Windows 7

Less CodeIntel stops to work after upgrade to 8.5

After upgrade from 8 to 8.5 for Komodo Ide CodeIntel in Less files stop to works.
Error Log reports:

codeintel.oop.driver: <codeintel2.accessor.AccessorCache instance at 0x034939E0> is not JSON serializable

In CSS files and in others languages CodeIntel works normally.

8.5 upgrade problems

UG to 8.5 not good. After UG previous info including all recent projects not present. Went to Projects dropdown menu appears however no action when try to select Open Project or New Project. Other menu actions including the simple Help->About are inop as well. No About box appears. All-in-all, not good.

Komodo 8 PHP Calltips tips

After a new installation of komodo edit 8.5 I am not getting tips for PHP built-in functions while coding as in previous versions. In Preferences->Languages PHP is checked, in Preferences->Languages->PHP i have the correct interpreter and .ini set, and in Preferences->Code Intelligence max number of rows, lines, and widith all have 60 in it. Please someone help!!!

Python autocomplete missing keyword "in" - Komodo IDE 8.5

I downloaded and installed Komodo IDE 8.5 yesterday and things were going great until today I noticed every time I try to write a for loop like this:

for x in y:
do something

it comes out as

for x input y:
do something

This is happening b/c the autocomplete does not contain the keyword "in" when i type those two characters. Instead, the first hit is "input."

Codeintel Fails to start

Just updated from 8 to 8.5 for Komodo Edit and i get this error message:

Failed to start codeintel

[Errno 10049] The requested address is not valid in its context

Komodo Edit, version 8.5.0, build 13638.
Built on Tue Sep 10 00:12:06 2013.

Code Intel Errors in Komodo IDE 8.5

Sadly the code intel now seems to be completely broken for me since the upgrade from 8.0 (where it was very slow) to 8.5 where it errors out and doesn't work at all.

Attempting to press CTRL+J results in one CPU core railing to 100% and the whole system lagging severely then the following messages in the log hundreds and hundreds of them. I have tried this on 2 different computers and in various different projects with the same results - both systems were 8.0 to 8.5 updates.

Looking for any suggestions for how to resolve the problem.

About the 8.5 update

Ok, so I see 8.5 is supposedly ready. I have to question this, as I had the 8.5 beta and it was very broken. I have things running great in 8.0 and have all my network and intellisense going. So what I'd like to know is:

  • Are there known issues for upgrading from 8 to 8.5?
  • Has anyone seen if the intellisense is still broken in 8.5 or is it fixed now?
  • Will this cause any problems for my already synced networks and collaborations?
  • What are the benefits of a mid-term upgrade?

Komodo IDE 8.5 find bar stuck on Abyss skin

I installed Komodo IDE 8.5 via update from the IDE itself. I switched to the new Abyss skin to try it out but I didn't like it so much (I like dark themes but this one is too dark) so I switched back to the default skin. However, the find bar at the bottom (the one that pops up with CTRL+F) is stuck in the Abyss skin. It's still all black. Rebooting and switching back and forth hasn't helped.

Lack of highlighting

First, I wanna say that Komodo is probably the best IDE I've tryed yet, and I've tryed them a ton this 2 month. That's why I'm posting this, coz I am willing to use Kodomo as my primary IDE and I want it to get even better.

After a day of coding and tweaking Komodo at the same time, I found out that it has a lack of code visualization in HTML and some annoying highlighting in PHP / JavaScriot. So, here's a things I sujest to implement:

This snippet expects a selection, but there is none

Hi, I installed Komodo today and everything is awesome except one thing - it can't insert snippet like "before [[%s]] after" if there's nothing selected. Why not just simply insert it without selection?

I was using phpDesighner earlyer and there is simular snippets system, but when I insert some snippet that require selection without selection, it just inserts it like this: "before after". Please tell me how can I achieve this with Komodo snippets?