DBD::SQLite unusable while building package on win64 5.14 environment

Posted by mathias_cpan on 2013-01-25 16:35
Forums: PPM | OS: Windows x64


I am the author of the SQL::Exec module (still quiet new). The module is correctly built for all architecture on perl 5.12 and 5.16. But, for perl 5.14, the build repeatedly fails on win64.

The error comes from the tests of the module, which are using DBD::SQLite.

I got this error in one of the build log when the build system tries to install the dependencies for the module:

Megalib: install_driver(SQLite) failed: DBD::SQLite object version 1.31 does not match bootstrap parameter 1.33 at C:/Perl64-5.14/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 214.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 167) line 3.

(the source is here)

This does not happen in all build log since, I suppose, DBD::SQLite is allready installed on some of them. But the build of my module still fails with this error:

install_driver(SQLite) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/SQLite.pm aborted.

(the source is here)

Can you tell me if there is a proper way to use DBD::SQLite with the activestate build system ? Or, is there someone from Activestate who could fix this problem ?