import *

def main():
aiLog("This is a test.")
aiLog("And another test.")
x = 5
aiLog("Look out!! Another test.")
except Exception as tryError:
aiLog('EXCEPTION', tryError)


The file '' is my library file, and the procedure 'aiLog' is defined in it. When I run the three log messages are written to standard out.