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Running a method from a shared, but not bound, PerlApp generated exe

I've written a Perl script which invokes various class methods written as their own packages in their own ".pm" files in the same directory.

For various reasons I am not able to predict which classes will be required when the script runs so the following code dynamically requires the modules when needed:

for (@classes) {
        unless (is_loaded($_)){require $_ . ".pm"};

Please help me, with Tk widget

I beginner in Tcl and i dont can to run one exapmle with external widget.
Im compile C source file - and on output i have new file "tk.h".
Im replace it to \\Tcl\include\ and overwrite old "tk.h".
So how to add widget to program?
pack clock - dont work.
Sorry for my English.

502 error on new install

I have installed ActivePerl 32-bit on an IIS 8.5 server. I am trying to get a legacy perl application working. I setup the hander mappings for .pl and .cgi to go to c:\perl\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s as before. But everytime I try to run any perl script through the webserver I get a 502 error: A CGI application returns an HTTP response that is not valid to the server that is running IIS 7.0, IIS 7.5, or IIS 8.0.

I have been able to run the perl script from the command line. Any thoughts?

ActivePython and CVE-2015-1793


Are ActivePython releases affected by CVE-2015-1793?


No ActivePython releases, in any product line, are affected by CVE-2015-1793.

ActivePerl and CVE-2015-1793


Are ActivePerl releases affected by CVE-2015-1793?


No ActivePerl releases, in any product line, are affected by CVE-2015-1793.

ActiveTcl and CVE-2015-1793


Are ActiveTcl releases affected by CVE-2015-1793?


ActiveTcl is affected. No other releases were shipped with the OpenSSL libraries that have the issue.

Sites where Teacup updates have installed tls versions 1.6.6,, or 1.6.7 are also affected.

tls version will be released with an updated OpenSSL library, and can be installed to patch or replace add-on tls versions in other releases.

Alternately, there is also the option of using teacup to fall back to a tls version prior to 1.6.6 which is not affected.

Contents of cumulative-patch-1 for 3.6.0


What fixes were included in 3.6.0 cumulative-patch-1?


This patch fixes the following issues:

-Minor issue with authentication component failing to re-advertise itself if it crashed for a length of time
-Issue with importing data from previous version if the import included admin buildpacks
-Removes requirement to authenticate newly attached DEAs with every existing DEA. Also removes this requirement from restarting the DEA role or restarting the DEA itself.
-Allows specifying source using https for custom appstore URLs in the web console.

ActivePython - Any plans to update to 2.7.9 or even 2.7.10?


Just wondering... According to the download page, the latest version of ActivePython is 2.7.8, but the official Python release is at 2.7.10:

2.7.9 -> Released 2014-12-10
2.7.10 -> Released 2015-05-23

I understand that the "extra goodies" that ActiveState adds to the distribution add some time to the release, so asking for 2.7.10 would be too much, but 2.7.9 has been around for almost 6 months...

Is there any place where I can check on the ActivePython release schedule so I don't have to bother people here?


TCL exec state saving


I need to save the state of a process, i.e. program, data and exec state, I know it is possible, but is it efficient and how do we do it? I think the hardest is the exec state so I would like to focus on that.


Is it efficient to save the exec state in TCL and how do we do it?

Hi all,

I want to save the whole process context, including the exec state. I know it is feasible but I don't know if with a script language it is efficient and how to do it.
My goal is to chose the best language to to this, and I'm in this community to find out on TCL about this subject.

Thanks to all,