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Unable to download the community edition of ActiveTcl in Belarus

I get redirected to when i try to download the community edition of ActiveTcl.
There on the official(?) site i see that Belarus was excluded from the list of countries restricted from unregulated importing Canadian goods. Please, stop blocking this country from downloading it, as You are not enforced to anymore.

TDK pieces release as Open Source?

Since ActiveState is not longer developing the TDK -- or at least pieces of it (e.g. the compiler), will ActiveState release those pieces it no longer intends to develop to the Open Source community?

If so, when?

Wx is missing in 5.24

Wx (any version) is missing in 5.24 (all platforms). It was available in 5.22 on Windows and seems to build normally with CitrusPerl and StrawberryPerl.

PDK Dead?

Is this product still an active project? I know that it adds support for newer versions of perl but there doesn't seam like much of anything else has changed. Do you have a product road map that shows if there are new versions of PDK in the pipeline? This is a great product by the way I was just hoping you could answer my questions.

Need Help Please

Need help completing my Python project. So far I need to convert an ISBN-10 to a ISBN-13 and also to convert an ISBN-13 to a ISBN-10. Also reading ISBNs from a file and storing correct results in a file. It's due tonight by 11:55pm. Major grade and would greatly appreciate. Here is what I have so far

New to Go on Windows


I'm new to Go. I've installed ActiveGo. How do I get started?


Start here:
The introduction will explain how your workspace is arranged. In case you missed it, your $GOPATH has already been set by the ActiveGo installer.

If you don't use Git already, you should install it and learn how to use it. Git is an essential supporting tool for coding in Go.

There's a simple HelloWorld program in the Go introduction.

ActiveGo sets up local documentation on your system as a document server. On the local ActiveGo documentation start page, there is an interactive Sandbox window labelled "Try Go". You will see the source code before it compiles. When you click "Run" the code compiles and displays the result in the box below the source code. There's a pull-down with a small set of sample Go snippets.

How to use already compiled dependencies instead of compiling from source ?

I have made some modules on cpan that depend on Gtk2 (or Wx) packages. Compiling these packages from scratch fails most of the time and so the whole build of my modules fails too.

For example

I know that Gtk2 for windows exsist as ppm modules that can be installed without compiling:

ppm install
ppm install
ppm install
ppm install

Installing ActiveState in a virtual machine using Vagrant


I would like to install ActiveTcl in a few virtual machines (Vagrant boxes) managed by Vagrant. I've already installed ActiveTcl manually on my host machine, and what I tried, since apparently there's no supported way of doing this, is to create a script that would install me ActiveTcl when provisioning the Vagrant boxes. The problem is that the installer of ActiveTcl is a UI wizard, and probably I can't install ActiveTcl through a script.



I'm the current maintainer for Mail::Sender

I'd like to ask that the current version on PPM be updated to match the current, deprecated version of Mail::Sender out on the CPAN. The release currently in PPM is an older release that contains a bug that ActiveState users have to patch.

Ideally, nobody should be using Mail::Sender at this point in time as Email::Sender (and Email::Stuffer) exist to make your life easier. However, I'd prefer to update the PPM version of Mail::Sender to the one that has this particular known bug corrected.

how to sub using undefined hash item

I have a hash $X{'*1'}="A"; $X{'*2'}="B";


while(<>) { s/(\*[0-9]+)/$X{$1}/g }

input lines are like

*1 *1 *2 *1

Problem is a line like

this *3 is an errant line


this is an errant line

I can search for 2 spaces, but I'd have to remove spaces first.

Is there a way to say "don't do the substitutuion if $X{$1} doesn't exist without breaking into more wordy PERL?