Solaris SPARC

how to copy a module from one system to another

We've got a couple of Sparc Solaris 5.9 systems with ActivePerl 5.8.8 installed.

One system contains /opt/ActivePerl-5.8/site/lib/Date/ which is required by an ancient piece of our code. I stumbled across an entry in our perllocal.pod file that says Date::EzDate was dynamically linked on that machine in ~2008.

Is there a way I can tar up the, move it to the other server, and link it into that ActivePerl?

DBD::Oracle will not compile cannot find it in PPM

Installed AP5.14 and cannot find DBD::Oracle in the ppm. Tried using Cpan to compile the module but just flat doesn't work.

Using GCC with ActivePerl cpan on Solaris

We are trying to add perl modules to ActivePerl 5.10 using cpan. They are not available via the PPM index. ActivePerl was compiled with the native sun compiler which we do not have. I would like to be able to use gcc. With the perl that comes with Solaris, there is a binary called "perlgcc" which allows you to do this; however, that doesn't seem to exist with ActivePerl.

How can I use gcc with ActivePerl for Solaris to compile modules with cpan?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

send and spawn commands

I downloaded expect from but the command also requires the send and spawn commands. I cannot find either of these commands on my unix server (Solaris 9) and was unable to find them on a download site.

Where can I get ActivePerl 5.8.8 for Solaris

I have a product on Solaris SPARC certified with ActivePerl 5.8.8. I know the product QA was done with build 820. This version is no longer available on the downloads or archives.
Where can I get it?
Thanks in advance.

Solaris install issue

I downloaded ActiveTcl8. and when I install it, it fails with the error:

TEAcup @ /net/phoebus/oagmgr/oag/ActiveTcl/solaris-sparc.ActiveTcl.8.5.7/bin/teacup
Create repository @ /net/phoebus/oagmgr/oag/ActiveTcl/solaris-sparc.ActiveTcl.8.5.7/lib/teapot
Setup shell @ /net/phoebus/oagmgr/oag/ActiveTcl/solaris-sparc.ActiveTcl.8.5.7/bin/tclsh8.5
<-> /net/phoebus/oagmgr/oag/ActiveTcl/solaris-sparc.ActiveTcl.8.5.7/lib/teapot
INTERNAL ERROR ______________________

need PAR-Packer for solaris

On our linux machines I am using pp and Tkpp binaries from PAR-Packer 0.982 which I got from

Any chance of getting the Par-Packer PPD for solaris on soon?


file attributes -permission command working

I am facing a problem with the command "file attributes -permission" when the ACL (Access control list) is set for a file /test using the command "setfacl -s user::7,group::0,other:0,group:tester:6,mask:6 /test".
1) According to the command i am trying to set the permission to 700 and allowing the group "tester" to access the file with a permission 6.
2) After setting the permission through ACL, when i check the permission of file through the tclcommand "file attributes /test -permissions" it is giving the permission "00760"

Tcl 8.5 64-bit for Solaris SPARC.


I've installed ActiveTcl 8.5 on Solaris SPARC but it's a 32 bit version.
My Tcl needs to load shared (.so) objects using the 'load' command but they are 64 bit. Precisely:

ELF 64-bit MSB dynamic lib SPARCV9 Version 1, dynamically linked, not stripped

Do I have to use a 64 bit version of Tcl 8.5?
Do you have one?
If not, where can I get one?
Do I have to compile my own?
Any other advice?

Thank you.

Is there a for Solaris 10?


I installed ActiveState Python for Solaris 10 (SPARC), hoping for a recent version of, but it doesn't look like it is part of the installation. Is there shared library support for libpython?