Windows 7

Hotkey for "Jump To Next Result" missing in v7 and v8

I first tested KomodoEdit v4 and missed this vital function there (see topic as of 2008-10-12):
"It should be possible to jump to next and previous finding (after "Find in Files") or next error or warning (after calling external tools like compilers) with hot keys (e.g. like F4 in MS Visual Studio 6 or F12 in NetBeans). But I only see the buttons for this function ("Jump To Next Result", "Jump To Previous Result") and found no option to assign this to hot keys."

KomodoEdit v6 then supported the function via Ctrl+Shift+F3, but in v7 and v8 it's missing again :(.

How to make portable the Wrap/InputPrefix line of tpj files

I would like to have portable tpj files. Portable means between different computers with different installation paths for the TDK. The tclapp -gui always inserts absolut path names for the prefix. Google shows me something like
Wrap/InputPrefix {@installdir@/bin/base-expect-@arch@@exeext@}
However, this does not work for me. From the log I would say that tclapp does not resolve the placeholders. Is there any way to use placeholders in tpj files?

Komodo Edit 8.5.3 will not open files from Edit with Komodo prompt, and does not remember files any more

Has been happening sporadically for a while for me. Launching as administrator sometimes fixes the problem of it not remembering the files.

The trace below is from launching a file through the windows explorer shell integration "Edit with Komodo Edit" function. I have also tried to run the command from the command prompt:

C:\Users\me>"C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo Edit 8\komodo.exe" "c:\test.txt" %*

Trace below.

[2013-11-26 11:20:51,775] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete

Tcl(tcom) - How to create a hyperlink to a word document


I'm new to this forum.
I'm using tcl(tcom) to create a Word.Application, and write some text in the word document.
Does anybody know how to use tcom to write a hyperlink to the word document?
Please help me.


Win7 won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV

I installed AS perl on my new Win7 machine, but it won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV.

I suspect it's a registry problem in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, but my changes haven't fixed it.

Does anyone know the line to change, and what to put there?

What are projects and panes

I understand that a project is used to hold more than one file and that a pane will display a file from a project. My problem though is understanding exactly what I can use a project for?. Is a project another way of saying "Website" that hold many pages inside them. Or does it mean that it holds files from multiple sites. I am sorry but I am at a total loss in understanding the purposes and the effective use of these features. I am familier with Dreamweaver. Also, can you publish a whole project if it is a whole website?

[PerlApp] Thread error while running compiled Slic3r

I'm trying to compile Slic3r on Windows.

This is a Perl based tool and it works for me from sources (using perl command. But I need *.exe to run on another computer (without Perl installed) that's why I need to compile it.

I have attached error screen shot. I have this error while trying to Add file for processing (you can download it here

Please give me a hint what should I do to fix this error.

bit bucket

I've never used bit bucket with komodo edit before. I have git shell installed but I'm can't figure out how to set up komodo edit to use bit bucket. Is there a guide somewhere? Thanks in advice for helping.

libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll missing


I run DWIM Perl 5.14.2 on Windows 7 / 32 bits.
I build an executable with PerlApp 9.2.1.

The executable runs fine on some computers (where perl appears to be installed, sometimes older versions).

On some other computers I get the error "libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll missing" followed by "Can't locate perl6514.dll...". On these same computers executables built with PerlApp 9.1.1 and perl 5.12 work fine.

Thank you for your help.


Komodo edit 8.5.2 switch tabs and loading files slow (win7)

I enjoy komodo before so I upgraded and was working. Opened another file took a couple seconds. I was fine with that. As I went to click the other tab it hung for a few seconds. There are times when I click another tab the the whole program will hang. I searched the site and found people that are using iOS were having issue with it.