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Geolocate IPv6 with Python

The Python library is supporting both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Users can get the library to process geolocation stuff.

Sample codes:

import IP2Location;

rec = IP2LocObj.get_all("");

print rec.country_short
print rec.country_long
print rec.region
print rec.isp
print rec.latitude
print rec.longitude
print rec.domain
print rec.zipcode

Perl Module for getting user's geolocation via IPv6

Just a reference for those who are looking for geocoding with IPv6 using perl module.

use Geo::IP2Location;

my $countryshort = $obj->get_country_short("");
my $countrylong = $obj->get_country_long("");
my $region = $obj->get_region("");
my $city = $obj->get_city("");
my $latitude = $obj->get_latitude("");

Autoscaling using the default EC2 plugin


The EC2 autoscaling plugin doesn't seem to be working. When I try to set it up, it creates new VMs properly but doesn't add them to the security group(s) I set up.


We realized the API call for ec2 changed recently but were unable to include the fix in our latest release. We released a patch to make the correct API call (Included as part of but that change required us to also change the name of the value we collect from /s/etc/autoscaling/autoscaling.yml. As we cannot patch config files (We'd either potentially overwrite changes made or potentially have a patch fail due to those changes), a manual step is required to get this working.

That step is as follows: In /s/etc/autoscaling/autoscaling.yml, Under platform_config, in the EC2 section, the key reading 'security_group: ' should read 'security_group_ids: '

snit methods with same name confuses tclchecker

It appears that tclchecker gets confused if the same method name is used in multiple types. For instance, with this code:

package require snit

snit::type Foo {
    method same_name { foo_arg } {
        set bar_arg $foo_arg

snit::type Bar {
    method same_name { bar_arg } {
        set foo_arg $bar_arg

It complains:

foo.tcl:5 (warnArgWrite) Overwriting procedure argument "bar_arg"
set bar_arg $foo_arg
foo.tcl:11 (warnArgWrite) Overwriting procedure argument "foo_arg"
set foo_arg $bar_arg

Why there's no ReadPrinter function in win32print?


I am work on send data to printer and read status from printer using win32print module.

There's a function called WritePrinter in win32print module to a printer. But why there's no ReadPrinter function in win32print, which exists in windows api.

How could I get the feedback(two-way communication message) from printer?

Thank you very much

CPU Soft Locking Patch


How do I fix CPU soft locking issues?


We have issued a patch which addresses CPU soft-locking errors and is labelled cpu-soft-locking in kato patch. It is not revertable. This patch upgrades the Ubuntu kernel from 3.8.0-30 to 3.13.0-32.

This patch requires a full reboot (ie: sudo reboot). You should back up your systems before applying the patch and plan for this downtime accordingly.

We recommend rebooting the core node first, followed by other routers/controllers, then any services nodes, followed by DEAs.

To minimize user application downtime, run 'kato node retire' on each DEA node before rebooting it. Repeat the process one node at a time to ensure app instances are gracefully redistributed to live DEA nodes before each reboot.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact ActiveState Support:

Replace key pair value from one to other file

Hi Team,
Am quite new to programming need some pointers
I need a help regarding below requirement
where we have two files one with all config key pair values (file1.txt)
Second file is like template where these config keys are used


message config1,
config3 to perl config2
perl config2 is config4

message hello,
welcome to perl world
perl world is great

please let me any suggestions.
Thanks in advance

Kato patch external hosts


I need to manually whitelist hosts in my corporate proxy. What hosts does kato patch need to access?


The hosts that kato patch needs to access may vary with local configuration, and may change depending on changes to 3rd party services such as

We recently audited kato-patch and found it accesses the following hosts:

ETA for ActivePerl 5.20.0

What is the timeline for Perl 5.20 via ActiveState?

Sorting of a list having lists as elements

I need to sort a list, having lists as elements.
set list1 [list {s a c} {1 d 4} {0 s 9} {0 d s}]

the output should be like :

{0 9 s} {0 d s} {1 4 d} {a c s}