Windows 7


I have installed Perl5.24 version in my windows 64 bit machine. My code base is having MSSQL:sqllib module, can someone help me to install or get these library file.


Can't install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple in ActivePerl- using PPM

Hi, all,

I want to be able to read an Excel spreadsheet with ActivePerl. I tried to install Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-Simple using PPM, and I get the following message:

Updating files in site area ... failed
Installing 32 packages failed

ERROR: File conflict for 'C:/Perl64/html/site/lib/Spreadsheet/Reader/README.html'.
The package Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML has already installed a file that package Spreadsheet-Reader-Format
wants to install.

I also tried installing Spreadsheet-Reader-ExcelXML with the same results. Please advise how I can make this installation.

PPM ERROR ppm install failed: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed:

I just installed ActivePerl- on Windows 7 as administrator.
Hidden files are enabled for viewing.

I need MIME-Lite and am trying to install the module using PPM.

Command 'ppm install MIME-Lite' reports error as follows:

C:\Perl64>ppm install MIME-Lite
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository dbimage...done
ppm install failed: DBD::SQLite::db selectrow_array failed: file is encrypted or
is not a database

Net::SSH::Perl and the @INC path


Been out of Perl for a little while now, change of job so I need to pick it back up. I have a few old Net::Telnet scripts that I'm converting over to SSH and need the Net::SSH::Perl module.

I can't get it through PPM but I can through CPAN, so using the built in cpan script I upgrade CPAN and pull down all the dependencies for Net::SSH::Perl and the CPAN module itself.

The problem I am seeing is one of PATH for the Include function - @INC is aligned with PPM installs and the cpan module now installs to a totally different PATH that is not multi module aware.

recent posts do not show up

I posted a new comment to my topic on 12-15 and again on 12-17. Neither post shows up when I look at the topic. If the posts were blocked as "abusive", please let me know what I need to do to conform to the forum rules.

snmptools issue

When executing:
> snmp session lo -v1 -t0.1 -c public
> set ret [lo get sysDescr.0]
> lo close
Get Output:
SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: SG300-10PP 10-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch

I can repeat this as many I want it is always correct. Read next why i am stating this

When I source:
proc Go {} {
snmp session lo -v1 -t0.1 -c public
set ret [lo get sysDescr.0]
lo close
return $ret

and execute:
> Go
SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr.0 = STRING: SG300-10PP 10-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch

So far all is fine (you think...)

CLI 2.03 on Perl 5.22

Hello there!
I am facing problem for accessing my serial port device from Control::CLI( ver 2.03) on Perl 5.22. Issue is connection gets established but I can't write on the port.

The same code was working well with Control::CLI( ver 1.03) on Perl 5.14

For both Perl versions, OS used was Windows-7.



Why do I get Python 2.7 installed along with Python 3.4

I installed ActiveState python 3.4, When do I see Python 2.7 also getting installed? Does Python 3.4 has any dependency on 2.7?

PDK applications are aborted when 5.24 ActivePerl is used

Using ActivePerl 5.24.0 Build 2400 (64-bit)
& PDK 9.5.1 (64bit) on Win 7 64-bit.

when I try to launch perlapp, it will say "C:\Program Files\ActiveState Perl Deve Kit 9.5.1\bin\perlapp.exe is not recognized as a PDK tool" as attached picture

Any help is much appreciated.

"pai.exe" aborted

Dear All,

Using PDK 6.0

I just installed a working version of active perl (ActivePerl 5.22.2 Build 2202) on the windows 7 system, but I have faced an attached error when triggered applications.

Any help is much appreciated.