Windows 7

Support / Feature req.

Hi Guys,

CTRL + SHIFT + O (qo to file) feature is barely usable. I'm working on some projects that have files with same names, but when i'm using this feature it displays files from history, above files from currently opened project.

This is very weird behaviour, i would expect that if you display some history form already closed projects (that i don't care about as i'm working on something else)... at least the files from **currently opened** project would be at the top.

Unable to "Show in Explorer"

I'm running Komodo Edit 8.5.0-beta3 Build 13501.

Whenever I right click on a folder in the Projects pane and select "Show in Explorer", I receive the following message:

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program, or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.

PPM packages for IUP on Windows

I would like to have a ppm for IUP, a perl module providing a graphical user interface.

I tried to build it within Strawberry perl (portable, version 5.18.1, on Windows 32 bit) and it worked flawlessly through cpanm:
cpanm --prompt IUP
No problem even on some Linux machines.

As I see, your automatic attempt to build the ppm fails because of a timeout, but without any real issue:


Auto sourcing of package


I am using Active State TCL 8.5 version on windows 7. I want to import a package that I developed automatically, without sourcing everytime.

I wrote one script and added the line 'package provide HelloWorld' in the script. It is stored in C:\ location. I ran the command 'pkg_mkIndex C:\ *.tcl'. A file 'C:\pkgIndex.tcl' got created. Please tell me the further steps to do.


scipy.interpolate import * fail, DLL load failed

Importing from scipy.interpolate causes an error referring to "DLL load failed", see attached screen print.

The line before the error references _cephes which exists in what I think is the correct location.


Running Windows 7.

Any ideas where to look next?

How to down load *.pypm files through browser?

I've installed Python 2.7 on Windows 7 successfully but when I try to install numpy with pypm, our internet security will not allow the connection. If I was using a browser a user password prompt would appear before the connection was permitted but pypm does not trigger the prompt.

I suspect if I could download the numpy.pypm file, I should be able to use the "pypm -n install C:pathToFile" command.

How can I download the *.pypm files?

"Add to Watch" during PHP debugging

While PHP remote debugging, most of the time when I right click over a variable, the "Add to Watch" option is grayed out and is not selectable. This means I have to locate the variable within my large list of variables after every step.

Is there a reason it is grayed out? Do I have to change a configuration setting? Or is this a bug?

uWSGI static files slow


I've been playing around with Stackato, and have successfully set up a Perl application. I've set uWSGI to serve up the static file exactly as described here

But, the serving of the static file are slow, not just a little, but VERY slow. The application on a local VM loads ~100 times slower than a live version (not on Stackato) hosted elsewhere!

Any ideas on how to speed up the serving of static files?

images folder shows only ".ico" images, no jpgs or other types

I have created a new project, and created an "images" folder to store images to use in my site. I added about 25 images, including some icons (.ico), jpegs, (.jpg), gif files (.gif), etc. In the Komodo 8 development environment, only the icons (.ico) appear in the list, and jpg or other images that I place in a page will not display when I click the preview button, and choose the default browser.

How do I configure the product to recognize other types of images besides icons?


Disabled "Triggers" tab

I've been using a custom JavaScript macro for more than a year without any issue but now it no longer runs on startup (I can still run it manually). When I inspect the macro properties in the Toolbox, everything in the "Triggers" tab is disabled:

(Komodo has a sense of humour since the macro name is "Read-only".)

What can the problem be?