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Installing ActiveState in a virtual machine using Vagrant


I would like to install ActiveTcl in a few virtual machines (Vagrant boxes) managed by Vagrant. I've already installed ActiveTcl manually on my host machine, and what I tried, since apparently there's no supported way of doing this, is to create a script that would install me ActiveTcl when provisioning the Vagrant boxes. The problem is that the installer of ActiveTcl is a UI wizard, and probably I can't install ActiveTcl through a script.



I'm the current maintainer for Mail::Sender

I'd like to ask that the current version on PPM be updated to match the current, deprecated version of Mail::Sender out on the CPAN. The release currently in PPM is an older release that contains a bug that ActiveState users have to patch.

Ideally, nobody should be using Mail::Sender at this point in time as Email::Sender (and Email::Stuffer) exist to make your life easier. However, I'd prefer to update the PPM version of Mail::Sender to the one that has this particular known bug corrected.

how to sub using undefined hash item

I have a hash $X{'*1'}="A"; $X{'*2'}="B";


while(<>) { s/(\*[0-9]+)/$X{$1}/g }

input lines are like

*1 *1 *2 *1

Problem is a line like

this *3 is an errant line


this is an errant line

I can search for 2 spaces, but I'd have to remove spaces first.

Is there a way to say "don't do the substitutuion if $X{$1} doesn't exist without breaking into more wordy PERL?

Where is Expectk ?

I used Expect for awhile on one project many years ago, and have pretty much forgotten everything I once knew, so please view this "noobie" question in that light. The original book by Don Libes, chapter 19 mentions a companion program called Expectk (Expect + Tk). I cannot seem to find it in any open source repositories or sites. Yet the README file of the most recent .tar.gz file that I downloaded from the Expect home page still mentions it. Does anybody know where I can get this companion program, or if it no longer in use, why that is so?
Thank you.

ActiveState PPM Availability and the 401 error


PPM gives me a 401 Authorization Required. Why?


UPDATE (Oct 2016): This FAQ was originally posted in 2010. If you are running a version of ActivePerl that gets a 401 error when it contacts a Business Edition Only repository, our advice has evolved. Now, you should replace that ActivePerl.

A "401" error when contacting PPM should now be treated as a indication of obsolesence.

Later versions of ActivePerl that fully support Business Edition Licences have a more informative error message instead of the basic "401". Old ActivePerls that can only report a "401" will not support a Business Edition licence if one is installed. An ActivePerl that reports a "401" from PPM is probably not compatible with your current operating system either.

Original FAQ:

The repository you are accessing contains exclusively Business Edition content. If you do not have a Business Edition license installed on the system, the PPM server will advise that you are not permitted to access the directory.

Perl versions move into Business Edition when the Perl Community is no longer actively supporting that version of Perl. ActiveState policy for PPM is that free and open access to PPM binary modules for versions that have moved entirely into Business Edition will continue for *at least* six months beyond the date at which the no Community Edition versions of that Perl are available.

All versions of Perl 5.8 and 5.10 required Business Edition licensing in 2010. ActivePerl 5.8 builds older than build 829, and ActivePerl 5.10 builds older than 1008 must use the manual download process described in this FAQ:

All versions of Perl 5.12 required Business Edition licenses as of September 2012. All ActivePerl 5.12 builds can use the normal PPM client with a Business Edition license installed, or the manual download process.

ActivePerl 5.14 requires a Business Edition license as of October 2013 for access to installers. PPM access for modules other than the installers remains free as of December 2013.

Posting new recipes seems to be broken

Posting new recipes to gives a 403 Forbidden, and seems to have done so for about a week. Is this intentional or an accident?

I'm sorry to post this here, but I couldn't work out how else to contact you. The URL for requesting help with the website gives a 404 Not Found, and I didn't think I should email sales.

Help: How to check for unmount/bad disks before read file

I need help here.
I have list of directory/file path and my program will read through every one.
Somehow one of the directory is unmount and cause my program hang over there when I'm try to open the file using command below.

catch {set directory_fid [open $filePath r]}

So, how can I check the directory status before I'm reading/open the file? I want to skip that file if no response for certain time and continue to read next file.

*[file isdir $dir] is not working as well
*There is no response when i'm using "ls -dir" in Unix also.

Recovering Sourcecode from wrapped files


Can you help me recover the original source code from my executable file?


The Support and Maintenance package for Perl Dev Kit does not include recovery of lost source code, and we do not have any special internal tools for reverse engineering wrapped code.

We recommend the use of distributed version control systems during development. Free services are available, and they provide many useful features in addition to ensuring that source code is not lost. Regular backups are still an alternative if you don't want to use version control.

Conditional Compile like C

I cannot find any thing like conditional compile.

In C you can define a parm like -DTEST, and in the program use

#if defined #TEST
use FB::CommonDefs
use CommonDefs

Is this kind of thing supported in PerlApp?

I may have the syntax wrong as it has been years working with C.

PDK RoadMap


We have been using PDK extensively at our company.

When will the PDK support for perl 5.24 x86 will be available?

Can you pls share the roadmap for PDK? This would help us to plan to purchase of PDK in upcoming years and keep the perl deployment strategy.

Bakkiaraj M