Windows 7

Net::SSH::Perl and the @INC path


Been out of Perl for a little while now, change of job so I need to pick it back up. I have a few old Net::Telnet scripts that I'm converting over to SSH and need the Net::SSH::Perl module.

I can't get it through PPM but I can through CPAN, so using the built in cpan script I upgrade CPAN and pull down all the dependencies for Net::SSH::Perl and the CPAN module itself.

The problem I am seeing is one of PATH for the Include function - @INC is aligned with PPM installs and the cpan module now installs to a totally different PATH that is not multi module aware.

recent posts do not show up

I posted a new comment to my topic on 12-15 and again on 12-17. Neither post shows up when I look at the topic. If the posts were blocked as "abusive", please let me know what I need to do to conform to the forum rules.

ActivePerl 5.24.0 Build 2400 Setup installer freezes when the Install button is pressed

Hi - this doesn't seem right - I've selected Typical Install, clicked on the 'Install' button and the dialog freezes - surely I should get some kind of progress bar?

MIssing package in new versions (Bot-BasicBot)

As per this ( which is not up to date to 5.24, but it shows Bot-BasicBot (IRC bot framework) is dropped from 5.22 (and not showing up for me in 5.24). I'd use 5.20, but the community version is no longer downloadable. The log from 5.22 build shows, to my amateur eyes, the build was ok, but the test run over time and the job was aborted? Are there any options to download 5.20 again, or otherwise get Bot-BasicBot installed?

Perl version 5.24.0 - Unable to access repository

I am having problems running PPM on my corporate laptop after installing the 64bit version of perl - Version 5.24.0.

I get the following error when I run "ppm install Tk" from an admin command prompt:

H:\>ppm install Tk
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist...failed 500 Can't connect to
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides Tk

License question for research use

Would use of ActivePerl for life science research (running the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline software) on a US government campus fall under the community license or would a business/enterprise license be required?



ActivePerl 5.22.2 does not register dlls on Win7

On Win7 I installed AP 5.24 then found I had to use 5.22. So I uninstalled 5.24 (unused) and installed ActivePerl- When I ran my perl script from the command line I received an error that perl524.dll was missing. I don't know what is still looking for perl524. This is when I searched the registry and found no dlls were registered. I did find some 'perl' entries that did point to the AP folder.

I also found that I have perl5 in Git and Anaconda on this PC.

Is AP not compatible with these?


I'm trying to get Perl running on my new computer, but the PPM no longer provide CalendarMonthSimple. Does anyone know where there is a repository I can add in PPM to get it?

which download do I need: activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (x86)|activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (64-bit, x64)

at I get two choices:
download activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (x86)
download activeperl 5.24.0 for windows (64-bit, x64)

I want to continue with the same 32-64-bitness as the current AS-version I'm running.

NOTE: I'll be running PDK 9.5. Does that impact which 32-64-bitness???

Here is version info from my currently running perl version:

* perl -V:ivsize says

* perl -V:archname says

* perl -v says

recent post not in my "view my recent posts" list

I recently (around 6-7) posted to the forum but it doesn't show up in my (cellist) recent posts list. I realize that the forum is moderated and my post may have been rejected.

I also posted to the activeperl listserv and have not received anything from there either.

Can someone tell me the status of these posts?