wxmsw28u_core_VC_custom.dll is missing (Windows 7)

Posted by pcuttriss on 2013-01-10 15:08


Installed ActiveState perl 5.16, Wx 0.9912 from ActiveState repo, Alien-wxWidgets 0.61 from ActiveState repo. Windows 7 64bit, all packages are 32bit.

Received error 'wxmsw28u_core_VC_custom.dll is missing' running simple output app from wxglade designer.

Uninstalled Wx and Alien-wxWidgets from ActiveState repo. Added www.wxperl.co.uk/repository as new repo in PPM

Installed Wx 0.9914 and AlienwxWidgets 0.61 from wxperl repo and app runs successfully.

It appears that something is broken in the build of either Wx or Alien-wxWidgets in the Activestate repo.

How should errors of this nature be raised to the necessary people in Activestate to get it corrected?