Windows 7

SCC Commands not Quoted

I'm re-evaluating Komodo IDE now that PHP support has been added. I'm attempting to clone my Git repository via the SCM Checkout command, but that consistently fails. The command generated is:

C:\Program Files\git\cmd\git.cmd clone  ssh://

It just spins indefinitely. However, when I enter the same command into the Run dialog and add quotes, it works.

"C:\Program Files\git\cmd\git.cmd" clone  ssh://

The problem here is, Komodo doesn't recognize it as an SCM project.

Is per-project internationalization broken or am I using it wrong?

In my global "Internationalization" there's "CP-1252" everywhere. So far so good.

But each project I work on has normally a different encoding so I make the appropriate arrangements at "Project/ Properties/ Internationalization", which is basically to set e.g. "UTF-8" at every relevant language bellow "Language-specific Default Encoding".

backticks and system() no longer work

I'm using perl v5.12.4 on a Win7 system

Backticks have stopped working. EG:

$cmd=`dir`; now returns a null string.

$cmd=`file.htm`; used to start the default browser on the named file. It no longer does anything.

System("dir"); similarly no longer works.

The commands work fine if entered on the command line or a batch file without perl.

Can anyone suggest a possible reason for this?

Is there some particular file responsible for handling backticks and system() which I might try to replace?

HTML inside PHP echo

I make websites for a living and in my code PHP always exceeds HTML. This means I never code like in Wordpress, because this kind of code looks like a mess.

Instead I write my HTML inside of PHP echo. This looks more clear and you don't have to write <?php echo ?> all the time.

Can't remote debug Python app packaged with py2exe

I cannot debug my Python app packaged with py2exe. I was able to successfully perform the command line remote debug checks, so I think the environment is there. See the log file issued at launch time.

Ensure preferences are saved

I'm tired of rearranging pane tabs to my liking and shortening the "Primary Languages" to my dozen favourites, just to find everything's reset on Komodo start-up. Again and again and again... Is there a precise procedure I can follow or a Komodo command I can launch manually in order to ensure that preferences get saved, flushed and stone carved to disk?

Hotkey for "Jump To Next Result" missing in v7 and v8

I first tested KomodoEdit v4 and missed this vital function there (see topic as of 2008-10-12):
"It should be possible to jump to next and previous finding (after "Find in Files") or next error or warning (after calling external tools like compilers) with hot keys (e.g. like F4 in MS Visual Studio 6 or F12 in NetBeans). But I only see the buttons for this function ("Jump To Next Result", "Jump To Previous Result") and found no option to assign this to hot keys."

KomodoEdit v6 then supported the function via Ctrl+Shift+F3, but in v7 and v8 it's missing again :(.

How to make portable the Wrap/InputPrefix line of tpj files

I would like to have portable tpj files. Portable means between different computers with different installation paths for the TDK. The tclapp -gui always inserts absolut path names for the prefix. Google shows me something like
Wrap/InputPrefix {@installdir@/bin/base-expect-@arch@@exeext@}
However, this does not work for me. From the log I would say that tclapp does not resolve the placeholders. Is there any way to use placeholders in tpj files?

Komodo Edit 8.5.3 will not open files from Edit with Komodo prompt, and does not remember files any more

Has been happening sporadically for a while for me. Launching as administrator sometimes fixes the problem of it not remembering the files.

The trace below is from launching a file through the windows explorer shell integration "Edit with Komodo Edit" function. I have also tried to run the command from the command prompt:

C:\Users\me>"C:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo Edit 8\komodo.exe" "c:\test.txt" %*

Trace below.

[2013-11-26 11:20:51,775] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete

Tcl(tcom) - How to create a hyperlink to a word document


I'm new to this forum.
I'm using tcl(tcom) to create a Word.Application, and write some text in the word document.
Does anybody know how to use tcom to write a hyperlink to the word document?
Please help me.