Windows 7

Running a remote Perl Script from ASP.NET?

Appollogies if this question has been asked before, but we have a need to execute a remote Perl script on either a Unix or Windows system from ASP.NET running on Windows Server. What's the best way to do this? Would using the ActiveSockets library from ASP.NET to issue SSH commands be the best approach? (Also, would ASP.NET allow this?)


Feature Request: SplashScreen

When i use PerlApp to generate executables from big projects, the time to start (first time) the app is very long.
The user often thinking he had not clicked right and so he starts the app twice.

Is there a way to show a splashscreen for the time that the executable needs to expand the interpreter to the temp directory?

How can I use "DriveInfo::DrivesInUse" now ?

I'm new to this community and not sure if I'm giving enough info.

I always used my script to copy photos from media to my computer.
In the script, there's "DriveInfo::DrivesInUse" statement, which doesn't work anymore after I changed to Windows7 and Activeperl64bit.

I saw
and now understand DriveInfo module is not supported.

Is there any alternatives ?

wperl versus perl on windows 7 64 bit

I have two perl utilities that I wrote that worked fine under Windows XP. I am having issues, however, under windows 7 64 bit. I am able to work around the issues, but I am not 100% satisfied with that workaround. Here is the issue:

1) First of all, I had to remain with 32 bit perl because the 64 bit version did not have all of the packages I use - most notably Win32::GUI.

Missing the embedded Tk.pcx file


We have custom code within Tk 8.4 to add another option "-retpat" for the standard tk procedure tk_getOpenFile. When the codes are checked with TclDevKit checker, the option "-retpat" is reported as an error

(badSwitch) invalid switch: "-retpat"
-retpat 1 \

We don't want to see this reported as errors since they are correct.

Can't reopen 'xxx.exe' for write: Permission denied at

Hi. I am testing out PDK and trying to create an executable
I ran the perlapp from the
C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Dev Kit 9.0.1\bin

However I got the error

Can't reopen 'stwv_gui.exe' for write: Permission denied at /Win32/ line 413.

Does anyone know what I can do?

Perltray - popupmenu labels icons


I'm using the example to create a tray application but my problem how can i put icons in the popupmenu labels?

I tried this way but it doesnt work

push @menu,[" $_->{title} - $_->{topic}", "Icon2", "Execute('$_->{url}')"];

push @menu,[" $_->{title} - $_->{topic}", "SetIcon(Icon2)", "Execute('$_->{url}')"];

Can anyone help with that?


Using help in interactive window of PythonWin

I've installed CE, and issued hh -decompile . ActivePython25.chm command in Doc folder of my Python install path. Now help('print') works in interactive shell (cmd.exe based), but still fails in the interactive window of PythonWin. What do I have to set so that it works in there too?

Perl 5.12.2 Mime-Lite package

When using PPM I can not find the MIME-Lite module. Why is it not downloadable via PPM from the ActiveState repository?

i can‘t input Chinese character in perl/tkx entry

The entry coulud display character,but when i input character in it ,the perl command line interpreter will break down,what i should do to solve the problem?