Windows 7

keyboard change


Every now and then, my keyboard setup change in komodo.

I have to restart komodo to have my desired keyboard again.

I have komodo edi 6.1

Is there an option in komodo to change keyboard ?


Komodo Edit 8.5

Is it just me lately or does Komodo Lag?

I thought it might be the computer but I just installed it on a brand new windows 7 box and it seems the new version is the problem as previous versions did not do it.

The symptoms are basicly the following:

Anytime you switch code document windows it tends to sit there for 3-4 seconds figuring itself out then allows you to continue... it was instant.

Anytime you load a document, it loads it, then lags in a similar fashion.

Anytime you tab back to the screen before doing anything it does the same thing.

PPM downloads for Community Edition?

I have the free Community version of Active Perl (Version 5.16) installed on my PC. I am trying to use CPAN to install the Path-Class package, but I can no longer connect to the server when PPM attempts to download the package. Are all CPAN packages now banned from the shareware community? I have successfully used PPM to install MooseX and other packages from your server in the past. What has changed?

Komodo IDE 8.5 Scrolls down when switching between open files when using Abyss Skin

I really like the new dark Abyss skin, but since updating to 8.5 and using the Abyss skin, whenever I switch back and forth between open files, the file I switch to will scroll down what seems to be an arbitrary amount. If I toggle back and forth between two files, they will eventually end up both being scrolled all the way to the bottom of the file.

This is incredibly frustrating when working on something that shares code between multiple files because each time I switch over to another file, I lose my place and have to go find it again.

Newbie question about auto-opening Perl module

I'm trying Komodo Edit for the first time, I'd like to know if there's a way to open an included Perl module directly from its "use" line. Right clicking on the module name and choosing "Go to Definition" doesn't seem to work.

Code sidebar disappears

The Code sidebar content disappears, frustrating since I use it frequently. Sometimes if I close and reopen the file it is restored.

Occasionally it will totally lose the sidebar.

I don't believe this bug was in the original 8.0 release. I had been allowing the recommended updates which I think introduced the problem.

I am considering dropping back to a prior version.

Komodo IDE, version 8.5.0, build 81977, platform win32-x86. Built on Mon Sep 09 19:12:51 2013.

Macro triggers

One of the options in the macro triggers is "On a system notification"

But what does this mean?

places invisible


In 'places', everything is invisable (folders, files).
I can select them, but they are invisable.

If I select an option, they are back, but then invisble again if I select another root folder.

I have deleted all registry entries with 'komodo', and reinstalled komodo edit.
Same problem.



komodo autocomplete for "function" horrible

this just randomly started happening without me changing any settings, the autocomplete used to work for certain thigns but never tried to autocomplete the word "function" before this problem.

Whenever I type "function" and then type certain characters( like " ", "(" ) this autocompletes:

var scimoz = ko.views.manager.currentView.scimoz;
var currentPos = scimoz.currentPos;
var lineStartPos = scimoz.positionFromLine(scimoz.lineFromPosition(currentPos));
var currentLine = scimoz.getTextRange(lineStartPos, currentPos);

IDE 7.1.3 : Cursor at beginning of selection after selecting Find Result

I'm still using Komodo IDE 7.1.3

Just wondering why the cursor is located at the start of the selection when you double-click on a Find Results entry... This means I can't extend the selection to the right with the keyboard without having to re-select the text.

Yes, I understand that I would find the current behavior useful if I had to extend the selection to the left. :-)

Maybe there is a keyboard shortcut to move the cursor to the end of the selection ?

Is this behavior different in IDE 8 ?