Windows 7

Could not find a suitable Class::Load implementation

I have a perl programs which works flawlessly on my computer, with Activestate perl 5.16.3 installed (32 bit, MS Windows 7, kernel 32 bit) and all the required modules.

I try to prepare a standalone executable with perlapp: the executable is created without any apparent issue. I run it in a separate console, and I get this error message.
Can't locate Path/Class/ in @INC (@INC contains: ...
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted

That is easy: I explicitly include the module (in perlapp gui, menu Files, Added modules, ...)

PPM crashes after fresh install of Perl 5.16.3

On my Win 7/64-bit system, I did a clean uninstall of AS 5.16.1/64-bit, then a clean install of AS 5.16.3/64-bit.

When I then tried to run PPM, it immediately crashed.

I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, same crash.

I uninstalled, deleted C:\Perl64 directory and then reinstalled, same crash.

I'm going to try 5.16.2 now. Any other suggestions?


Upgrading while keeping all your settings/modules intact

I discovered that my current AS perl, 5.12, is no longer ppm'able [without a business license] so I'm upgrading to 5.16. I'm worried about how that 'upgrade' should/will go. right now perl is installed in c:\perl64. Can I just install the new 5.16 in the same directory and will it basically leave my installed modules and other such along [perhaps needing a big update via ppm, but still there]? Or will I run into problems?

"Perl Command Line Interpreter has stopped working" when running PPM.

Can't get the PPM GUI to run. This is on Win 7 64-bit. Tried reinstalling 5.16.2 64-bit, with the same result. PPM command line seems to work. Just the GUI won't run. Tried 5.16.2 x86 and this launches the GUI fine.

The following is in the event log:
Faulting application name: perl.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x50d17d90
Faulting module name: ole32.dll, version: 6.1.7601.17514, time stamp: 0x4ce7c92c
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x0000000000036b3b
Faulting process id: 0x%9
Faulting application start time: 0x%10
Faulting application path: %11

Can't create Executable for other Targets

I use ActivePerl 5.10.1007 for Win32 x86 and the PDK 9.0.1 to make executables from my perl scripts.

This works finde but now i need a linux script and tried to generate one. When i change the Target to Linux (x86) the message "PerlApp doesnt have a cached copy..." comes and PerlApp tries to download the ActivePerl 5.10.107 for Linux. This happens because i reinstalled my development pc with the new windows 7.

But now there comes the Message "Access to ActivePerl- requires an ActivePerl Business Edition licence to be installed".

ActiveTcl Demos

Having just installed TCL 8.5.9, and using Teacup to install the Expect Pakage successfully, I can't find the Expect Demo. The documentatio indicates:

"Expect for Windows includes a number of demonstration applications to help you get started. These demos are installed in the demos\Expect directory beneath the Tcl installation directory (by default, C:\Tcl\demos\Expect)."

HOwever, the demos are not present here.

PertCtrl and problem generating interop dll for VB.Net

I have been using a PerlCtrl generated Dll for years in a VB program.
Its now time to move to 64bit windows. I have been studying the documentation for 2 weeks
but have hit a roadblock. I have converted my PM file to 64bit perl. and added

sub New {
return new NewControl64;

to the PM code.

Then I compile the DLL - with no errors.. I registered the DLL via regtlibv12.exe and then I have to run

Tblimp.exe as administrator on the file to get the interop.dll - which I should be able to use in the program.

No matter what, I get the errors.

Examples of running third party programs

Hi I am a novice with perl. I would like to run a script that opens a third party program, then allows perl to drop in keystrokes into fields in the newly opened program. eg perl would calculate and sort some data, then open third party prog, then tab through fields, dropping in data. I feel ok with scripting the data collection, but need a starting point example of running a third party program with perl adding info. Any help greatly appreciated.

What happens when PerlSvc calls exit()?

I'm seeing something odd when a PerlSvc .exe tries to exit().

I put a cluck() in some initialization code. The stack trace shows that initialization is being triggered... by exit. Somehow the call to exit has become a block eval that recycles the program. The PID does not change.

The heavily abridged stack trace:

_load_config at (obfuscated) line 677.
  _load_config() called at (obfuscated) line 68
  start() called at (obfuscated) line 163
  mainFcn() called at (obfuscated) line 396
  PerlSvc::Interactive() called at line 99

Not able to plot the graph, graph window stucks

I am using Python installed from your website.I want to plot serial data from MSP430 using python.I am able to receive data. I am using tkinter. I am able to see the plot window but I don't see plot and the window stucks. I changed matplotlib.use('TkAgg') to matplotlib.use(Qt4Agg) and I was able to see the values in gui but it is the same problem with plot.I am attaching the code alongwith. Please see if there is anything in code that is creating problem or if there is anyother problem