Windows 7

tcl 8.5 - Detecting windows file system links

I have a need to detect sybolic links, hard links and directory joins on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 environments. I would prefer to do this via TCL.

I have run tests using %file stat and %file lstat and I wanted to verify the correct way to detect a link in windows.

Has anybody played with this much and have insight into the best way?

My best guess is the following:

isFile isDir stat.type stat.type nlink _is_windows_symlink_

tcl 8.5 - Tcl_stat - Documentation issue

I noticed that in the documentation it may have an error relating to Windows 7, 2008R2 etc where symbolic links , hard links and directory joins are supported through the mklink command.

The issue I see is in the documentation for TclLib here:

Under Tcl_StatThe docs states the following: "nlink (always 1 on Windows)"

I have run tests on windows 7 and this appears to be incorrect when there are symbolic links.

Remove projects from Recent Projects menu

My projects are normally in network drives and they have two paths: UNC path ("\\server\share\foo") or driver letter ("D:\Projects\foo"). I prefer the latter but sometimes I'm not careful and they get listed twice in the "Project/ Recent Projects" menu. How can I remove the unwanted entries?

I click on "Manage the Most Recent Project Lists" and get a dialogue. I highlight the project I want to remove and click "OK" but nothing changes. Log shows this:

[2013-07-18 11:45:03,710] [WARNING] ko.mru: MRU_add: warning: no entry: prefName='mruProjectList', entry='undefined'

How to keep customizations when upgrading

When upgrading to a new version of Komodo, is there a straightforward way to transfer non-default settings and customizations you've set up (I have a bunch of snippets, some customizations of how brackets are highlighted, etc.) on the older version?

Komodo Edit 8.0 - File has code, but showing up blank

Hello everyone,

I'm having a strange problem and I'm hoping someone here has an answer, as my current googling is finding nothing.

I am attempting to open up a javascript file, but every time I do, it shows up blank. There are roughly 3800 lines of code, and all of the lines are shown (including word wrapping characters), but nothing is actually showing on the screen.

I can open other javascript files, php files, etc, but there are two in particular that are giving me this issue.

Attached is a screen shot of what my editor looks like.

Komodo 6.1 periodically and temporarily hangs

Hi. My Komodo has recently developed a very annoying habit of temporarily hanging for 10-15 sec every minute or so. It always comes back so it's not a crash. I suspect it has something to do with writing a temporary/backup file. How to fix?


Ok, so I just got a new copy of IDE 8.5 and new license and yummy yummy, right!? My free Edit version's intellisense has, and still works phenomenally better. I followed instructions found here on removing the "codeintell" dir and letting Komodo rebuild, and intellisense is still not working right! I don't know if it helps anyone, or if there is someone who works with the libraries that can make sense of it, but I have the log file here that shows where it was just rebuilt and where it almost immediately starts throwing errors on a simple php page i was working on.

See attached:

StarPack auto_path seems wrong in threads (Can't find packages inside the StarPack) - using TclApp


I am creating a StarPack for an application that uses several packages. The application creates several threads as it runs. When the threads tries to use one of the packages it can not find them. I use the VFS Explorer and I see the packages included in the Starpack.
Under $starkit::topdir/lib I can see directories for my custom TCL packages and other sub directories. Something as shown below.


how to import a win32 dll in 64 bit perl script

I have a win32 dll written in C.
I am calling the exported subroutine of the dll from a perl script like this :

my $func = Win32::API->new( 'my.dll', 'func', 'PPPII', 'P', '_cdecl' );
$return = $func->Call( $param1, $param2,$param3,$param4,$param5);

When I am running the same in active perl 5.14 x86, its working fine.

The same script when called from active perl 5.16 x64version , its throwing error:

Win32::API::new: Loading library 'cmapl_api.dll'
FAILED Loading library 'cmapl_api.dll': %1 is not a valid Win32 application.