Windows 7

Redistribute perl58.dll


I'm a freelance developer from Spain (sorry for my bad english ;)

I'm developing a software for a client, based on a personal C++ application I developed some time ago. This soft uses the perl58.dll from ActivePerl 5.8.9 Build 829. This is the only element from the ActivePerl software that I use.

Anybody could tell me what kind of license I need to redistribute the perl58.dll with my soft?

Thank you very, very much!


PPM seems to ignore repository

My ppm preferences have configured only one repository. It is

and it is enabled. However, PPM seems not to access this repository on my Windows 7 system.

On my first attempt, I forgot to set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable, so, not surprisingly, PPM issued an error message.

XML::LibXML can't be installed


(Windows 7 - 64)

ActivePerl 5.12.3 (win32) was installed. I uninstalled it and installed (win32): OK.

Now I try to install and get this message:

ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides XML::SAX::Base for XML-SAX

Looked everywhere on yhe net and found nothing.



ppm install failed-> Tk::IDElayout

Recently updated to windows 7 and installed new activeperl 5.12.4 (x86 version).
I installed Tk without problems but I tried to install the IDElayout that I also used on XP and got this message:

"ppm install failed:can't find any package that provides Tk::IDElayout"

Any suggestions? Is it missing?

ActiveTCL 8.6.0 silent install / uninstall?

Is there any possibility to install/uninstall ActiveTCL silently without any windows?
Does an unattended installation which is fine but we need a silent installation because we will distribute the package via SCCM.

Thanks in advance!


running 5.12 Win& 64 and old code is looking for perl510 ?

I am trying to install Net-SNMP and its is looking for perl5.10

Is there a way for it to use the new 5.12.dll,

Problem upgrading from 5.12 to 5.14

Let me report a bug in this version. After successfull installation the perl interpreter crashes on running user script (not responding).
Observed on OS Windows 7 64bit.
Reverted back on 5.12 which works fine.

AT refusing to be installed in C:\Program Files\Tcl - Windows 64-bit.

Despite my best attempts at installing the c:\Program Files\Tcl directory doesn't seem possible. I tried a number of variations, checked permissions, etc. One interesting quirk was that when I put in the path name (or picked it up via the browse button) it would have the windows back-slashes. It would fail the first time with the message that I didn't have access to the path or there was a directory error, but then it would convert all the backslashes to forward slashes. This may be a clue as to the nature of the problem. When I try again, with the converted pathname, I get the same response.

Is ActivePerl 5.6.1 compatible with Windows 7?

Should I upgrade ActivePerl to a latest version? Thanks.

File association issue

I installed ActivePerl- and even though the box was checked to associate files, it did not associate the files. I tried to manually associated the .pl files with perl.exe and windows 7 will not let me. How can I get this working?