Incomplete Linux install ?

Posted by ormente on 2013-02-13 09:56


I just installed ActiveTcl and TDK, but can not run the BWidget TclApp demo. The TDK demo project file contains :

Path                   {Relativeto {/home/renaud/activestate/tcl8.6/demos/BWidgets}}
Path                   {File {/home/renaud/activestate/tcl8.6/demos/BWidgets/demo.tcl}}
Path                   {File {/home/renaud/activestate/tcl8.6/demos/BWidgets/*.tcl}}
Path                   {File {/home/renaud/activestate/tcl8.6/demos/BWidgets/*.xbm}}

The installation path is correct, but there is no /demos/BWidgets directory there : the demos directory contain only a Tk8.6 subdirectory.

Thanks for your help.


ActiveState Staff
Wed, 2013-03-13 13:20

When the TDK demo pack was written, Tcl 8.4 was the standard. All the demos will work out of the box if the TDK is installed over 8.4.19.

For other versions, the Demo pack is downloadable using TEApot, but the configuration files need post-install editing before they work.