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Komodo Invalid License error


I get an 'Invalid License' error message when starting Komodo. Why?


Ensure that the version of Komodo you have downloaded and installed matches the license you have purchased (i.e. Komodo Personal vs. Komodo Pro -- the licenses are not interchangable).

You can check the version of the the installed ActiveState license here:

Windows XP:

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\ActiveState\ActiveState.lic

Windows 7:




Look for the line that says "Komodo". Immediately following the version number will be either Personal or Professional. Whichever it is is the version of Komodo you should install. If you have the appropriate license installed, try removing the license file (specified above) and reinstalling the license.

Installers for all versions of Komodo (including older releases) can be downloaded from:

Komodo User Preferences


I want to re-install Komodo. How do I keep my user preferences?


User preferences are stored in the following directories.

On Windows 7 and Vista:


On Windows 2000 / XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\ActiveState\Komodo\3.5

On Linux and Solaris:


On Mac OS X:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Komodo

You can back-up this folder, then restore it once you've reinstalled Komodo. The one exception is the host-<hostname> sub-folder, which contains system-specific information such as your the intelligence database.

CodeIntel Database fix


Why is code intelligence not working properly?


Your code intelligence database (configured after Komodo installation) may be corrupted or out-of-date. You can rebuild the code intelligence database by:

Are there any applications which are incompatible with Komodo?


Are there any applications which are incompatible with Komodo?


The following applications have been known to cause problems with Komodo:

Norton Firewall / AV
Macafee Firewall / AV
Checkpoint VPN
Black ICE Defender

Consult the Komodo release notes for further information on application conflicts.