Windows 7

Incompatible themes - is there any way to make them run?

Hello, it's my first post there, I hope that I have chosen the right subforum.

I'm pretty new to Komodo. I have updated it to 8.5 and then I tried extensions for the first time. Extensions database is very impressive, I found few functionalities that I was dreaming of, but some of them are incompatible with Komodo 8.5 (e.g. ColorTab, MySQL Database Explorer or Aero Theme). Is there any wayaround to make them work with 8.5 version?

Sorry, if there is similar topic. I was looking for that information, but I hadn't found it.

PS. I use Windows 7.

Macro: File from Template...

Hello guys,

how can i open a new buffer with predefined content via macro, like "Menu" -> "File from Template...".
The generated macro with the recorder isnt very useful.

I would be thankful for any help.

problem with autocomplete popup

I have a problem with autocomplete popup. It's allways appears not under the "caret".
Pls, see the picture and pls help

code intelligence slow


Since I'm with komodo ide 8.5.2, code intelligence is very slow.

For instance, if I type in php "ech", it takes 5 seconds to show "echo" as a choice.

And if I "ctrl-mouseover" on function, it takes a long time to show the definition.

Is there something I can do ?



Java Support


What is the current practice for calling Java code from ActivePerl in specific, and Perl in general?

I've have found examples using Java (good, but old) and Inline::Java (not really appropriate for calling third-party code).


pylint/virtualenv/Python 3: does project use virtualenv or system pylint?

I have a Python 3 project using a virtualenv with the current nightly build of Komodo Edit (build 14209), and in the error log it shows that Komodo was trying to use the system copy of pylint (which was at 0.28).

In the application settings under syntax checking, the setting for Pyflakes indicates that it would use a system copy if it were installed, but the setting for Pylint doesn't.

Javascript auto-complete problems

I am having problems getting the autocomplete to work for my Javascript modules. (See comments in code)

Also is there some trick to get it to autocomplete included external javascript? I have a package, it is not marked with JSDoc, but doesn't even do basic auto complete. Even if I move my simple code below to a included file, it won't even autocomplete "Animal" after "new".

Full Code Attached

     * A module representing an Animal.
     * @constructor

    function Animal()
      this.owner = "Homeless";
    /** Set the owner.

switching tab, losing cursor position

Hello guys,

I have a problem: when I switch from tab to tab, komodo lose my scroll cursor position. This is very frustrating, I lose productivity because I'm constantly scrolling to find where is the code I was editing before switching from the page earlier...

I'm new to Komodo, I've used NotePad++ for years. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a link to your site to download Komodo 8.5.2.

Statically linking v5.18 and not finding perl518.lib

I have installed v5.18 under the following installation directory C:\Perl

I am trying to statically link files with perl518.lib
I was looking for perl518.lib C:\Perl\lib\CORE under directory and not finding it. Please help.