Windows 7

I have installed ActivePerl 5.16.3. I have also done a install XML::DOM in cpan shell as follows:
cpan> install XML::DOM
Still when I use XML::DOM in a module, I get the following error:
C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\ROUGE-1.5.5 (1)\RELEASE-1.5.5>
Can't locate XML/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl64/site/lib C:/Perl64/lib
.) at C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\ROUGE-1.5.5 (1)\RELEASE-1.5.5\ line
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Users\Dell\Downloads\ROUGE-1.5.5 (1)\REL
EASE-1.5.5\ line 173.

PPMX download requires a Business Version authentication of some sort..?

windows 7
perl v5.16.3

I need Spreadsheet::Read / WriteExcel. Was able to PPM install these onto my laptop. However, my current contract finds me behind the Great Wall. Thought I might try PPMX approach but I'm asked for a Business Version login when trying to download the PPMX file for Spreadsheet:: modules. I don't believe I have one of those..

Just wondering what the logic is.. available thru PPM but not the PPMX approach..

Any work-arounds ?

Thanks much in advance..

Error / bug -- Unable to install packages

I'm using Active Perl and the Perl Package Manager for a project for a grad student. I am using ActivePerk 5.16.2 Build 1602. I'm on Windows 7

I'm trying to install 2 packages, but the "Mark for Install" button is grey-ed out and I can't click (similarly, if I search for the package name and right click it, I see the option to Install it but it is also grey-ed out). The packages I would like to install are for 2.30 and 1.13

Every time I load PPM, I get this window:

Community License Terms

In the context of a code quality reporting toolkit and the recent change in community licensing term for Active Perl, there are few questions that we are faced with:
1. Does the use of Active Perl during the development of an internal quality reporting toolkit still qualify under community licensing?
2. Can the project teams using the toolkit still use community license to use the Active Perl on their internal build machines in order to use the toolkit?
3. What are the approximate pricing for the Enterprise License (~100 installs) and OEM License.

cannot find xml package in ActiveState Tcl 8.6

Hello everybody,

The documentation of ActiveTcl has a section for TclXML, but the package is not part of the community distribution. Would someone know where I can find the package? I found a description of how to build it from the sources, but I'd prefer a pre-built binary if one is available.

Thanks in advance.

Installation question about the location of modules installed using ppm

Good morning.

I am fairly new to using Perl and so if my question is something I should know I ask for your patience.

I have installed Perl 5 using the install process that installs the Padre ide. A directory was created - Dwimperl.

When I use ppm to install a module i.e. Spreadsheet::Read for example, I can't find the install anywhere. Where does PPM install modules that are downloaded?

Thank you for any help or direction. I did search for an answer but was unable to find one.


ActivePerl 5.18 and packages LibXML and Log4Perl, when will these be available?

I have ActivePerl 5.18 installed (Win7 64bit) but the packages LibXML and Log4Perl are not listed as available in the PPM GUI. When can we expect these to be available?

autobundle feature


I've got a new pc and want to update my installation.
Also I switched from WinXP to Win 7. Therefore, all the binary packets have to upgrade.
What is the best way to upgrade and to keep hold of all my modules.
In CPAN there is the autobundle feature.


Installing PAR-Packer-1.017


I am trying to install the PAR-Packer module. It wasn't found in the repository, so I grabbed it from CPAN. I followed some instructions here ( question if they're good instructions.

After installing all the dependencies, I try a dmake and get the following errors:

Set up gcc environment - gcc.exe (rubenvb-4.5.4) 4.5.4
C:\MinGW\bin\g++.exe main.o ppresource.coff -s -L"C:\Perl64\lib\CORE" C:\Perl

how do uninstall a ActivePerl license from the wrong machine?

this question has been resolved via a support ticket.