Windows 7

Code editor quit working with new version

I am writing in PHP HTML & JavaScript.

I have installed to updates in the last few days. After the first one, code completion quit working for my functions.

I just installed another one today and now it is no longer suggesting on PHP.

Any pointers?


IDE 8.5.1 Empty Code Browser on first startup

Good morning. Since 8.5.0, and now still with 8.5.1, the code browser is empty when I start Komodo IDE the first time after logging-in to Windows. In this condition, the log shows:

[2013-10-04 07:49:12,032] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.
[2013-10-04 07:49:12,483] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete

When I close Komodo, then open it again, the code browser is populated as expected, and the log shows:

[2013-10-04 07:52:01,569] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.

Use WinMerge for Subversion "Diff"

I'm using Subversion 1.7. Source Code Control features seem to work fine in my Komodo IDE 8.5.1. I'd like to use an external tool (WinMerge) to display pending changes —with the "Diff (Compare Files)" command—. All links I've found:


... suggest that I need to create a Komodo command or a Windows batch file.

Why exactly can't I just set the path to WinMerge in the Diff options preference?

Sticky rectangular selection

Current top annoyance for me (Komodo IDE 8.5.1) is that rectangular selection (Alt+Drag) often becomes kind of sticky. No matter how many times I hit Esc or click somewhere else, I can no longer use arrow keys to move. "Left" and "Right" start a new rectangular selection; "Up" and "Down" create or expand one. Mouse selection behaves as usual.

When I close the document and open it again everything becomes normal (thank God a restart is not required).

Am I missing some exotic setting? Is it a bug?

Log file (this bug does not trigger new entries):

Code Intelligence does not work on new modules and new functions

There are a bunch of perl modules in my project. Recently, when I add new functions (subs) to the existing modules, or create new modules, the code intelligence does not display these new stuff, but it is still working correctly on old modules and functions. Looks like the new modules/functions not get synchronized or updated (somehow). Even I restart the IDE (version 8.5), it shows the same problem.

From the Help-> TroubleShooting-> watch log files, I got:

Growing, out-of-control find dialog

My 'Find' dialog box is growing at an alarming rate. It started happening shortly after I upgraded to 8.5. It seems that every time I open up the stand-alone find dialog box and search for a string that returns no result, the dialog box grows by a few pixels. It's now at the point where it reaches across one of my monitors and spills on to the next one. See the attached screenshot.

Komodo edit 8.5 PHP code intelligence doesn't work

I've installed new Komodo and code intelligence doesn't work anymore like it did before.
I'm developing on Yii PHP framework, and without autocompletion of main functions and my own classes - it's very hard.

Now code intelligence works only inside one file!
All other code from other files don't scan anymore.

Please advice

keyboard change


Every now and then, my keyboard setup change in komodo.

I have to restart komodo to have my desired keyboard again.

I have komodo edi 6.1

Is there an option in komodo to change keyboard ?


Komodo Edit 8.5

Is it just me lately or does Komodo Lag?

I thought it might be the computer but I just installed it on a brand new windows 7 box and it seems the new version is the problem as previous versions did not do it.

The symptoms are basicly the following:

Anytime you switch code document windows it tends to sit there for 3-4 seconds figuring itself out then allows you to continue... it was instant.

Anytime you load a document, it loads it, then lags in a similar fashion.

Anytime you tab back to the screen before doing anything it does the same thing.

PPM downloads for Community Edition?

I have the free Community version of Active Perl (Version 5.16) installed on my PC. I am trying to use CPAN to install the Path-Class package, but I can no longer connect to the server when PPM attempts to download the package. Are all CPAN packages now banned from the shareware community? I have successfully used PPM to install MooseX and other packages from your server in the past. What has changed?