Installing ActivePerl v5.1x x64 bit on Windows Vista x64 and Issue

Posted by georgios on 2012-10-01 06:28

When I try to install ActivePerl (v5.14 or 5.16) x64-bit using the msi installer
on a Windows Vista x64 I have the following problem:

Perl complains that cannot find the file in the lib directory.
Indeed this configuration file is not created. However the still is created. I am not so expert to create myself.

Could somebody please tell how to resolve this issue?


ActiveState Staff
Thu, 2012-12-13 17:13

Installing either of those ActivePerls on 64-bit Windows into a clean directory works without needing a file anywhere.

You might be trying to install on top of left-overs from a previous version. Try installing into a clean directory or manually removing the contents of any previous version directory before re-using it.

Otherwise, the one place I can see a discussion on a file with this name is the forums for WxPerl, where is needed to work with the Alien::WxWidgets module. This isn't a supported part of ActivePerl; if you are using WxPerl, you will need to get advice from a WxPerl users group.