Windows 7

Win32-GUI on Windows 7 (64 bit)

Some of my scripts use Win32-GUI, which doesn't seem to be available on my platform (Windows 7, 64 bit). So I have the following questions:

a) Where would I get a working copy version of Win32-GUI for Windows 7 (64 bit)?
b) Are there alternatives available for Win32-GUI (I mostly use window management functions)?

Any help appreciated.

p.s. I'd prefer NOT to set up another compilation environment on my machine.

Unable to install datatime module with pypm

I'm trying to install the datetime module using pypm. When I attempt to do so I get the following error:

error: Can't install datetime-4.0: requires Business Edition subscription

I'm using the Community Edition v2.7.5. Is the Community Edition so crippled there is no datetime module or am I doing something wrong?


how to suppress exp_spawn translating first " to \ ?

I am using tcl8.5 on windows 7. I need to use spawn with openssh. The username has double-quotes (e.g. abc"). I can use openssh to login the remote device with this account when I am using it in a command window:

D:\Program Files\OpenSSH\bin>ssh -labc"\""
abc"@'s password:

(the correct user name is displayed by openssh)

However, when I use spawn ssh with the same syntax in a script, the " is translated to \
When I enter the correct password, access is denied.

exp_spawn "$sshClient" "" -labc\"\\\"\"

Net::LDAP in 64-bit env Cross compile to 32-bit target

Couldn't find any references to this particular issue in the Forums, closest I found was this discussion:

which discusses the cached copy of Perl. My challenge is this as follows.

TclApp package 'tablelist -is redirect' is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

When wrapping an application using TclApp, the wrap stops with:

  • package 'tablelist -is redirect' is not known (Specified, Not recoverable)

I've followed various threads on problems like this, but without finding a solution that worked with this specific problem. I rebuilt .tap a teapot files, tried different tk-threaded prefix files, etc..

Somewhere in this I'd managed to get tablelist::common 5.5 added to the Packeges in TclApp, but it still failed the same way.

installation url-package

hi !

i want to install the url-lib ( - but in the package-assistent this i did not found.

can someone help me for win7 64 bit ?

regards Jan :-)

DBI, dbd::WMI and Tkx::tk___chooseDirectory incompatibility

I'm watching a non responding application when I use WMI and Tkx::tk___chooseDirectory in the same script. It is reproducible it with both ActivePerl 5.16.3 Build 1603 and ActivePerl 5.10.1 build 1007 at Windows 7.

Here an example:

use strict;
use DBI;
use Tkx;
my $dbh=DBI->connect("dbi:WMI:");
my $dir=Tkx::tk___chooseDirectory(-parent => new Tkx::widget("."));

Symbolic Link File Test Operator Does Not Work

On my system, the "-l" file test operator (symbolic link) always returns false for both symbolic link files and symbolic link directories. The behavior is the same for several Perl versions that I tested: ActivePerl v5.12.2 (both 32- and 64-bit) and v5.16.3 (64-bit).

I am using it as follows where $Path is a fully-qualified path of either a SYMLINK (file)SYMLINKD (directory):

if (-l $Path) {
print "$Path is a Symlink\n";
print "$Path is NOT a Symlink\n";

"Illegal declaration of subroutine Perl6::Form::form" with PerlApp 9.2.1 W7/64


Using Perl 5.016, PerlApp 9.2.1 on Windows 7 / 64, with the following code:

use 5.014;
use warnings;
use strict;
use Time::HiRes;
use Perl6::Form 'form';
use Encode;
use Win32::Console;
print 'foo';

I get the following error when executing the compiled version of the script:

Illegal declaration of subroutine Perl6::Form::form at /Perl6/ line 1062.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 7.


PPM downloads for Community Edition?

I have the free Community version of Active Perl (Version 5.16) installed on my PC. I am trying to use CPAN to install the Path-Class package, but I can no longer connect to the server when PPM attempts to download the package. Are all CPAN packages now banned from the shareware community? I have successfully used PPM to install MooseX and other packages from your server in the past. What has changed?