Group search results by forum thread and tag komodo version/force new posts to specify version and other tags

Posted by rjamesd on 2012-11-05 05:29

I would like to request that the search groups results so that the same thread is not listed more than once with different entries. This makes it easier, when searching for answers to a problem, to keep track of threads already read.

Secondly, I would like a standard set of tags, particularly komodo release and features, to be released and for the existing posts to be assigned these tags as relevant. New posts must require the user to specify the Komodo version and tags about their problem. This would make it easier, when searching for answers to a problem to find answers for the release of Komodo being used first and with the same tags about the features. This allows one to prioritise what one reads, so that once posts about the same version of Komodo have been read, then posts about earlier versions can be read. Tagging and release fields would enable searches to filter out posts about old Komodo releases for example.