Windows 7

Komodo Edit 8.5 Nightly Autosuggest position wrong

Hello Komodo Developer,
I just want to make a report.
I am using nightly version of Komodo Edit (8.5) now (for trial only).
I think the autosuggestion positions is wrong. It always appear in the same XY position. It usually opened at dynamic position (right-bottom of my mouse pointer).
Am I correct to post to this forum or is there another way to send a feedback?

sorry for my bad English.


Win32-GUI on Windows 7 (64 bit)

Some of my scripts use Win32-GUI, which doesn't seem to be available on my platform (Windows 7, 64 bit). So I have the following questions:

a) Where would I get a working copy version of Win32-GUI for Windows 7 (64 bit)?
b) Are there alternatives available for Win32-GUI (I mostly use window management functions)?

Any help appreciated.

p.s. I'd prefer NOT to set up another compilation environment on my machine.

Login with stackato 3 beta does not work

after starting the stackato 3 VM on VMplayer and trying to login via web interface, I only get back
{"code":10000,"description":"Unknown request"}

The username and password is correct. Any ideas?


Unable to install datatime module with pypm

I'm trying to install the datetime module using pypm. When I attempt to do so I get the following error:

error: Can't install datetime-4.0: requires Business Edition subscription

I'm using the Community Edition v2.7.5. Is the Community Edition so crippled there is no datetime module or am I doing something wrong?


how to suppress exp_spawn translating first " to \ ?

I am using tcl8.5 on windows 7. I need to use spawn with openssh. The username has double-quotes (e.g. abc"). I can use openssh to login the remote device with this account when I am using it in a command window:

D:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin>ssh -labc"\""
abc"@'s password:

(the correct user name is displayed by openssh)

However, when I use spawn ssh with the same syntax in a script, the " is translated to \
When I enter the correct password, access is denied.

exp_spawn "$sshClient" "" -labc\"\\\"\"

Net::LDAP in 64-bit env Cross compile to 32-bit target

Couldn't find any references to this particular issue in the Forums, closest I found was this discussion:

which discusses the cached copy of Perl. My challenge is this as follows.

TclApp package 'tablelist -is redirect' is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

When wrapping an application using TclApp, the wrap stops with:

  • package 'tablelist -is redirect' is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

I've followed various threads on problems like this, but without finding a solution that worked with this specific problem. I rebuilt .tap a teapot files, tried different tk-threaded prefix files, etc..

Somewhere in this I'd managed to get tablelist::common 5.5 added to the Packeges in TclApp, but it still failed the same way.

Autocomplete not working for PHP

My autocomplete does not work anymore.
I tried to reinstall komodo and delete all the preferences, but it still does not working.
Any solution?
This is my log:

Komodo Edit, version 8.5.2, build 13850, platform win32-x86. Built on Thu Oct 17 03:30:17 2013.

[2013-10-29 11:18:48,411] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.

[2013-10-29 11:18:48,444] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete
[2013-10-29 11:18:54,709] [WARNING] Warning: no way to trigger new prefs

Ctrl + hover not showing color tooltip?

For some mysterious reason, Komodo has quit showing the CSS color tooltip when I press CTRL and hover over a hex code. Seemed to work fine in 8.1, but after upgrading to 8.5 (and now 8.5.2), it's not working at all. Any clue how to get this re-enabled?
Thanks in advance,

installation url-package

hi !

i want to install the url-lib ( - but in the package-assistent this i did not found.

can someone help me for win7 64 bit ?

regards Jan :-)