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ActiveTcl 8.6.6 for Windows does not contain teacup

After installing ActiveTcl Community Edition for Windows 64-bit I can see that teacup.exe is missing in the bin subdirectory. Why is that?

-- rpr.

Service created using perlsvc installs ok and the service starts using -install auto. But the PerlSvc::Startup is not called

I'm using PDK 9.5 and I have create a service using PerlSvc. The service runs OK interactively but when I execute the exe with -install auto, the service installs and successfully starts, but the PerlSvc::Startup function I have defined is never called. How can I trouble shoot this and why wouldn't that function be called?

Multiple versions of Go


Can I have ActiveGo and another distribution of Go installed together?


The ActiveGo-beta will set GOROOT, GOPATH, and PATH variables. The Golang distribution will also set GOROOT and PATH.

-ActiveGo will always be the default version of Go if both are on the system due to the ways both Go versions set up PATH. Neither ActiveGo nor Golang Go will remove the other distribution from PATH.

-Any value in GOROOT will be overwritten by both versions of Go when they install. The last version to install will be set up as the root. If you remove a version of Go, you will need to re-install/repair the other one to ensure that GOROOT is correct before you start using it.

-GOPATH is your personal workspace. Your workspace should be usable with either version of Go.

PerlApp and environment variables

We have an executable that we created with PerlApp that can be run from a command shell or as an fast-cgi script from a web server (in our case, Apache 2.4 using mod_fcgid). The executable contains a few environment variables specified on the command line to PerlApp using the --env argument. When we run the generated executable from the command line, the specified variables are present as expected. When run from Apache, however, the variables are not included in the environment.

Where to start with compiling an exe???


I am trying to create an exe from a perl script.

ALL of the instructions give you the code EX: perlapp --add IO::Socket --add XML::Parser::Expat

but where do I run this?? From the CMD prompt.

Windows scripting host broken again in 5.22 and 5.24 updates

Once again, Windows scripting host integration is broken in the latest 5.22 and 5.24 releases. This occurred previously in version, and was fixed in See

Can anyone look into this?

How to use Encode::Detective?

I am trying to use Encode::Detective to determine the encoding of cue sheets. Here is my code:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Encode;
use Encode::Detective 'detect';
require Win32::LongPath;

my $fh;

# Read in raw mode and attempt to detect the encoding.
Win32::LongPath::openL(\$fh, '<', $ARGV[0]) or die $!;
local $/ = undef;
my $teststring = <$fh>;
my $encoding = Encode::Detective::detect($teststring);
printf("Detected encoding %s\n", $encoding->name);

How to Get Perl to Automatically Look in Specific Directories for Scripts?

I have ActiveState Perl installed on a Windows machine.

Now, suppose I have scripts, including one called "", in this directory:


How do I configure Perl to automatically look in that directory for scripts when it is passed a script path?

For example, from the command line, I can run...:

perl C:\Example\Foo\Bar\

...just fine.

But the following...:


Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen / W32.eHeur.Dropper in ActivePerl- ?

The file downloaded from has SHA256 of 9e6ab2bb1335372cab06ef311cbaa18fe97c96f9dd3d5c8413bc864446489b92. says "W32.eHeur.Dropper" detected by Bkav!/results/file/c869301df9424b02aa49ce15d7bce692/regular/analysis says "Trojan.Dropper.Heur.gen" is detected by Baidu.

Is it correct or false positive?