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Java Support


What is the current practice for calling Java code from ActivePerl in specific, and Perl in general?

I've have found examples using Java (good, but old) and Inline::Java (not really appropriate for calling third-party code).


Statically linking v5.18 and not finding perl518.lib

I have installed v5.18 under the following installation directory C:\Perl

I am trying to statically link files with perl518.lib
I was looking for perl518.lib C:\Perl\lib\CORE under directory and not finding it. Please help.

backticks and system() no longer work

I'm using perl v5.12.4 on a Win7 system

Backticks have stopped working. EG:

$cmd=`dir`; now returns a null string.

$cmd=`file.htm`; used to start the default browser on the named file. It no longer does anything.

System("dir"); similarly no longer works.

The commands work fine if entered on the command line or a batch file without perl.

Can anyone suggest a possible reason for this?

Is there some particular file responsible for handling backticks and system() which I might try to replace?

How to make portable the Wrap/InputPrefix line of tpj files

I would like to have portable tpj files. Portable means between different computers with different installation paths for the TDK. The tclapp -gui always inserts absolut path names for the prefix. Google shows me something like
Wrap/InputPrefix {@installdir@/bin/base-expect-@arch@@exeext@}
However, this does not work for me. From the log I would say that tclapp does not resolve the placeholders. Is there any way to use placeholders in tpj files?

Tcl(tcom) - How to create a hyperlink to a word document


I'm new to this forum.
I'm using tcl(tcom) to create a Word.Application, and write some text in the word document.
Does anybody know how to use tcom to write a hyperlink to the word document?
Please help me.


Win7 won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV

I installed AS perl on my new Win7 machine, but it won't pass command line arguments to @ARGV.

I suspect it's a registry problem in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, but my changes haven't fixed it.

Does anyone know the line to change, and what to put there?

[PerlApp] Thread error while running compiled Slic3r

I'm trying to compile Slic3r on Windows.

This is a Perl based tool and it works for me from sources (using perl command. But I need *.exe to run on another computer (without Perl installed) that's why I need to compile it.

I have attached error screen shot. I have this error while trying to Add file for processing (you can download it here

Please give me a hint what should I do to fix this error.

libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll missing


I run DWIM Perl 5.14.2 on Windows 7 / 32 bits.
I build an executable with PerlApp 9.2.1.

The executable runs fine on some computers (where perl appears to be installed, sometimes older versions).

On some other computers I get the error "libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll missing" followed by "Can't locate perl6514.dll...". On these same computers executables built with PerlApp 9.1.1 and perl 5.12 work fine.

Thank you for your help.


Win32-GUI on Windows 7 (64 bit)

Some of my scripts use Win32-GUI, which doesn't seem to be available on my platform (Windows 7, 64 bit). So I have the following questions:

a) Where would I get a working copy version of Win32-GUI for Windows 7 (64 bit)?
b) Are there alternatives available for Win32-GUI (I mostly use window management functions)?

Any help appreciated.

p.s. I'd prefer NOT to set up another compilation environment on my machine.