spawn not recognized

Posted by on 2012-09-10 05:59
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I am getting above error while doing,

set tclexe="H:\program Files \Tcl\bin\tclsh84.exe"

%tclexe% S:\Script\remotebuildParser_ATT.tcl -host -user scmteam -passwd scmteam -builderin 100215 -platform UNIX_Linux_Redhat -makecmd /usr/bin/make -project /home/scmteam


"spawn ssh $OPTS@$OPTS"
<"ssh" arm line 1>
invoked from within
"switch -exact $OPTS {
"telnet" { set pid [spawn telnet $OPTS(host)] }
"ssh" { set pid [spawn ssh $OPTS@$OPTS] }

I tried to uncomment the package require Expect line, but still not work.

Please advise.