Windows 7

IDE 8.5.0 killed JSHint

After the IDE 8.0.2 -> 8.5.0 upgrade, JSHint appears to have completely stopped working for me.

I have tried clearing all options and resetting them using the wizard, but still no joy.

I do see some log entries like:

[2013-09-16 12:17:41,493] [WARNING] codeintel.oop.driver.Environment.sr_form.js: Warning: no way to trigger new prefs

I've looked at other forum threads ( and, but I'm still not sure what to try next.

Suggestions appreciated.



Autocomplete window colors

Is there a way to custumize this window? I want it dark.


Snippets: caret position

Another suggestion, I'm not sure where to post those, so I'm just gonna post it here. One thing is missing the most right now in snippets (except custom ordering) is a shortcut that defines position of caret after inserting snippet. For example, my JS "alert" snippet looks like this now:
alert('[[%s:else:]]'); //debugging
Caret jumps to the end of snippet after inserting. So I want it to look like this:
alert('[[%s:else:]][[%caret]]'); //debugging

PerlApp cannot unpack target windows-x86-32

I use ActivePerl 5.16.3 64 bit and Perl Dev Kit 9.2.1.

When building for Windows 32 bit target the package is downloaded and installed. When making the executable I get the message: "Unpacking ActivePerl...Can't grab the perl/bin directory from C:/Users/Jan/AppData/Local/ActiveState/PDK/PerlApp/target-perl/1603/windows-x86-32//ActivePerl-5.16.1603-MSWin32-x86-296746: No such file or directory at /PerlApp/ line 153."

Autocomplete not working for HTML5 files in Komodo IDE 8.5

Autocomplete does not work for my HTML5 files. It does work for other languages, e.g., JavaScript.

The doctype I am using is . The language setting in the footer of the window says HTML5. I did not manually set this; the value was auto-selected. I do not see anything in the current file settings or the preferences that is turning autocomplete off, but I may not be looking in the right place.

Can you please tell me what I need to do to get this working?

I am running Komodo IDE version 8.5.0 build 81977 on Windows 7 (64)

Thank you.

After update to Kmomodo 8.5 I've troubles with cursor and contextual menu


I'm on W7 and updated to Komodo Edit, version 8.5.0, build 13638, platform win32-x86.
Built on Tue Sep 10 00:12:06 2013.

After that when click on the mouse right button to the contextual menu the cursor go 3 or 4 lines back and can't do any action on selected text 'cause it deselected when cursor goes up.

Also I can't move a selected line or piece of text with the drag feature clicking with the mouse's left button.

I'm saving the issue using the Ctrl+x and Ctrl+v but it's a bit annoying in some cases.

Control-clicking on method not finding result


When I control-click on a method, Komodo is not finding the method in a project file. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in 8.5?


Less CodeIntel stops to work after upgrade to 8.5

After upgrade from 8 to 8.5 for Komodo Ide CodeIntel in Less files stop to works.
Error Log reports:

codeintel.oop.driver: <codeintel2.accessor.AccessorCache instance at 0x034939E0> is not JSON serializable

In CSS files and in others languages CodeIntel works normally.

8.5 upgrade problems

UG to 8.5 not good. After UG previous info including all recent projects not present. Went to Projects dropdown menu appears however no action when try to select Open Project or New Project. Other menu actions including the simple Help->About are inop as well. No About box appears. All-in-all, not good.

Komodo 8 PHP Calltips tips

After a new installation of komodo edit 8.5 I am not getting tips for PHP built-in functions while coding as in previous versions. In Preferences->Languages PHP is checked, in Preferences->Languages->PHP i have the correct interpreter and .ini set, and in Preferences->Code Intelligence max number of rows, lines, and widith all have 60 in it. Please someone help!!!