Installing Crypt::SSLeay on ActiveState perl Linux

hi! I am have finished my project and have created a windows binary using perlapp. I now need to do the same on Linux. I have installed ActiveState Perl and am trouble finding Crypt::SSLeay package that will install on linux. Can anyone help me out?

CGI Debugging: 'No Input File specified'


When I try to debug PHP using CGI Emulation, I get this error:

No input file specified.


This is because your PHP CGI interpreter has been compiled with cgi.force_redirect set to on for security reasons. We can fix this in Komodo by changing this setting in the copy of php.ini that Komodo uses:

- open the php.ini copy that Komodo is using:


- change the setting:

; cgi.force_redirect = 1


cgi.force_redirect = 0

Save the php.ini, then try debugging using CGI Emulation again.

Compatibility problem with libstdc++


The Komodo installer fails with an error message about about missing ''. How do I fix this?


Komodo is built on an older version of Linux ( Suse 9.3 ) that uses libstdc++ version 5. Most current distributions provide compatibility packages to provide this library:

Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5