Windows 7

How to compile a program which uses %INC

I created and compiled the following test script with PerlApp. It extracts the directory pathname of the "Win32/" module file and opens the file under the same directory. The script works fine, but its executable fails with "Invalid argument" error because the module file can not be found.

How can I use PerlApp to compile a program which uses the %INC hash to access other module files? Did I do anything wrong? Do I need any options for PerlApp to make the executable work correctly?

use strict;
use Win32::Event;

HEX to ASCII conversion error

I am currently using the pack() function to convert from hex to ascii. I have found that the pack conversion does not work properly for values of hex from 0-F, but works great for values of hex from 10-FF.

Essentially when I try to convert from 0x01 to ascii, it gives me the character conversion for 0x10.

hex Actually converts
01 10
02 10
03 10
. .
. .
A A0
B B0
C C0
D D0

Please see the simple code example bellow. It will print the hex value and the converted ascii value to your terminal window so you can see for yourself.

Missing dependent -- winapiex.dll

Does anyone have an idea where I might find this missing library. I am using (begrudgingly and without option) Tcl 8.1 to load a dll that will open and retrieve data from MS Access. Dependency Walker shows it as a missing dependent library.

Many Thanks!!

SSL issue in 2.5.5

I have installed (because Google AppEngine requires that version of Python) on a Windows 7 machine. During code upload using, I get the following warning:

WARNING ssl module not found.
Without the ssl module, the identity of the remote host cannot be verified, and
connections may NOT be secure. To fix this, please install the ssl module from .

However ActivePython release notes says ssl support exists in this version.
What could be the problem?

Error in generation

I filed to fix generation. Can someone comment about it?

-Karthik - Improve timeout when remote end is busy or not available for windows


I filed but there was no response about the suggested patch. Can someone comment if this is a right way to file bug? Also please comment about the patch.


missing perl module

The standard Net::Config module has an entry "use Mac::InternetConfig" for which there is no corresponding mopdule and I can't find the appropriate module through the PPM. Can someone assist it getting this done?

Perl 5.12 + PDK 9.0.1 + Win32-TieRegistry + Windows 7 stopped working?

I have had a script running in ActivePerl 5.8 + PDK 6.0 and windows 7 fine for quite some time although PDK causes issues running on windows 7. So I downloaded the latest release (Active Perl 5.12 and PDK 9.0.1) but found that it had broken the code.

I use this to determine the version of windows that script is running on but it no longer reads values?

Simple code Snippet

use Win32::TieRegistry(Delimiter => '/'); print
$Registry->{"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion//CurrentVersion"};

Under XP I get value 5.1

Perl, Postgres & Windows

I am a C# developer (never used PERL) tasked with porting an ancient Postgres PERL/CGI website to C# & SQL Server. I have installed Postgresql 9.0 and Komodo 6.0.3. I need to find the Pg module to connect the existing PERL scripts to the Postgres database, but I don't know where to find the right version, or even what goes together with what. I feel like a total newbie. Have at me.

Python tutorial issue

Hi, I am working through the python tutorial and got the problem which is shown in the file attachment. What's wrong? carolus